Sunday, October 11, 2009

Society Sucks!!!

So, this is what makes headline news on FoxsNews?,2933,559103,00.html

Isn't it great to show, this little boy, who has been taught to be a barbarian by his parents? And then to laugh about it?!!?! This animal was in its own territory, not hurting anyone, not doing anything but living, surviving. Then, these people go and KILL it. Let it be known that the most dangerous animal on Earth is the HUMAN. As far as I am concerned, this child is in a dangerous situation being with a family that is allowing their kindergartner to fire a weapon (not to mention firing it multiple times, and shooting an animal in the head). It is horrible to teach this child not to respect animals in their own territory. Yes, most animals in the wild have the potential to be dangerous, but that does not mean we as humans have the right to kill these animals. Only in a matter of imminent danger out of self defense, or if the animal is to be used for food, should it be killed. Even then, if it can be prevented, it should. This just makes me sick. I love alligators with all my heart, and to hear of an innocent gator being killed, it just burns me...

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