Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Apology is in Order from Kelvin MacKenzie

An Apology is in Order from Kelvin MacKenzie

First, to acquaint yourself with that of ex-editor Kelvin Mackenzie and his comments please visit the link below:

It takes someone lacking in morals, character and likely a conscious to say the reprehensible things MacKenzie said about Michael Jackson and his children. Paris Jackson is a very intelligent, mature and articulate young lady who was able to articulate her thoughts directly to Oprah in a very honest, sincere and moving manner. Perhaps the most moving response she gave, when asked what she missed most about her father, was that she missed "everything"--she was on the brink of tears but was able to remain composed. Who should we believe regarding Jackson and his parenting--his own child or an idiot who could not even support his own arguments on national television? Only a fool like MacKenzie would support the latter.

There are some people who refuse to accept the fact that Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all charges brought against him in 2005. He was never brought to trial in 1993 due to a lack of evidence of any wrongdoing. If one takes the time to examine the 1993 accuser's father (Evan Chandler), extortion is evident and firmly established. If one examines the trial from 2005, extortion, perjury, and criminal misconduct are evident on behalf of the accuser (Gavin Arvizo), the accuser's family and the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office. If one is to examine the public FBI files maintained on Jackson (as they are maintained on all celebrities), they will notice they lack evidence for any sort of wrongdoing. The only place one can attempt to find "evidence" of wrongdoing by Jackson is in tabloid bull like MacKenzie's former magazine "The Sun".

I know that MacKenzie is not the first or only person to state that Jackson's children are better off without him. I pray those who could make such a statement do not have children of their own as they obviously do not understand the importance of the parent-child bond. Though Jackson's children led what was forced to be a rather unique and sheltered life it was obviously a life full of love and guidance. His children are adjusting incredibly well going from one parent to none, living only with him to a plethora of cousins, transitioning easily from home schooling to private schooling and obviously suffering no ill-effects due to the "veiling" that took place only when in public with their superstar father who mobbed on a regular basis. Such resilience to this tragic circumstance does not come about by accident or sheer luck--it comes from their father Michael Jackson.

It is my hope as well as well as the hope of others that a public apology be made to the Jackson family and most importantly Jackson's children by MacKenzie in the near future. An apology should be mandatory and though sincerity cannot be promised the hope that such baseless and derogatory comments will no longer be deemed acceptable regarding Jackson, his children or any party should be established. This sort of disrespect (especially to someone deceased) or their loved ones needs to cease and should not be tolerated especially within the mainstream media.

To email your concerns about MacKenzie and his comments please write to:

ITV This Morning is the show that aired MacKenzie's comments. There is no need to attach your residence address to the top of your email but do please attempt to write in the perspective of a UK viewer so that the complaint will be considered.

Below is an example email. Please do NOT copy and paste this email but use it as a guide to write your own email. Please keep in mind civility and respect receive a better response than emotional tirades. Do not capitalize your entries and refrain from all profanity--also make sure to use a real name and if possible logical email address (not a fan-based name or email address).


"On November 9th, 2010 on ITV "This Morning", ex-Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie commented on the Oprah Winfrey interview with Michael Jackson's parents and children. MacKenzie went too far when he speculated about the biological relationship of Jackson's children to their late father, accused Jackson of criminal misconduct regarding the charges in which Jackson was acquitted in 2005 and insinuated that Michael Jackson was a child molester before a vast audience. MacKenzie then further damaged Jackson's image and delivered a harmful blow by insinuating Jackson's children were better off without him.

His self-serving commentary on national television was utterly repulsive. Jackson himself cannot respond to such comments, obviously. Consequently, Mackenzie breached numerous codes of conduct under the OFCOM Broadcast code (Section 2.2, Section 2.3, Section 7.11, Section 7.9 and Section 7.11 of the code). "This Morning" must surely be aware of MacKenzie's history for making provocative statements and should have known better than to have him on the show. But, by allowing him a platform to voice his opinions on your program, ITV is also responsible for a serious lapse of judgment and care towards viewers. I have never been so offended by content on "This Morning" or any show until now.

MacKenzie’s comments about Michael Jackson and his children were beyond inappropriate. Such comments have no business being aired in a public manner. MacKenzie is entitled to his own derogatory opinions which he can dispel in a private manner but the line was crossed when he was given the opportunity to share those opinions on "This Morning".

MacKenzie's disrespect is beyond just the scope of Jackson--he is also a homophobe and racist.

Since 1993, Jackson has been accused of crimes in which he has never been found guilty. His supposed 'victim' at that time, or moreover his disgruntled father, accepted money rather than 'justice' for his son. The media would rather carry on with hearsay and baseless information about Jackson which began with that one instance instead of speaking about his humanitarianism and music. "This Morning" has now jumped on the bandwagon of tabloid junk like MacKenzie's "Sun" promoting this derogatory and false image of Jackson.

Please understand that this goes beyond just Michael Jackson fans being angry. Of course fans are angry but anyone who is capable of respecting another human being just based on the circumstances known should be angry, too--and they are angry, voicing out on various social outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Michael Jackson went through enough torture during his life, please do not promote the continuance of this sort of torture with his children who have yet to even grow up.

It is my hope that ITV "This Morning" should reconsider ever allowing MacKenzie on their show again and should have the reverence to admit what he said was wrong and in no way support his statements now or anytime in the future.

An apology is certainly in order to the Jackson Family and all the views who had to be subjected to MacKenzie's emotional profanities. Thank you.


Another method of complaint can be done via phone:

ITV DIRECT 1st number : For US dial 0044 8000 30 40 44 and For UK call 08000 30 40 44 That number open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (GMT) Mon-Fri

2nd number : For US dial 0044 844 881 4150 and For UK call 0844 881 4150. That number open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (GMT) Mon- Fri

Please take notes before calling so that you will be prepared to make your statement.

Complaints can also be sent to the OFCOM-- the official complaints authority for UK media.

For more information how to complain to the OFCOM please see the following information provided by poster Deborah Ffrench:

Action can obtain the desired response as the "Uncovering of Michael Jackson's Name at Gardner Street Elementary School" campaign servers as an example of this power. Be a part of the movement for something that is justified.


  1. "An Apology is in Order from Kelvin MacKenzie."

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! And the sooner the better!! That man is a disgrace!!!

    Thank you for the sample letter and suggestions, Nikki. You've provided an exellent tool in order keep focused and relavant in ones words.

    I wanted to comment on the most recent Oprah interview if I may. I had mixed feelings about Oprah's interview with Katherine and especially MJ3. However, as another blogger has stated, it is a "calculated necessity." All the bound up anxiety I had concerning this interview has been greatly diminished. Oprah was gentle with them and it was enjoyable to see and hear them. It was great to hear their memories of their dad walking on beaches, sitting on roof tops watching lights, a new dog, one-on-one daddy-daughter quality time, and memories of the BEST french toast...:-) The moment that stood out the most is when Oprah asked Paris what she would miss the most and she replied with a sincere and heartfelt, "everything!" You could just see it in her eyes and at that moment my heart became a moist puddle on the ground. In fact, it brought back the emotion I felt at the end of last years memorial service when Paris gave her tearful tribute. At that moment my heart was reduced to weeping wreckage after seeing and listening to a child that had been sheltered from the public all her life. I'll never forget that moment, nor will anyone else!!! What a defining moment for her!! Paris touched everyone's hearts that day and paid tribute to her dad in a way only a son or daughter could. In an instant she transformed him in front of the entire world. A "world" that now had to "deal" with the idea that this man they didn't understand was in fact a loving father with 3 bright, well cared for children. Through Paris and her brothers, it now had a glimmer of something his children always knew and that was the quality of Michael's heart. Oh goodness, I'm loosing it again.

    While watching the interview I was also reminded of accounts reported by family members, mostly Latoya, of the children within the first few months of Michael's passing. It was reported that Paris talked about him and wore her dad's shirts around the house daily, little Blanket was unconsolable as he couldn't understand why no one could bring his father back to him, and Prince shut down and was unable to even see pictures of his dad. These thoughts went through my mind as I watched the interview. I especially felt for Prince who was even closer to the chaos of that day as he witnessed his father in distress. I also thought of the moment the 3 siblings were brought into their dad's hospital room after they were told he didn't make it. A deeply profound and painful moment etched in to their intellectual and emotional memories for the rest of their lives.

    I feel for those 3 as Murray's trial draws nearer, whenever that is. To think that they'll have to relive that day in the near future is truly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, that will be a necessity too....:-(

    I do believe they are in surroundings with family that care about them and I am heartened to see how well adjusted they are. This is a testament to them and to their dad.

    This has also caused me to reflect on a bigger picture and that is children in general who loose a parent too soon for any reason. In the last almost 10 years, thousands of kids have lost a parent due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They too are in my heart and I pray for all of them.

    Peace and love to all!!!

  2. Nikki, I wanted to add one more thing unrelated to Oprah or Michael's music and that is a recent judgement in the Anna Nicole Smith case. I certainly understand that her case has very little in common with Michael's case other than irresponsible so called medical professionals, but I thought I'd add it because I thought you might find it interesting. The results of this case made me somewhat hopefull for Michael's case, especially since the blatant irresponsibility of the "medical professional" in his case seems so much more obvious and in-your-face than in her case. I'm interested in your thoughts. Thanks!!!

    "Anna Nicole Smith's Psychiatrist and Boyfriend Convicted in Her Death"
    October 29, 2010


  3. You know what worries me about this case though Sandy is that Michael is going to be pulled through the mud apparently to try and let Murray skirt. Murray should, IMO, be facing "strict liability" for his actions which would basically not give him a defense. I will to post some more information up about "strict liability" shortly. I would rather there NOT be a trial than to have Michael lied about (as people do lie in court, classic case, 2005) but this time instead of Michael personally going through it, it would be his name and then his children having to deal with that pain and I am trying to do anything I can to prevent that! I do NOT want that under any circumstances! Even if Murray was sentenced to death the pain of not having Michael in their lives is bad enough and the pain of losing him is the worst pain I think they could ever experience in their life. I do not want his children going through that--I do not want them to hurt anymore than they already do. I am very concerned with how fast charges were filed, with how the defense is being given time to prepare, with how there are basically no charges against Murray except IM, etc. This is NOT how a case should be going down! Compare Murray to the doctor I spoke about in the blog "Two Tales of Senseless Death but Justice Only for One". All that must be proven with strict liability is the person was there and committed the act--not whether they meant to or whether they knew it was wrong or not. We already know that Michael was not capable of giving himself propofol so that leaves Murray or a third party as being guilty but Murray admits to giving those medications that night and morning and only being out of the room 2 minutes or less--he seems to be the one who committed the actions thus that should be IT.

    I won't say much on the Oprah show right now since I hope to write a blog about the show here soon!

  4. UPDATE*******

    OFCOM have decided not uphold our complaints. They have a history of not stepping in where transgressions against MJ are concerned. The code was clearly broken, but they have decided to do nothing.

    So, ITV This Morning, now will only issue an apology if enough 'nuisance' factor is generated by fans doing the following:

    1: Emailing daily.

    2: Calling the telephone numbers listed above during the alotted hours.

    How-to-Protest Details--see Deborah Ffrench entry at:

    3: Forward this information on to parties you think may be able to help such as major news networks and/or people who may have a better position to have a voice for Michael like Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

    If enough 'noise' can be made about this outrage--as well as fans individually calling ITV and emailing daily--we could generate enough noise to force ITV's to issue an apology.

    With this mind, a general question has been out to the MJCommunity, asking them how long they wish to keep doing the above:

    Let's keep at them until something is done which hopefully will be before November 19th. Let's not let this issue steer away into an abyss. This type of abuse must stop.

  5. Nikki - I contacted Ofcom just yesterday (using their form) and immediately got a canned response that they will review and if action is warranted they will email the complainant; if no action is warranted, I would most likely never hear from them again. So are you saying they made their decision THIS quickly? I would bet they decided quickly to dissuade further complaints! Sounds like most other governmental agencies. As you say, we must not give up, continue to email and call daily, until at least a station apology is forthcoming. We must continue to be a "nuisance" to ITV.

  6. I haven't watched the Oprah/Ms.Katherine interview but by all accounts MJ3 (especially Miss Paris) absolutely SHONE. Just like their Daddy. True they had what many would consider an 'unconventional' upbringing. Masks, mobbings at any public outings. But what isn't 'unconventional' is the unconditional love Michael showered on those beautiful children.
    It's a pity the Mr. MacKenzie didn't do his homework.

  7. Beautiful words Anon!

    June, I am not so in the loop on what is happening but if you follow Charles Thompson and Deborah Ffrench on Twitter they can keep you updated better than I can about what is going on with this matter. The video has been removed for starters and then OFCOM has pretty much said if there is enough outrage they might do something, at least, that is how it sounded. I am not totally sure since I am not in the UK. I do know Taj Jackson said he will seek legal action if necessary.

  8. Although he is still very controversial, I'd like to commend Charles Thomson for his comments concerning the ITV K. MacKenzie interview. He has encouraged a letter writing, phoning, e-mail compaign urging ITV to apologize to the Jackson family, MJ3 and to viewers that were offended by his disgraceful comments. Of course, "offended" is putting it mildly to say the least!!!

    CEThomson said today on Twitter, "ITV has removed the offending MacKenzie clip from Tuesday's episode on ITVplayer but still refuses to give fans/family an on-air apology. This is a backdoor attempt to cover their tracks so nobody else can watch and complain. We need an apology, not a cover-up."

    Taj Jackson has also joined in demanding a public apology for the sickening comments made about his uncle and his cousins.

    Taj Jackson said today on Twitter, "If we don't get an on air apology from ITV soon, my next step is legal. The time for bad mouthing & spreading lies about my uncle are OVER."

    To send a message of complaint to ITV (U.K. media outlet) via Ofcom:

  9. Hi Nikki ~ Thanks for your blog. I have called and left my complaint (although I don't think she was even listening as she didn't even ask for my name!!) Plus I have emailed to both the viewer services and Adam Crozier, the Head of ITV. Can I just mention that the dialing code from the US to the UK is 011 44 and not just 00 44?

    Also, is it just my imagination, or does it seem that there has been a sudden shift in the media since the LMP interview? As if the 'mourning' period is over regarding Michael and it's back to bebasing and dehumanizing him? I know that never really and truly stopped but it did seem that the media were less aggressive for a while and now it's back to pre 25 June. Almost as if the seeds are being sown ready for the trial, which we know is going to be horrendous..that's if it gets that far.

    It just makes me appreciate and love Michael even more that he went through this BS his entire life and still managed to see the good in mankind.

    You know how much I appreciate your hard workd so keep the faith.
    Love you more
    Junie XXX

  10. *****Update

    Due to the raising of voices in protest at the contemptible and shocking comments of Kelvin Mackenzie, ITV removed the segment where the ex-Sun editor made those comments. This was a tacit admission by ITV that this incident was indeed offensive. OFCOM thought otherwise. But the decision to continue the protest has rippled through an ever-growing group of concerned individuals - both in the UK and around the world.

    Now with the news that not only Taj Jackson, but also Mr Paul W. Jones, US Ambassador to Malaysia, have added their voices to the growing chorus of protest -- fresh impetus is now evident in the protest which resumes November 15.

    We are hoping the media will pick up on this story, and those participating in this effort are being asked to tip Roger Friedman and other media outlets, the links to a sawf news article:

    which report's Taj Jackson's comments, and also journalist, Charles Thomson's report about the Malaysian Ambassdaor's new complaint.

    Now is the time to reinforce the pressure on ITV. We are asking ITV for more than just a removal of the MacKenzie segment. We are asking ITV to officially distance themselves from a man with a history of making inaccurate, repellent statements -- and further, to offer a simple, and sincere apology to both the Jackson family and those around the world -- including UK viewers -- who are profoundly disgusted that no on-air apology has as yet been forthcoming. All those protesting from tomorrow Monday, November 15, are advised to follow Charles Thomson, Seven's, or Deborah Ffrench's tweets to get updates about information you will need to come across as resident in the UK when you call the ITV complaint lines, and to also read the information below:

  11. * Remember: We are asking for an an-air apology*

    (If you do not live in the UK, find out what the international code is from your country)

    FIRST NUMBER: ( Lines open 09:00 - 12:30 GMT)

    From US: 011 44 8000 30 40 44

    From UK: 08000 30 40 44 - ( free if in UK)

    The number above is the direct complaints number for " This Morning, " on British TV Channel ITV - thus the programme is called ITV This Morning. The person answering this number is obliged to take your details, so even if they try to tell you something different -- do not allow yourself to be transferred or ' told to ring back.'

    As far as what details to give: you only have to give a name and your email * YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR TEL NUM.* If asked to give your number you can simply say - ' when I give my number out to companies, I get marketing calls -- but I'm happy to leave my email.' By not giving your number, you cannot be identified as an overseas caller, and as lots of Americans and Europeans live in the UK --for instance we have lots of American Schools here for sons and daughters of diplomats, people working in banking, finance, publishing etc -- an identifiable accent is therefore not an issue. The point is: there are lots of Americans living in the UK.

    SECOND NUMBER: ( Lines open 09:00 - 19:00 GMT)

    From US: 011 44 844 881 4150

    From UK: 0844 881 4150 - ( free if in UK )

    This second number is a general complaints number, where they log the amount of complaints. As it is open until 19:00 (GMT), many of you in the US - being up to 8 hours behind UK time, may find it more convienient to call this number. N:B When you call this number an auto voice will ask you to choose options after hearing the selection:

    1st step is:--

    Press 2 on your telephone pad

    2nd step is:--

    When the next auto voice asks you to choose again

    Press 4 on your telephone pad.

    You will then go through to staff who will take your complaint. The phone may ring for a while. Stay on the line. When they do pick up, he/she will ask you which program you are complaining about -- your answer should be ' This Morning.' They may then try to blow you off or say 'oh you need to speak to that department on another number.' At this point you should politely insist that you already have, but that you want to register your complaint 'here' also. Again, you do not have to give telephone number -- just a name, and, if they ask for it -- an email address. They will however ask you WHERE you are calling from. Below is a selection of places in the UK that you could be calling from. You don't need to give a street name or door number - just a location is fine. Simply choose ONE 'area' from the list below:

    *Places in London*:


  12. * Places outside of London*


    If you are sending emails, please do not sign with fan names, but simply and firmly state your complaint. Even though we are all angry, it is better not to use abusive language, as it makes our argument that it was wrong for Mackenzie to have 'abused' Michael's name and reputation -- that much stronger by example.

    Email addresses:

    And the C.E.O of ITV

  13. If I may, I'd like to post this from Justice about "Hold My Hand." Forgive me for changing the subject momentarily.

    Justice said, "Tonight, with the release of Hold My Hand, I felt something I have not felt in a very long time; since perhaps before Michael Jackson died. When I listened to the track for the first time, I felt that same chill run through my spine that always happens when I listen to Michael Jackson. I felt that sense of magic; the combination of an unexplainable excitement and soothing familiarity that comes to me when I listen to Michael Jackson's voice. In addition, I felt a sense of solidarity between Akon and Michael. Their harmonies and melodies fuse so smoothly together that a sense of comfort came over me that I have not felt in a very long time. Tears of joy mixed with sadness for the loss of Michael Jackson overcame me and so I sought solace in Twitter."

  14. Fantastic blog Nikki.

    We are all trying, all working together to achieve something that would be so simple for ITV to do.

    I just wanted to add, that this effort will indeed require stamina. But as long as people want to continue -- I will.

  15. Sandy,
    Hold My Hand is a gorgeous track. It is, to me, something Michael would be proud of I believe. However, I could not stop crying when I listen to it, for Michael is really gone and no one can ever hold is hand again. I cannot rattle that from my head.

  16. Thanks Deborah! I want to thank you for all the work you are putting into this as if it had not been for you spreading awareness about the issue I would not had a clue about this nor had the information necessary to be able to even compile this blog.

    Hopefully persistence will work and make a lasting impression.

  17. My tweet regarding this issue this morning:

    What is it going to take to stop the media from further destroying Michael Jackson? What will take to stop the media from now insulting his innocent children? Not only was Kelvin MacKenzie, the man who apparently coined the term "Wacko Jacko" back on "ITV This Morning" this morning but word is that Mark Sunderland, head of ITV legal compliance department, says they will not be apologizing for MacKenzie's comments last week, either. Fans, anyone who cares to speak for the voiceless, please let them know how you feel and most importantly let them know this behavior will not be tolerated. Send a quick bulk email to the following email addresses:

  18. Thank you Nikki. I think you know already but I want to share here the answer we received yesterday. All my followers in the group sent them an email with the compliant and we received the following answer:

    Thank you for your email.

    We are very sorry that you were offended by the comments made by Kelvin McKenzie on This Morning on 9 November. We accept that his comments about Michael Jackson caused offence to some viewers, which we regret.

    However, when Mr McKenzie gave his opinion on the safety of children formerly in the care of Michael Jackson, and referred to the well known allegations that were made about him, the programme’s presenter Philip Schofield did point out immediately that Michael Jackson was not found guilty in relation to those allegations, and that no-one knows that any children in his care would be at risk. Following Mr McKenzie’s further comment that Michael Jackson’s children will have a better life without him, Philip challenged him again, and said the children would obviously disagree with Mr McKenzie’s “tough words”. He also invited viewers to give their views on Mr McKenzie’s comments, making clear that these were not expressed by the programme but by Mr McKenzie in a personal capacity. Later on in the programme, a comment was read out from a viewer who strongly disagreed with Mr McKenzie’s views.

    Although we acknowledge Mr McKenzie’s comments were offensive to some viewers, they were challenged and contextualised immediately by the presenter. In the context of a spontaneous live discussion about a highly controversial (and deceased) celebrity, arising from a talking point in the news (namely the Jackson children’s recent TV interview with Oprah Winfrey), we consider that the programme overall exhibited balance. Whilst we appreciate that some viewers, particularly fans of Michael Jackson, would strongly disagree with Mr McKenzie’s personal opinions, we do not agree that the programme was inaccurate as such (as the comments were clearly expressed as opinion) or that it breached generally accepted standards. Overall the presenters and the other contributor (Lesley Joseph) were supportive of the children’s decision to be interviewed and stated that they were well-adjusted and had expressed their love for their father.


    This Morning Programme

    Well... apparently no excuse from MacKenzie but we'll continue until they'll decide otherwise.
    I'm sick and tired of this crap. They won't let the man RIP and he was always innocent, he was an angel sent by God and most important as Paris said, the best dad ever. Those kids love their daddy more than anything and we'll protect and defend his name because we are his voice now and we'll get those apologies!

  19. So, they are basically saying it is okay to defame so long as someone basically pretends to play judge with gavel. Please. That is like saying it is okay to punch someone in the face so long as you have a kit on hand to plug up their bleeding nose. That is just pathetic.

    Thanks for sharing Lisa. To think, they sent you that and then this morning had him back on the show!!! Simply put--they do not care.

    I wonder how MacKenzie would like it if we started a smear campaign against him and his family. He may or may not care, if it hurt his pride he would care I am sure. I just do not get why people enjoy hurting others an think nothing of it. People wonder why kids go into schools and shoot and kill other children or why there is trend right now of young people killing themselves. It is because of stuff like this on a personal level. If it does not cause suicide or murder it will cause destruction of one's happiness in life, no doubt. That is what happened to Michael, his happiness was destroyed because of this. His only joy I think eventually came from his own precious children.

  20. Hi Nikki!

    Your very informative and detailed discussion of the autopsy report is so helpful.

    You must have a background in medicine. It's so important for factual info like this to be readily available since such accurate and detailed info cannot be refuted.

    It is a painstaking process, but sooner or later the buffoons (Sorry! I just couldn't help myself!) who call themselves journalists will be forced to print the facts and not their ratings' driven spin on things.

    Hopefully more ethical journalists like Charles Thomson will see an opportunity to make a difference.

    Thanks for all you're doing, Nikki! Great blog!


  22. Hi ladypurr!

    I do have a medical background, just not an MD. They work too much! :-)

    It is painstaking, but it is worth it, to me. It does not matter if it takes months or years to find the truth, as long as it is found and stated, that is what matters the most.


  23. *****Update from Deborah******

    Last week, I had put a general call out for ideas and feedback re the Nivea Boycott. I received very little feedback. And it seemed we had hit an impasse with our efforts.

    In short: I was seeing things from an 'all or nothing' perspective. A perspective that imagined that if we did not have thousands engaged in a full scale, synergistic boycott of all Nivea products and/or any of the Jacksons actively and practically onboard -- that it was futile to continue.

    This is not the case.

    And it was Raven from All from Love who illuminated this.

    Raven expressed to me her quiet resolution that:

    " As far as I am concerned personally, the boycott is still on. I will not support a product that continues to support ITV as long as they continue to have McKenzie on the station and as long as no apology is issued. Until such time, I won't be buying any Nivea. "

    After reflecting, in my opinion, this is indeed the correct position. It is one that understands we do not have the numbers yet to make an impact, but holds space for such a development and for further ideas to come forth.

    So at present: Each of is still invited to both personally demonstrate their resolve to continue in the effort we began.

    The Nivea boycott on all lines of their product continues until an on-air apology from ITV is given.