Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charles Thomson: One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History

My reply:

Please do not be offended with what I am about to say: the only media firestorm before this one that comes to my mind before the assault on Neverland Ranch were the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. To me, this was another terrorist attack only there was one direct victim--Michael Jackson--and it terrorized all those who rightfully loved him, supported him and believed in him. The terror really never dissipates from an attack but the terror Michael experienced should have after his acquittal. It didn't though, not for Michael and not for those who believe in his innocence. We thought justice had been served when he was acquitted. Michael never received justice for the few remaining years of his life. He died bound in the reigns of injustice.

What people need to realize if there had been evidence, whether it be from 1993, 2003 or somewhere in between--Michael would not have been able to pay his way out of something like this repeatedly or even once. He would have eventually been charged and convicted based on real evidence. Child molestation is not a crime that I would imagine people can pay their way out of, not like a DUI or maybe even murder. This is just my speculation, however, not something I can prove. But, hurting a child in any form is likely considered to be the most horrific of all crimes. I cannot imagine 12 individuals, regardless of their IQ or education level, acquitting a man of crimes against a child or children if they believed him to be guilty despite his status. Why should we think some so-called "celebrity factor" would only influence these 12 men and women when "celebrity factor" obviously has no affect on those polled by "People Weekly" that basically found 9 out of 10 individuals believing him to be guilty? There was no ignorance to the facts experienced by these jurors. Ignorance has infected the public at large because the public has failed over and over to stop taking media reports for granted and to actually go look for the facts themselves, to create their own agenda with actual evidence that is not hard to locate if you do a little searching below the rubble of deceit.

The media used Michael to make a profit. It should have been a time of privacy for Jackson, for his family, for the so-called "victim" but it never was. The media raped Michael Jackson for the sake of ratings. After such scandal, why isn't Sneddon behind bars for what he did, or at minimum disbarred? Do you think for one second someone like Mr. Mesereau, an outstanding humanitarian himself, would have put his reputation on the line to defend someone whom he didn't fully believe in?

Why do so many people want Michael Jackson to be guilty? What personal vendettas do they have against Michael? For the media outlets, was it because it would damage their credibility that is already null and void? Is the media ran by a league of sociopaths, with a few exceptions? What about the public? Can they not fathom someone really being innocent and kind-hearted? Is that how warped society has become?

Knowing just the facts Mr. Thomson has highlighted should make people sick at their stomachs when they think of what happened to Michael Jackson and continues to happen to this day. People do not realize these baseless accusations in-effect created a prison-like environment for Jackson who was forced further into seclusion. In the latter years of his life it was not music that kept him in the spotlight, though it should have been, but rather it was this media-generated "weirdness factor" that had been assigned to him years before. Certainly the allegations kept him in the spotlight, too, likely more so than even his eccentricities. In essence, the allegations almost led to him being stalked by the media, hoping they could seize upon one wrong move (or something they could turn into "one wrong move") so they could use him yet again to recreate a whirlwind of bull.

This case goes to show that anything can be turned and used against you, even going as far as helping a child suffering from cancer. Who would ever imagine such happening to someone? Is this where good deeds get us today? Tell me, why didn't 70 sheriffs swoop into the house where Michael Jackson was murdered to collect evidence from what is really a crime scene? Again, we are seeing what appears to be injustice that continues to haunt Michael Jackson even in death.


  1. Good god, I could have written this whole thing. My thoughts exactly, particularly in regards to the accusations that he "paid his way out". It's bullshit. Michael Jackson was rich, no question, but has there been solid, real evidence against him, he would have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and jailed just like anyone else who committed a crime.

    Michael Jackson was a celebrity. He didn't have THAT much power over people, let alone over law enforcement, and to assume so is asinine.

  2. Well said Nikki. Why Michael's house was not investigated as a murder scene? Always the same...

  3. Many people don't even realize what a settlement is. Civil courts force you to have 2 meetings in order to settle and not move on civil trial because that is a cost that can be avoided for tax payers. MJ's 5th Amendment right was violated and he had no other way but to settle because the civil trial was first. There was no criminal trial and he was sued not prosecuted. Many people forgot that it was MJ who was asking for a trial and not Chandler but Michael was never charged. 2 grand juries rejected the allegations long before any settlement and anyone who read the paper knows that it had nothing to with the allegations. Chandlers could still testify. Plus it was the insurance company who settled

  4. So true and unbelievable like "the 48 laws of Power"

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  5. i could not agree more! wow...i am rather speechless...thanks for sharing!

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