Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Roger

I really hate to do this today of all days but I will continue to fight for Michael no matter what because I cannot bare to see this kind of trash polluting the internet highways...

My reply to the nonsense above:

Utterly pathetic. Didn't the Cascios say they "saw nothing" while on Oprah? Hmm, maybe Frank Cascio caught the "let's speculate and damn Michael" bug from his buddy Schmuley Boteach that trashed Michael in his book released a while back. Wouldn't shock me given the fake tracks put on the "new" album, that was strike one. But, I will give him the benefit of the doubt right now and call you a liar until proven otherwise.

Doesn't seem like he left any propofol or benzodiazepine vials behind while he lived with the Cascios (who also never SAW any problems, either, like Kathy Hilton and numerous others like Tom Mesereau, David Nordahl, Patrick Treacy and Miko Brando, etc. etc. etc.), or any medications for that matter. Let's get something straight right here--anesthesia prevents the body from being able to breathe on its own. That means that unless MJ was hooked up to a ventilator or some type of breathing device each night (which would have to be monitored and regulated by a person) he would have died years ago. Also, if by some chance he had had his breathing assisted (which is likely not the case as someone doesn't get re-intubated nightly unless they have a tracheotomy which Michael never had) then a medication like propofol would have killed him in weeks if not months--it is like injecting lard into your veins. If it does not give someone sepsis from its ability to become filled with bacteria it will give them pancreatitis and the more it is given the more likely the person is to develop something called "PIS"--think of it as the breakdown of your heart. Did we see any pancreatic damage? Heart damage? Liver damage? Skin damage? NO. Oh, and wow, he was a heavy drinker yet no liver damage? Michael was acquitted of all the alcohol charges in 2005--remember? They were bull.

Do you have ANY proof as to what the "spider bite" was? How about this--Michael did have vitiligo and has to use harsh creams to get his skin color to blend. He did use high-dose prednisone for lupus (a painful condition itself which can result in the use of ding ding ding--painkillers). Prednisone suppresses the immune system thus makes people susceptible to infections. Guess what? Something as simple as a scratch could cause a limb to be amputated if not dealt with properly and in time. Hmm, according to the autopsy report there were NO other lesions like that one (that particular one left a scar). Wow, and supposedly that was from injecting? And he never stopped? How did he not get any more? I'd say because it was NOT from an injection! And wow, someone who is supposed to be drugged up and a drunk HEALED from that wound--I am not sure that too many drunk drug addicts could heal like that with the help of some ciprofloxacin only. And for the record, an IV needle IS a form of an injection--use for multiple injections rather than single one. Mark Lester, Arnold Klein and Patrick Treacy (among others) said Michael would not self inject and no one ever saw injections marks on him. Almost all of them if not all of them on his body on the day he died were created by either Conrad Murray or paramedics who had to stick him multiple times because his veins were collapsed not due to drug use but due to him being DEAD. Your blood doesn't flow when you are dead, Roger.

Let's talk about Conrad Murray. Is there a signed agreement between Conrad Murray and Michael? No. Has Murray been cavorting all over the US since killing Michael, caught smiling at Disneyland and living it up in Florida? Yes. Wasn't he being "paid enough" to care if his patient live or die? Well, I would think 150K a month would have been good enough but it was not enough for him to treat insomnia properly, not enough for him to at least bring in some breathing equipment and resuscitation drugs and it wasn't enough for him to supposedly even WATCH his patient with his own eyes. Does that all sound like an accident to you? I hope not. Does he sound like he is suffering after killing Michael? No. Where is the evidence Michael was drug addict Harvey? Did any other celebrity who died from medication die at the VERY OWN HANDS of their own DOCTOR? NO! Their doctors may have been enablers but they did not kill them with their own HANDS and their own inhumane actions that would not even be dealt to a dog hit by a car!

You could not write about Michael's MUSIC, his humanitarian actions, his dancing, his fatherhood or anything else? No, all you can mention is drugs and the allegations--and "back" them with nothing but LIES. That is NOT how Michael Jackson will be remembered if I and others can help it! You seriously wrote up nothing but trash today which must make you trash, too.


  1. I posted a comment as well, it's waiting moderation so who knows but I am soo sick of this man!! I really wonder if he is EVER going to get off of Michael's d***!!! Kudos for your passioned response filled with facts instead of lies and innuendo.
    This is what I said:

    "Thank you for remembering"??? Are you serious?

    Michael Jackson can do without remembrances by articles that you cannot even call a thinly veiled tribute or remembrance. Roger, why do you continue to do this bulls***? To your credit, you believed he was innocent but otherwise, you hounded him when he was alive, always trying to shame him or out him in some imaginary way or other. Can't you give him some peace now that he is gone? I won't bother to go point by point on how misleading or erroneous your article is, Nicole did a better job than I have the patience for. I'll just say that you HAVE to give that spider bite BS a rest. It WAS a spider bite. So tired of your "I was told" etc. You keep recycling that same old cr*p.

    I will say this, no matter how you try to make sure to sully Michael Jackson's legacy, you will NEVER succeed. A lot of people have become wise to the distortion and outright lies of the media at this point and more people are learning all the time. We all have the internet and the ability to research on our own and most of us don't depend on the media anymore for reliable news. Many of us KNOW the truth about Michael Jackson and I can assure you that not only was he a legend long before he died, he will remain one. He will be remembered for a very long time to come for his many notable achievements in music and in dance. His humanitarian, social, and environmental endeavors will also not soon be forgotten. He was a good, kind, loving and gentle man who was not an addict when he died according to the coroners report. The love continues to grow for this amazing man that I was fortunate to witness and believe in, in my lifetime and in time no one will care about the kind of mess you insist on continuing to fling. Michael Jackson will be remembered with love, respect and an acknowledgment of the phenomenon he was.

    How will you be remembered Roger, if you are remembered at all?


    I really believe this. Those of us who love him will continue to spread the truth and we will make sure, no matter how long it takes, to change the negative light in which Michael continues to be viewed in by some. Things are changing but it will take time.

    I love this quote: "Bashirs will come and go, Michael will live forever" Same goes for Roger as it does for Bashir. :)

  2. Incredible,shocking, confusing a wound caused by extravasation of a needle with an ulcer caused by a bite from an animal. Any healthcare professional may assert having seen the photos that wound is a typical ulcer, necrotic tissue, redness and swelling around. No morphological sign evidencing that has been caused by a needle. By God! Enough bullshit! ...this kind of nonsenses make me sick, Are we going to haveto expose every speculation around the medical history of this man????....ok, so if it´s so; let´s work on it!!Thanks Gato

  3. I seriously doubt that ANY singer would want propofol because they have to be intubated. Intubation is inserted through the vocals cords, it goes between the two. I personally have vocal cord damage from this. I cannot be fixed. I doubt any singer would want to chance it?

  4. Anonymous, yes intubation does cause damage and makes talking much less singing difficult afterwards as you well know. Murray claims on his affidavit that he was giving Michael Prop most nights for 6 weeks. If true, it's clear Michael was NOT being intubated everynight, or any night for that matter. We can only hope that the truth comes out during the trial and that Conrad Murray will be punished for his gross incompetance and negligent actions.

    I want to add that Roger Friedman is a disgrace and I totally agree with Nikki's assessment of him.

  5. Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to moderate, my stupid blog never told me I had any comments!!!

  6. Anonymous--I TOTALLY agree, not only that but it can make you hoarse and it is traumatic. I would think a singer would rather have their hands amputated (which would require intubation, whoops) than to be intubated because of the risks associated with intubation. To imagine this being done nightly? No way.

  7. Thank you meigadas for your input! And Nina, YES LOL, I plan on doing a blog about that spider bite but I am so far behind but I am going to do it hopefully within the next month. Your comment was wonderful, BTW! I think meigadas summed up the bite beautifully though! Thing is, IF that was from a needle (and I will admit I am not qualified to diagnose skin problems and have not seen a lot of infections, not like doctors and nurses have seen) then I would assume that we'd seen some other problems related to IV drug abuse--more skin infections, skin popping, track marks, endocarditis, etc. Michael had none of these, ever and no history of any of these, ever of they would have been present in the AR. Those needle marks in the autopsy report were from paramedics desperately trying to get a line into a deceased victim. They admitted to these punctures in the hearing in January. That one bite he had--that scar was with him when he died but wow, it healed beautifully. If he was ill or a heavy drug abuse that would not have healed like that, no way. Some people would have required amputation, too. I don't know if I mentioned it here before but when Michael took prednisone (which he did many times and took very large doses of it) he was suppressing his immune system and putting himself at risk of getting infections. He had to take the prednisone for lupus, though. It can be a blessing and a curse--prednisone, that is.