Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evan Chandler Suicide--My Thoughts

Aphrodite Jones' blog regarding Evan Chandler's suicide can be read here:

Aphrodite wrote "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" regarding the 2005 trial. She continues to fight to get the word out about Michael's innocence based upon facts presented during the trial.

The following is my most regarding Evan Chandler and his death on her blog:

I say many times someone should never be judged. I prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. There are a few rare cases in which I cannot help but to judge because the truth stares you right in the face. This is one of the exceptions. I actually got angry when I heard Evan Chandler died. Deep inside I felt it was suicide before I had read it was so, just based on the kind of person he was from the little I have read about him. I am convinced he did not kill himself to escape physical or mental pain as some people do, but rather did it in pure vanity and spite.

As far as I am concerned Evan Chandler was the beginning of the end for Michael Jackson. He attempted to not only destroy his career but his spirit as well. He is even on tape saying this was his goal. Had it not been for Evan brainwashing his son into thinking he had been molested, or convincing him to just boldface lie, I do not believe the case in 2005 would have ever surfaced, nor would Michael had ever been in financial difficulty. I firmly believe, too, that had Chandler not done what he did, Michael would still be alive today and for many years to come.

Michael endured 16 years of personal hell that only he could experience. He experienced that pain alone. Friends and family may have been there for him as best they could but only he knew what it really felt like to be accused of something so heinous when you know you are innocent. Michael had to endure this on a global scale. No one else has had to endure such an accusation for the world to learn about and spread lies upon. No one.

I am angry that Evan Chandler is dead because I wish he had suffered what Michael went through. He would not have lasted a day in Michael's shoes, though. I know it is low of me to say this, but I am human and I am also not afraid to speak my mind when it concerns Michael. I am angry at what has happened to Michael. It is still my ambition to convince the world think differently about Michael than they think now and have thought for decades. I would like to have personally attacked Evan Chandler, not physically, but with the truth, on a global scale. I know the facts are out there, but not enough people know about them. I had never heard about Evan Chandler until 3 months ago. Granted, I was ten years old when the accusations came to light. I was not a follower of Michael's, either. So, why is it that we all knew Michael had been accused of molestation? These accusations made me miss out on Michael and his music and I will never forgive Evan for that. Never! I loved his music but was embarrassed because my friends would say horrible things about him. I missed out on a genius while he was alive, only to discover him in his death. I will forever defend Michael now and will never stop. I always believed he was innocent, but I still was blind sighted from the media and people around me, except my mother who has always defended Michael staunchly even against her own friends. Stories have two sides, and Evan got to moonlight in the background while Michael and Jordan suffered from Evan's greed and jealousy. Evan caused more grief for Michael than the world will ever know.

I know there will always be the few that will insult Michael no matter what. However, there are many good-hearted people out there simply just do not know the facts. It is time for an awakening. No time is better than now.

Evan Chandler was the ultimate coward. He made the bed in which he lay and killed himself to escape that life he made for himself, in vain. Michael, on the other hand, had the courage to continue to stand for what he believed in and tried his best to live each day making the world a better place especially for children. He tried to find joy in life when his joy was stripped from him by people like Evan. His trust was stripped. His love of life was stripped. This should have never, ever happened. What has society come to?

I love you Michael.

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