Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who is to Blame? Who Can We Trust?

Let's ponder some things ladies and gents...
WARNING: Not for the faint of heart...

Dr. Firpo Carr made the following statement on his blog:
"I've encountered shockers that rocked my foundations. This resulted in an abrupt, unceremonious paradigm shift. Here's the first shocker: It may not be Dr. Conrad Murray who had anything to do with Michael's death. Process that. Now, I know you need time to recover from this reality, but, here comes the next shocker: AEG and Dr. Tohme Tohme may not be silent culprits in Michael's death. Oh, I have it on good authority that they drove him relentlessly. Some say they even mistreated him so as to get a major payday."

Murray has made the following statement:
"I did not give Michael anything that should have led to his death."
He has freely admitted to administering propofol.

Dr. Klein, in his interview with TMZ, stated that he believed someone else was administering the propofol to Michael, namely, a nurse anesthetist. He went as far to say that someone (Murray) had been giving propofol intramuscularly because of his inability or difficulty in starting an IV. Propofol is NOT to be administer any other way but IV. (Keep in mind, it is a very short-acting drug, and multiple intramuscular injections would be required to keep someone sedated. This could be why, if true, Michael had so many injection marks on his body.) However, an IV was said to have been in use at some point in time on June 25th. Who or when it was started is not known.

Now, back to Dr. Tohme Tohme:
He is not a doctor but is purported to be a "businessman".
He was in possession of over 5.5 million dollars that belonged to Michael. He turned the money over a month after June 25th claiming it was a "secret" he and Michael had as it was for Michael's dream home in Las Vegas.
He claims to be Saudi Arabian. He is supposedly Lebanese.
In a September 2008 recorded conversation with June Gatlin, Michael is heard saying, in regard to Tohme:

"This guy, he just... has ways about him...There's a divide between me and my representatives and I don't talk to my lawyer, my accountant. I talk to him and he talks to them. "I don't like it. I wanna get somebody in there with him that I know and can trust. I don't know what's in my accounts. He's (Tohme) mean, he's trying to keep me and separate me from everybody and everything that I love."

It has been stated that Tohme was dismissed in May 2009. Frank DiLeo was called in to take over matters and stated that Tohme had made many problems including booking the 50 dates in very close proximity to one another at which no one would be able to accomplish for fulfill. DiLeo said he himself was responsible for making what would have been the current London show schedule.

Yet, Tohme said after June 25th:
"I'm still in charge of Michael Jackson's business until otherwise I am informed not to do so (sic)."

Michael was still in possession of Tohme's business card, as it was reportedly in his bathroom on June 25th.

So, what can we figure from all this?

Could Murray have been dumb enough to leave Michael unattended only for someone to sneak in and do something that led to Michael's murder, such as administering the propofol in such a large dose as to kill him? Could Tohme have more to do with Michael's death than we think? Do we have any new information about those who run AEG? Who is REALLY to blame DIRECTLY? Who can we trust within this mess? Is the truth even hidden somewhere in this mess?

I have laid out here some pieces to a puzzle. Some may not be used at all but some may be very valuable. Are we wrong to assume this is a clear-cut case of an accident propofol overdose due to the incompetence of a greedy doctor? What can anyone else add? What factual information do you know that we can utilize? Let's get to the TRUTH!

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