Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Michael and Insomnia--a Deeper Look

I was thinking last night about Michael and his severe insomnia. I do not know all the causes of sleep disorders, and most doctors do not know either, as they just toss prescriptions for sleep aids to their patients and do not follow up to see if they have or have not worked. It does seem, however, most people's problems are either from lifestyle issues (being on the computer late at night, drinking too much coffee, exercising before bedtime, taking certain medications etc.) or sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a huge contributor to insomnia. Sleep apnea is usually something that affects middle-aged, overweight males. Just looking at Michael you would not think he suffered from sleep apnea. However, anyone can suffer from sleep apnea. Michael had a chronic lung condition as well that was disclosed when he passed. His lungs were found to be "chronically inflammed" which means they had been inflammed for a long period of time. This was not from a cold or something recent. I would like to know what it was from as he was not a smoker. Perhaps it was from lupus? I then began to wonder if Michael was having breathing problems while sleeping and did in some way have some form of sleep apnea. Most people who have sleep apnea do not know they have it. Their spouses are the ones to tell them they have it because they get no sleep from their partner's snoring. Michael told nurse Cherilyn Lee he would sometimes fall asleep only to awake in a couple hours and not be able to fall asleep again. He said he just wanted "eight hours of sleep". Could breathing problems be what woke him up? I know some people sometimes wake up as if they are choking and it jolts them so badly they cannot fall back asleep, yet they sometimes have a problem explaining why they woke up so suddenly. I know this is all speculation but it sounds highly possible to me and all things should be examined as Michael was taken from this world well before his time. I know he had a lot stress in his life, was working on the concerts until late at night sometimes and had a racing, active mind, but still, to be so sleep-deprived as to ask for propofol (which, while adminstered you cannot wake up), makes me think it was more than what meets the eye. Instead of doctors breaking down what was causing his sleep deprivation and working to try and correct or diagnose all the possible health issues contributing to his insomnia, in turn helping him get the sleep he needed naturally, they gave him propofol--an anesthetic, not a sleep aid. What about the strenous physical exams he supposedly passed with "flying colors" for AEG? Flying colors? He was not a marathon runner. If he had a chronic lung condition then that would have shown up and been a problem, maybe not enough to keep him from being able to perform on some level, but he was expected to sing live for a certain amount of time and then dance as well for I believe at least 2 hours. Have any of you tried dancing or jogging while singing at the same time? You have to FORCE the air out to even really be audible and to hit the right notes--at least I do and I have mild asthma. He really had no business doing this kind of concert with a lung condition and severe insomnia that obviously was not being treated properly. Maybe he needed a CPAP machine. Maybe he needed a new schedule that promoted better sleeping habits. He did NOT need to be doing the type of show he was preparing for and did NOT need propofol! Then, the question becomes, did someone take advantage of his desire for propofol and see it as a way commit murder? Doctors having a client like Michael should want to do anything to keep him alive (as is their duty as a doctor) and to keep him as a patient (if they want the profit). I am not a conspiracy theorist and I try to be as rational as possible and am by nature skeptical of all things, but if you look at ALL the facts, dating back to YEARS ago, looking at all aspects of Michael's life, his business transactions, his financial woes, his problems with Sony, AEG's motives for having him do 50 shows (when he agreed to 10 only) things are looking more and more suspicous. He needed to be treated and helped by people who cared about him, whether it personally or just professionally, not used, lied to and killed by people only seeking a profit which is looking more and more like the case each passing day.

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