Friday, January 8, 2010

Different Shades of Justice

A friend asked, mainly concerning Michael Jackson:

"What punishment, and to whom, would you consider justice? Use your imagination and express your feeling even if it is an impossibility."

My response:

This is a difficult question, one with infinite responses and none of them certifiably correct. You want people here to think and discuss and I enjoy it even if the topic is one to bring on pain to some, to many, actually. The "fairest" thing to me is to say "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth". It would be nice if that could happen in all cases of injustice in the world and it just happen naturally without anyone having to do anything to anyone to "pay them back". Sadly, that is not how the world works and it is brutally unfair, usually the most unfair to those who seem to have the best of character. Concerning Michael , I could name some that I know took advantage of him, that took his livelihood away, that took his spirit to an early grave and the worst of all, left his children parentless and his mother (and father) without a son, something no parent should have to endure, especially from senseless acts of carelessness and the inability to have remorse. I won't name names, though yes, there are certain people who without a shadow of doubt hurt and in some form killed Michael not only in a private way but sadly in also a very public way allowing people who never even met him or saw him to take part in the demise of his spirit, his heart and his passions in life. We know who they are. There are those that are hidden in the shadows that hurt him, too, though. People we do not know about and sadly, may never know about. Michael was caught in a web of lies, pain and suffering that he was stuck in, a web with venomous spiders waiting to make a move on him, some working together and some not. With Michael, there is no "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" sort of justice available to him. No one else today is as globally known as he was and still is. No one that directly hurt him will ever be cast in the spotlight like him for people to judge, ridicule, or harass. To me, justice for Michael will be better done through love, getting people, the world,to simply know the real person that Michael was, to understand him, accept his differences and uniqueness, to care about him, love him. All he ever wanted was to be loved and praised upon like a small child. I do not mean I want people caring about him as superstar or sex symbol--I mean caring about him as your brother, your father, your son, or your friend. He deserves respect and recognition for his contributions to the arts as well as his contributions to humanity. Justice to me is erasing the allegations that were ultimately the sword in his heart and the direct cause of all the unbearable pain in his life. I do not want my children associating the false allegations with irrefutable proof of innocence with him, his name, or his accomplishments unless they read an in-depth biography about him and learn the entire picture and from that know the entire story of what happened to this man. I want them to see him first as a helper, a healer, a big-kid, an artist who sang and danced like no other, and innovator and a role model. I want his children to have a life where they are not taunted like their father. I want them to be respected and to be the given privacy their father never had. I want justice for his parents, especially his mother, in the fairest way possible. utilizing the court system. I want justice for Michael by people like us, people who genuinely care about Michael, to continue his work by helping the Earth and helping children and getting in touch with our inner-child and never letting go of it. Be a kid at heart sometimes and don't lose track of what can really make you happy in life. Live a life full of love...L.O.V.E. and never stop. Life is short. Sometimes really short. don't forget the best ingredient to a happy life is love and it really can get you through some of the hardest parts.

Now, I ask you the same question asked of me...

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