Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jacko's dad: 'I blame my wife for Michael's death'

My reply:


This has to be one of the cruelest things I have ever read in my life!!!

First off why on Earth would someone blame Katherine for Michael's death?!?! Joseph, this is your wife, this is the mother of your children--PLEASE be careful with what you say! To Mrs. Jackson, and I know that she doesn't wander the pages of Facebook but I would want her to know that she is in no way responsible for her son's death--NONE! She doesn't need this kind of stress--she needs strength to be there for Michael's children, to see them into adulthood--something Michael won't get to do because he was MURDERED!

Second, from the interview Joe says NOTHING about drug addiction so how is it all over in this tabloid fodder? Joe has said in the past Michael was NOT an addict!

More information, medical-based information, regarding the LACK of his addiction:

Joseph seemed to talk more about Michael being DEPRESSED than addicted--he never said in the video the word "drug"...or "addict"! Sometimes Joseph did not make complete sense--are we to call him an addict like Michael has been accused for not always speaking so eloquently?? No, of course not, concerning both gentlemen! Joseph appears to say they needed more involvement in his life, to break down that "privacy" barrier. Perhaps, but that doesn't mean it was because he was addicted to drugs! That doesn't mean Katherine is to blame!

"But he still vehemently denies the accusations - and looked shell-shocked as he relived the worrying months leading up to 50-year-old Jacko's fatal heart attack on June 25 last year - brought on by an overdose of sleeping drug Propofol and a cocktail of sleeping pills.
Joe says: "I only saw him a couple of times in his last few months - and he looked weak, thin and like he needed to get some sleep.
"He really never had that glow in his eyes, which he had on stage. I didn't know that he was addicted to drugs, but something was wrong."

BOOM! (No) News of the World! Stop putting words into someone's mouth! They are coming up with him being an addict based on Joe's words so how can they sit there say this when the supposed issue of addiction was not even KNOWN?!

This article doesn't even show the complete interview via the video--how much is purely made up?? Most of it, of course, I am sure!

Also, Michael did not die from a heart attack. He died from respiratory depression/apnea. Propofol is not a "sleeping drug"--it is a sedative/hypnotic that does NOT induce real sleep. He had NO tablets in his stomach! Any cocktail in his blood was directly administered by Murray--NOT Michael who was unconscious. Murray admits to giving him ONE Valium via tablet--the other two benzodiazepines were given via IV and/or shot into the muscle by Murray--not Michael. This is not an Anna Nicole case, this is not another Hollywood drug tragedy--this was MURDER with drugs as the weapon because you can turn it into a case like this thanks to ignorance from the media and let Murray off. Michael wasn't paranoid--he was correct in his assumption people were wanting to kill him and yes, "they" wanted that catalog and STILL DO!

"Katherine was weeping uncontrollably and highly upset. But I didn't give her a hug because I was MAD at her crying," snaps Joe, 80, who says he had spent months urging her to get the singer into rehab for his prescription drugs addiction."

How so if " I didn't know that he was addicted to drugs, but something was wrong." Um, then how would Joe be pushing for rehab if he didn't know? DUH--your error NNOTW!

"Joe says Katherine has not recovered from her son's death.
'She is a shell of the woman she was. She has headaches, can't sleep and won't deal with these problems - like Michael she would rather run away.'"

Joe, Katherine will never get over the loss of her son, especially not when she sees stuff like this. How can someone deal with this when the person who did this is looking to serve a couple months if even found guilty, that others who contributed to the death continue to walk about free with their happy lives, and we have people and the media blaming Michael, your own son, for his own demise? I can't sleep from this, either, and I didn't even see Michael's angelic face ever and won't ever get to see it now.

Please realize I am not slamming Joseph for what has been written but rather that what he has said has been taken completely out of context and likely some of it has been fabricated. Would anyone in their right mind want their mother who lost their brother reading this when she has enough heartache and stress to deal with?


  1. Well nikki that's media crap again!
    And Joe is not helping either with the "belts" thing and... I'm sorry to say this but I don't trust any Jackson. The only exception is Mrs Kathrine Jackson a devoted mother and grandmother. MJ' siblings like Jermaine, LaToya and Randy are as I see them nothing but leeches!
    We all know that rich people do things like they do, seeking attentions, but honestly they feed the filthy press with their "stories" and they have thrown the mud publicly upon themselves.