Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson was Murdered

So, not much new news has come up with Michael's death, well, news worth reading. I have seen a lot of articles that are probably not true floating out there about possible drug use, etc. I guess the media/tabloids want to keep coming up with anything they think will pull a reader in since they think they can still make some money off of this case. I did read that more than likely the results from the coroner's office may come as early as late this week. That sounds logical. I just pray, I pray so hard that this case is ruled as a homicide. In reality, that is what it is, a case of homicide, not by a gun or knife, but by poison, mental and physical poisoning. Michael was brainwashed by certain doctors into thinking certain things about medications, and his lack of medical knowledge and inability to trust people after being lied to so many times, it was easy for him to fall into a trap in which prescription drugs were involved. For starters, some reports have said that Michael was taking up to 10 Xanax at night, down from 30 or 40 pills per night. I don't believe he ever took that many, but for someone to be taking Xanax at night, that makes me think he was taking them, hoping they would help him go to sleep, not to get high. Xanax is more for panic and anxiety disorders, which I am sure he suffered from as well at times from all the bullshit in his life that people had planted there, but typically the medication works better taken during the morning for something like that rather than at night when you should be sleeping, unless he awoke to panic attacks, which can happen. But it seems to be unanimous that he did suffer from some severe type of insomnia which may or may not have been directly related to his lupus. How damn sad for someone to be that sleep-deprived, for someone to want to just be able to sleep! If he was taking that many Xanaxs at night, it was probably causing him more insomnia rather than treating it, which I am sure he didn't know that. Who would think that a medication that is suppose to sedate you can actually keep you awake? Wouldn't it be a natural instinct to take more? I wouldn't be shocked for a doctor, excuse me, a socioquack to tell him to take more. Someone wasn't looking out for him telling him what could happen, telling him about these medications and how they work. Just saying "no" wasn't good enough. Perhaps some people were trying to help, but he had already been fooled by the socioquacks. He needed the pain medications, he needed the benzodiazepines, he needed them, like people need food but can become addicted to it, but he needed to be monitored with them, he needed someone to be there for him and help him through their use, someone who had a medical background. He needed a true ally in his life with an understanding that he could trust.

Now, switching focus to this Dr. Conrad Murray. Though I think there are many involved in Michael's death, I put him at the forefront of of it. Though many are responsible for hurting Michael, mistreating Michael, and leading up to what was a slow death, he didn't have to die. If anything, he had his precious babies to live for: Prince, Paris, and Blanket. He loved them more than anything, and vice-versa. I still cannot believe that the concert promoter and/or Dr. Tohme Tohme is still trying to say that Michael wanted to do the 50 shows (or 31 shows, take your pick). I am pretty sure he wanted to do 10 shows, if any. I figure he would have wanted to do 10 for his children to see him and for his fans to see him that had been waiting to see him for so long. He really did love his fans. But 50 shows? I think someone knew that if they signed Michael up for that many shows, he wouldn't back out because he cared too much about his fans and he would never want to disappoint them. Someone was going to pimp out Michael over these shows and earn big time, and they knew they could take advantage of him because he cared.

Okay now back again to Conrad Murray. So what is the truth? Was Michael in the bed, or did he collapse on the way to talk to his doctor? Was he found shortly after collapsing, or sometime after? Murray claims he had a faint pulse when he found him, but had he been walking to the room, I don't think his pulse would have been faint. Had Michael overdosed on something like Oxycontin or Demerol, he could have been saved by giving him Narcan and getting him to a hospital. If Michael was taking these medications, then Narcan should have been on hand, just in case. Same for Xanax-he could have been treated with flumazepil if he overdosed on Xanax. Someone with a personal physician with them, living with them in the same house should never, ever die, unless it is from natural causes, like a sudden heart attack or pulmonary embolism. Dr. Murray should have saved Michael unless he died from something natural, which doesn't appear to be the case as of yet. But hmmm, why did it take Murray thirty minutes to call 911? Those 30 minutes were the difference between life and death for Michael! He didn't call because he didn't know the address? I hope the cops don't buy that!!!!! I am not buying that shit! A personal physician should KNOW the address, just like a (good) child care provider knows phone numbers and address locations concerning the care of the children at hand. I would have called 911 IMMEDIATELY!! Screw the address, like cell phones don't have GPS on them to know where one is located? I don't reckon it takes 30 minutes to figure out an address, either. Michael was only minutes away from a hospital that could have provided him with adequate medical care, but his so-called doctor failed him, to cover his own ass, I can bet on it. CPR isn't meant to be given for 30 minutes. Hell, he would have been better off throwing Michael in the car and driving him to the hospital than doing whatever in the hell he did during those thirty minutes. Diprivan has already been found in the house, and I am sure was used, probably right then and there at that exact moment, and that right there is responsibility for someone's death by being neglegent. What else did he do in those 30 minutes leading up to the initial emergency call? Was he trying to hide evidence against himself? Was he stealing items that were located in the house, such as money or jewellery? That isn't important, but Michael being dead is. Why, why did he do CPR on a BED!? He is a supposed cardiologist!! If he was that "frail", then he had no business doing 50 concerts! A good doctor would have stepped in! I am not buying the "frail" comment, though. Michael needed CPR done right, on the floor, with two hands. He might have needed Narcan, he might have needed this or that, but what he really needed was someone truely there for him when he NEEDED THEM MOST! The sad thing here is so much focus is on Michael and him being an addict, but he didn't choose to become an addict, people chose that for him, by hurting him with lies that spread around the entire world and ruined everything he worked for in life, and then further by medical negligence!

I never had the honor of meeting Michael, or seeing him in concert. I never had the honor of going to Neverland. I wasn't even a hard-core fan before his death, though I did enjoy what music of his I had heard over the years, and am just now realizing what a genius this man was. I never formed hard-core opinions about him either way or not. I just hated when the media called him "Wacko Jacko" because that is so damn rude. So why should I care now? Why should anyone? I do care, I care very much about what people are saying about Michael now, more than ever. I care about happened to him, what will happen to his children, his mother, his siblings. I don't know why, but I just do. I want justice to be served, and I want people to respect Michael for once and all and stop with allllllll the bullshit and lies. He was not a junkie and he damn well was not a pedophile! He was one of the most gracious, caring, loving people on this planet, much like Princess Diana. I just know that in my heart, maybe because that is it, I have a heart. I will always care about Michael. I will always be his ally. It sucks I couldn't have been his ally in life, but I will certainly be one in death, from now on.

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