Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summary of Michael Jackson's FBI Files

This is a very quick and dirty summary of the FBI files released today. I tried to touch on everything in the documents, but there is still probably some information hidden within them that I have failed to mention. Nothing in these documents says that Michael was ever guilty of any wrongdoing, other than maybe being at fault in car accident, though that was not clear (most will attest to him not being that good of a driver so it probably is true). I have tried my best to provide these summaries with the intent of being open-minded (though it is written in my perspective so I let my opinions be known) and as revealing as possible. I did not go over the first case regarding a stalker, as the case is 196 pages. It does not, to the best of my knowledge, have anything to do with any child abuse allegations.

File # 305B-LA-239205: September 14, 2004 to December 9, 2004
Re: Child Abuse Allegations
The witness refused to testify/cooperate.
"Details: Writer (agent) requests that caption matter be closed. There are no outstanding leads or evidence items."

File # 95A-HQ-1148159:
Re: Video Tape
Key Points: This video was a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of something (could very well have been elephants dancing on rooftops for all we know). The only association to Michael is his name written on the tape, more than likely as a smear from the news of the 1993 allegations. It is not even confirmed that this was any form of pornography. NO investigation was carried out, no arrests, nothing. The tape was brought forth in Florida, and the first recording seemed to be done on a Panasonic device from 1970 (though I may be wrong about that). Though no association to the case it makes me sick to see SONY on these documents (assuming that is the brand of paper used). So again, NOTHING is provided in these documents. NOTHING.

File# 62D-LO-11779:
Re: Phone call to Terry George
First, a supposedly explicit telephone call (mind you, ONE supposed call out of NUMEROUS calls over long period of time) from 1979 comes to the attention of the authorities 14 years later, with no knowledge of it previously. Terry George claims he told some of his closest friends of the supposed incident yet it never leaked to the press? Especially British press? He says he would "never have believed it possible (the allegations)" but then says because of the explicit phone call he believed it. Contradictory, isn't it? George states he ran up an outlandish phone bill, so that would mean HE was calling Michael incessantly, correct? He kept pursing communication with Michael, even four years later, even going as far as to get a picture snapped alongside Michael in 1983. Obviously the one supposed incident that troubled him didn't waver his admiration for him, did it? "I felt used because he'd wanted my friendship when I was just a boy. Now I was a young man and he didn't seem to want to know." That sounds like jealousy and anger, just as the case regarding Evan Chandler. Jealousy and greed-recurrent themes in Michael's life that would just not go away. Again, NO proof of such a phone call occurred. Also to note, the FBI used such "credible sources"--aka tabloid magazines for their file regarding this matter. This whole concoction of a story is not credible in the least bit. There is no proof, and it does not even sound logical. Again, NOTHING.

File# 252B-IR-6808:
Re: 2005 Trial
This is just information, mostly in technical discussion, about the Arvizo case. They should go ahead and include their names as everyone knows who and what they did. The only page worth reading is the last one that states, as we all know, Michael was acquitted of all charges and the case closed. So, anyone who tries to pick apart this document and even attempt to find anything compelling it in, tell them to go read Aphrodite Jones' book for the answers, for the truth.

File# 62D-LA-236081:
Re: Computers
They should have written the word "victim" out beside Michael's name instead Gavin's (which is whitened out). In essence, this document says they stole his computers (they took them and never returned them). Page 1-18 of 18 states: "String Search/Nothing" or "No notable files on string search". Every document states "NOTHING" except the last one which states "No notable files on string search." So much of the information in these documents is hidden behind the white screens. But, page 39 of 44 (of this particular file available on the web site) states, "Details: The writer request that the captioned investigation be closed. There are no outstanding leads or evidence items." Enough said. Again, NOTHING.

File# 62D-LA-162715:
Re: 1993 Case
Page 10: Investigative Notes
Page 11: No knowledge of __no rumor __.
Page 12: Restraining Order-Michael J.; Restraining ORDER - ? only
Page 13: Michael Joe Jackson, DOB 08/29/58, 10/9/69, accident Wilshire Blvd., American on list
Page 14: 3/5/1993 (Phil.), two round trip to Phil, forward, sent letter, compensated, disclose, British press, European Wednesday-cockroach, extortion, INS
Page 15: ??, second mortg (mortgage?), 30 K, 5 K children, ??, 10-14 days adoption
Page 16: 2/9/1993 sends toys to Australia, shipping-documents
Page 17: not mean him, not same contact, male chimp, male chimp, 8/9/90 didn't sign, 8/30/90 high turnover rate
Page 18: DA's office, lead investigation, what truth?
So, we have a DMV records listed, and a copy of his driver's license. Made me cry. The handwriting contained in these files is HIDEOUS. There are many private notes taken by an investigator that only they would know what they mean, or how to read them, though I did try to make out most of what was written, but so much is whitened out that it is useless. To sum it up, this document first highlights the extortion attempt by the Quindoys (including a article from a "newspaper", and discusses Terry George, again (with accompanying "article"). The Quindoy's say the 1993 claims are true yet they had not worked for him since 1990. They also say he owed them $283,000 in overtime pay. Quindoy also continued to commit slander. I will not want to repeat what he said, but is known to be false. Hmm, sound like extortion again?? It also states that Chandler (the named is whitened out again though) claimed to have filed a restraining order against Michael in New York. The FBI attempted to verify this but searches for this order came up negative-one was not filed-more lies. Also mentioned was a call called with an agent. The caller stated that there had been an FBI investigation in 1985 or 1986 regarding two Hispanic children. They claimed further that the case was "covered up". Conclusion to this supposed investigation: "Writer searched indices, both manual and automated for any reference to above mentioned investigation. No references were found. " Again.....NOTHING. It did not happen. Another "report" that has no factual basis was also mentioned and included, but nothing else was provided about it and this case was closed.
The media should not dare try to make something out of these. These files should exonerate Michael, or at least it be known they say nothing of any sort of guilt. They provide nothing we here did not already know---that Michael was innocent of any wrongdoing in the child abuse claims. He was extorted, lied about, and preyed upon for years. The sad thing is, these files do not say anything that should be used against Michael, but I figured the media will somehow try to twist them to make them something they are not, and people will be too lazy to look at them themselves before casting judgment. We, those with an open mind and understanding of Michael, already know the truth, but everyone else needs to know it, too, for Michael's sake.
The 2005 trial took such a toll on Michael because he had a CONSCIOUS, one that would not have allowed him to ever harm a child. He was found innocent but the repugnant things he was accused of still hurt him and it was obvious by the physical toll it took on him. That would not happen to a guilty man. I will say it now and say it again--Michael Joseph Jackson was an innocent and misunderstood man with a gentle, caring soul who had more heart than almost anyone else here on this planet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

These Three People Need Justice!!!

Carol Daniels:

More about her horrible death can be read here:

Taylor Dawn Paschal-Placker and Skyla Jade Whitaker:


I can only do so much from this little blog but I hope someone out there will somehow stumble upon my plea and at least think about these people and somehow SPREAD THE WORD. Someone somewhere has to know SOMETHING! They need justice!! There are EVIL killers on the loose who have committed these crimes and will more than likely DO IT AGAIN if they are not caught! I am SICK of seeing Tiger Woods and his martial problems in the news! THIS NEEDS TO BE NEWS UNTIL THERE IS JUSTICE SERVED AND DANGEROUS PEOPLE OFF THE STREETS! To the three victims--you are not forgotten!