Friday, May 28, 2010

Confused and Amazed...But Not in a Good Way

(I am tired, stressed, and sick of proofreading. Pardon any mistakes.)

I sit here confused and amazed. I know I am not being ignorant when I say these things. I just saw a report on HLN, that tabloidesque show with AJ Hammer and they lumped Michael, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger and Corey Haim all together as addicts...

Let's see here. First off let me see I feel such sympathy for Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger. I will always say someone had great responsibility in both of their deaths other than themselves. Both had issues in their lives causing them grief. But, ultimately, they both administered the drugs that killed themselves which was likely accidental but nonetheless by their own hands. Michael did not do this. Michael likely was in and out of consciousness, or completely out, when Murray decided to give him multiple benzodiazepines and then topped it off with propofol, or combined them at some point while not assisting his breathing in any form or matter. Michael was in no form to be able to make decisions that night, if he could even speak. However, he has now become a poster boy for celebrities who get their ways with doctors because they are addicts and have money and/or fame. This pisses me off. Michael deserves better. His life was not wasted. He raised three beautiful children. He donated millions upon millions of dollars to charities and individuals. He actually took time out of his life to spend helping others. Much of this went unheard of, though. Instead people focus on the 1993 and 2003 allegations and now consider him a drug addict. It breaks my heart for this man. I am afraid to ask, but could it possibly get any worse?

Are we going to sit there and allow Michael to be lumped into the same group of people that died from drugs, some of which abused meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy etc? Do we for one second think he ever abused those drugs? Do you think he snorted lines or shot his veins? Can you actually picture him doing that when he wore friggin' high-water pants for Christ's sake? Michael kept away from all of this garbage even after having one of the most unique and rather tragic lives we have ever witnessed. He was burned. He was emotional traumatized, too. Are we going to continue to allow the media to blame stars, especially Michael, for having clout to their name while they defend their doctors? Doctors are suppose to have a conscious--it is part of their duty to their patients to diagnose them and make choices for them. Since when is a celebrity or anyone for that matter suppose to make their own medical decisions and counteract what a doctor does or does not do for them? I know there are a lot of quacks out there but unless you are in the medical field they are hard to spot out. If a celebrity or anyone goes to a doctor and the patient oversteps their boundary, as all people, not just celebrities do, then that is the doctors' responsibility to say no and correct the situation.

Why in this culture do we place doctors on such a high pedestal that they can do no wrong? They show up drunk to work, abuse drugs, kill people and they still are held in such high esteem and basically worshipped by some people, hmm, kind of like some celebrities. Just look at Murray, his failure to support his children, his multiple affairs (rarely do I hear of a doctor who has NOT had an affair), his debt, his past record. People are still blaming Michael saying he brought this on himself. Michael brought all this misery into his life by trying to help children whose parents began lying about him for money which then led to the destruction of his life? (I will write about this tomorrow.) Murray is the one who went to medical school, completed 3 fellowships and practiced cardiology over the course of 21 years. So why is Michael having the blame put on him because he had fame and some supposed wicked power that overtook Murray and MADE him do things? It doesn't happen that way. Murray didn't have to do anything but keep his patient alive and care about him. He didn't even do that. Responsibility needs to be shifted onto doctors, doctors who go to school to save lives--not celebrities because people know their name and it generates money for the media outlets.

Why is it that I see how people always say celebrities get away with everything and have all this power? So does everyone else. I know felons who are living the high-life and they are not celebrities. I know people who have multiple DUIs and are still able to go buy booze at the liquor store and party on the weekends. I know people who have abused drugs. When I was in high school my classmates used drugs and had sex with each other--sometimes multiple partners in one night. This isn't just in the zip code 90210--it is everywhere. It is just celebrities have their business known to the world and people do try to cling onto them for their fame and use them--but that's it. Otherwise, what is going on in Hollywood is USA, today. You either take part in it or you don't.

What's sad is Michael didn't take part in this kind of hoopla. He stayed away from it. He was a good kid who worked hard, worked too hard. He was someone who got things done and did them right. He was someone who felt the needs of others and tried to tend to those needs. I cannot sit here and be silent while I slowly watch this man's legacy stripped from him. It is hanging on by bare threads. It isn't fair. He was one of the great humanitarians to ever live. We have to stand up for him, stand tall and firm. We have to take the same type of blows he did, but the more of us that try to help him, the lesser the blows will be--he took all the blows alone. His legacy, his reputation, and in some form, his life must be rebuilt. I know the allegations will likely always be a part of his life as will his manner of death, but that doesn't mean that his life was wasted. He literally made the world a better place and continues to do so even not being here. How many can say they do that? He still touches people's hearts and their minds--and their souls. Now we must touch his.


  1. «Why in this culture do we place doctors on such a high pedestal that they can do no wrong?»

    We? IMO we don't place doctors in a high pedestal. It's the BIG PHARMA Industry that does it, like other lobbyist Industries do (music; movies [entertainment]; media) and even homosexual and pedo lobbies:

    It's all about the mighty-dollar-euro-gold-or-whatever-shines... and power, of course, worldwide!

    Oh, btw this whole thing IMHO is nothing but a cover-up; food for thought of masses!

    Another blogger that fights for MJ:

    Have a nice Sunday!


  3. I can say I know a lot about Big Pharma. They have a way of manipulating the public for sure. Example, many "new" drugs are nothing but old drugs that are slightly reformulated but work no different (ex. Prilosec and Nexium are basically the same thing, just Nexium is one stereoisomer to where Prilosec is mixed but there is supposedly no real difference in efficacy). But still, in whole to me many of the public are medically ignorant. I am not meaning that to be rude. I have seen too many people say "oh, doctor so-and-so is so wonderful and he told me this and..." and what they told them is bull, a lie, a crock. You try to tell these people different and they won't listen. You tell them to go seek another opinion and they won't. They take their words as golden and I really don't see how it has anything to do with Big Pharma per se, maybe some of it. Some doctors are great, some are not, and most people cannot tell the difference because they just assume anyone who went to school about 12 years is going to know what they are doing. Not necessary true...

    I know that Big Pharma loves to buy doctors over, or did. They are either going under the table or have slowed down with it since now any time a pharmacy company gives a doctor something, like money, it is public record. No more pens with drugs names allowed.

    The lobbyists that you mentioned are using Michael's name to push their agendas definitely. It's sickening. Isn't it amazing how people can manipulate things into what they want?

  4. Yeah, true but BIG Pharma extends not only to drugs and doctors but through Chemical Industries they hit so much more like the food we eat (ex: Monsanto). More here:

    More than 50 years ago, we were warned about culture industry (media, entertainment), through philosophers Adorno and Horkheimer. They theorized that the phenomenon of mass culture has a political implication, namely that all the many forms of popular culture are a single “culture industry” whose purpose is to ensure the continued obedience of the masses to market interests. Through the years the Theory is no longer just a concept, it is now fully developed in real practices worldwide. Media distorts true facts to divert masses from the real truth somewhere out there. It's sickening yes and frightening for those who do know/understand the plots/scams and don't accept this in democracy. After all there is no democracy without JUSTICE!
    This kind of plot happened to Michael Jackson. You can see how here:

    Truth hurts, doesn't it?

  5. True, but what big conglomerate doesn't reach its tentacles into all areas of business? They are like big cancerous blobs that spread into everything...

    I am interested in when Adorno and Horkheimer made their comments. This sort of stuff has been going on for decades. Just think back to the 1950s, especially, post-war and all the changes that took place then. Cookie-cutter molds, anyone?

    So, in theory, you are saying that some, like Michael, were used, without his/their knowledge, to create obedience through use of the media/TV/movies/music? Makes sense in that view.

    I still go around and say most people fall into this trap from ignorance. I am not saying that people are dumb they just follow blindly. I could go places with that comment that have nothing to do with Michael, but I won't do that. I might start a big fire with my comments. Well, wait, this is my blog so I guess I will touch on it some. I personally see the same thing happen with religion. People follow others blindly with some religions, IMO. Some religions distort facts to divert their followers from seeking information elsewhere. The media does the same thing except they get money from commercials instead of collection plates...

    Funny, many of the links you keep posting belong to my friends. :-)

    Truth doesn't hurt as bad as the lies that too many people believe and continue to believe and spreak. I guess in life we should experience some pain. It isn't fair when it isn't evenly distributed, though.

  6. Yeah, Nikki, I just noticed that :) Didn't know they are your friends. Sorry about that, but for the last eleven months I've tried to dig up some truth about what happened that 25th June. I've spent many hours reading and searching for some reasonable explanations and just found out a few dedicated and loving people behind some blogs or fora. Anything else was crap or eventually later on deleted.
    Now, I visit almost daily, six or seven blogs and I try hard to link truthful information. I'm in Europe so, it's not easy for me to understand your laws, rules, politicians, and lobbies.
    Of course, we have them here too. Some are as poisonous as yours... consequences of postmodernity and globalization.

    About (philosophical Frankfurt/Palo Alto schools) Adorno, Horckheimer, Habermas, Marcuse and many others' studies/theories you can read a very good paper here:
    and an essay here:

    Regarding your comment: «In theory some»... no, we all are used/controlled by market interests, due to our lack of enlightenment; consequently we don't question things and seem to be unable to use our knowledge for the betterment of our condition. This behavior eventually will drive us to the edge of destruction, if we continue to be mere instruments of greed.
    Ex: The first decade of this new millennium offered us soooo many "bubbles", starting in 2000 with the dot-com bubble, followed by the energy bubble (Bush crap) and climate bubble (Al Gore crap) and the financial/mortgage/money system crises. And the next one? I think it will be severe because it'll be linked directly to countries sovereignty, or to Agriculture and food, or eventually to water. Media puppets already started to deliver us possible scenarios and when they do that... something nasty will come along. FEAR is the ultimate weapon of power & greed. Btw, have you heard Bill Gates opinion on population reduction? Another eugenicist perspective?! Jeez, we human beings never learn anything from history!

    Anyway, you're so right people do follow others blindly, period! Either politics, religions, fashion, education, whatever. It's easier for all human beings to follow a leader, whoever he/she might be, without questioning, because this way we don't have to be responsible for our own decisions. Someone will do it for us and MONEY & POWERS know that and expect we will continue to be more and more sheepish. That's why education system is in crisis all over the damn world in spite of all technology and science...

    In sum, I do agree also with your approach about truth and consciousness, though "the meaning of life" concepts, or eventually another theory - the Ken Wilber's "Integral Theory of Consciousness" - would lead us to an endless discussion about ourselves, the human race (that isn't so human after all);)
    Have a nice day!

  7. I am trying to copy and paste my response but it won't let me...I will keep trying...

  8. No worries, I was actually teasing you. :-) Unless you are among us on Facebook, you had no way of knowing that. You should join us, though, I enjoy your input and intellect. I personally discuss much more there than here. I forget I have a blog to be honest. I started this blog before I began discussing matters through Facebook and before I knew much of anything concerning Michael.

    I must admit concerning laws, so many are not well understood even by lawyers. I guess that is why we have so many court cases, appellate courts, etc. Laws differ so much by state, even by counties within the states. Some states get away with bypassing federal law (California) while others make federal look tame (Texas).

    I actually mentioned Adorno and Horckheimer to a friend of mine on Facebook who told me some about them and their theories. I would like to learn more about them and their thoughts.

    She mentioned this article. Have you seen this article yet? I am sure you have and forgive me if you have posted it before.

    I have not read it yet, so do not know the contents and cannot comment, but it may relate some to what has been discussed here. I am in a predicament now (I am moving, well, trying to move) so many things, including valuable essays which people like you have suggested I want to read but they are escaping my time while I juggle with trying to get my future mapped out. Hopefully soon I will be able to read them. The joy of moving!

  9. Part 2:

    I see what you mean regarding my quote. I still fall somewhere in the middle of things. I see both sides. I think some of us, like ourselves, are seeing past some of this clutter. However, yes, I don't think we can see past all of it or we would have to be all-knowing or "godly". To escape the pits of human thought you mustn't be human.

    You are so very right. I sometimes think fear is the basis of life. It directs so many of our decisions. It fuels so much of what we do in life--good and bad. Typically when one had no fear they are said to be sociopathic--as humans we should have fear but do we realize how much it controls us, especially during times of crises when fear is national or global? There are tiers of fear everywhere...

    Whoa I had not heard of Gates' opinion! I should check up on this, too. I have sometimes wondered if the government has not in some way tried population control, or implemented it in some form. I do know at one time the US did do sterilization against the will of some, mostly African Americans. I don't want to sounds like a conspiracy theorist, not that there aren't plenty of conspiracies out there with much truth, but when I see how many people die from lack of insurance when they had insurance before they became ill, when you realize how high the mortality rate is for infants in the US compared to other westernized countries especially, I cannot help but wonder, is there reasoning behind this? What about some diseases and their origin? Other countries do have known population control tactics. This is all things I ponder at times. A site you sent me originally, I bet I could find more information about this on there. I enjoyed getting to view it for a moment...

    I agree, responsibility is something so many lack. I think it also goes back to fear, too, fear of responsibility. I think of fear especially concerning religion. When you fear thinking or going outside the box, then you stay in and follow your leader. Politics is so much like this, too. What ever happened to getting to know who you vote for instead of voting based on a political party only? It is like, vote for the donkey or elephant. No! I couldn't agree more--education is lacking, especially in the US. I was told by a physician that the average US citizen has a reading-level of a 5th grader (about 11 years old, not sure how Europe does schooling). I do not know if that is true but if so that is terrifying. I am sure some parts of the US it is 5th grade or maybe even below. To think children are graduating at 18 years of age without being able to read (which I have witnessed) is a shame. How can this be? Is this not like reverting back into times when race and sex determined if you were allowed to learn to read or not? To me, technology is at a stand-still. I wish I had been alive when things like the light bulb and car were invented! I feel like we are going backwards...

    I should look into Wilber's Theory. I do don't know a lot of "theories". I should because I love discussions like these--I just come up with stuff on my own, at the spur of the moment, hehe. But I agree--the discussion could last until the human race dies off concerning "the meaning of life"! We have more important work to do...

    Goodnight. :-)

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  11. Hi nikki!
    Hope you are ok, I haven't read your latest posts but I will, as soon as finish my comments here.
    Thks I like yours too, that's why your blog is on my favorites, although I miss interaction I really don't trust facebook or any other SNS, because of this:

    I don't have also enough will to keep up blogging or being an active member of any forum, so I pay a visit on my favorite blogs and sometimes I try to help, that's the truth... ;)
    Thanks also for David Walsh's article (2005) I do agree with him, now that I know so much more about what happened to MJ. D.W. was brilliant I must add. I will spread his opinion (if you don't mind) whenever enlightenment is required... ;)

    Fear, like God, are in our brains. But Fear is also physical and you are absolutely right - fear is the basis of our life (human and animals). If we couldn't be afraid, we wouldn't survive for long (since Prehistory), after all the purpose of fear is to promote survival so, that explains our moves/intuitions and also the obvious - Money&Powers - survival and the process of creating fear begins with scary stimulus like: Insecurity - they provide CCTV surveillance for our own security [they say we need it]; Unemployment - and after decades of specific education (look for Elliot W. Eisner comments on education) M&P move their industries to countries where slavery is a must (India; Asia; Africa); Energy - what about BP disaster?
    As usual, just follow the money!
    I wonder if these created fears will end with the fight-or-flight response?!
    Jeez, you are so right concerning your bad feelings about what is going on US (unfortunately worldwide). We know that there are too many theories, but there are also too many lunatics outthere with enough M&P, so we can't think otherwise.
    I could tell you about some information we have here but I don't want you to be more afraid.
    Let's say they are for now interested in this:
    Btw, don't take any form of vaccine against flu or H1n1 - that's dangerous and some scientists say that was meant to kill a few thousands, especially children. Take care and plenty of vitamin D, C and sun... plenty of sun whenever possible and no junk food!
    About Education: Yeah, a worldwide problem and we are importing your theorists (which are good, btw) but the system doesn't improve their insights. It's a shame, really. So many good academics and no implementation whatsoever for decades. I'm in the "business" - research for teaching - new methods and I'm so sick of all this bs... because there's no political will.
    Yes, I feel the same we are towards devolution but yet... there are some hopes and positive issues:
    Have a nice day! :)

  12. Hi Skeptikos!

    Promise to get to all of your comments soon. Have had some things come up that need immediate attention but I will come back to comment hopefully within the week.


  13. I understand your distrust skeptikos!

    I figure that if someone really wants to find something on you, they will find a way. There really is not such thing as privacy anymore it seems. I think certain people are at higher risk, though.

    I am very, very honored that you visit my blog. Thank you! I need to blog more often. I am trying to work on a blog now, in fact.

    Please do spread Walsh's article. Great news. :-)

    Funny you mention the H1N1 vaccine. I was very fearful of it when I first heard about it, even though being in health care I was pushed to get it. I refused. I am now hearing there is a link with the flu shot to dementia, and this supposedly came from a doctor who I believe helped develop the flu shot. Cannot supply a link, I was told this from a nurse who attended a CEU and directly heard his speech. When I was working in an IV room I noticed that, I believe in 1974, there was a flu shot hastily put together that killed thousands before production was finally stopped. But, the government pushed for the vaccine then! I would really like to know how much good does a flu shot really do? Just the thought of a vaccine that supposedly prevents cancer scares the daylights out of me.

  14. Oh and again, thank you for the awesome links! I need to view them all. I am trying to catch up with comments now then need to take some private notes. The one blog you sent me in another posting is really grabbing my attention so I need to read it, too.