Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Freak of the Week isn't Michael Jackson--it's Andrea Peyser

How much lower can you go with the anniversary of his death coming up in a matter of days?

My reply to Andrea:

What a BRILLIANT b***h we have amongst us here, one I would take a guess survives on the dead carrion you find along side of the road, picking at them one by one.

Is this what "professionalism" has become today? This kind of garbage? This isn't about writing a story--this is obviously about making "Andrea Peyser" a name. Are you really this desperate? Do you actually think you are doing us any good by sharing your tizzy-fit styled writing with us? Please, spare us next time. I have better things to do with my time than have to sit here and write you in reference to an article that belongs in a dumpster somewhere.

Let's see:
"From California to New York and all the way to Bahrain, folks are engaged in publicly mourning a man who was not a great thinker, leader or humanitarian.'

Really? He apparently was a great thinker, according to those who actually spoke to him and knew him. Did you ever sit down and hold a conversation with him? I pray not. He knew a multitude about the arts, history and literature, among other topics. He had thousands of books--most of which he read. He was self-taught, too. How many books have you read, Andrea? Two, three? As for being a leader, well yeah, he wasn't a president or anything but hell, I would have rather led the music industry with the largest selling album of all-time than to be the President. I would also loved to have shattered racial barriers that plagued MTV in the early 1980s, being the first black artist featured on MTV. Michael's estate also just signed the largest music contract of all time, too. Are capable of such accomplishments? Do you consider yourself a leader, Andrea? Does one need to be a leader to actually be mourned? As for being a humanitarian, I think this has to be the funniest insult of them all. Michael holds the record for donating the most money to charities--over $300 million during his lifetime. You couldn't even fathom what $300 million looks like Andrea, or even a million for that fact. How much have you donated to charities? Do you even know what "charity" means? To say that Michael is not a great thinker, leader or humanitarian shows how little you obviously know about the topic in which you chose to write. Maybe you should do a little research next time. You might be surprised.

I recommend you look up the word "serial" before you use it again as you obviously do not know what it means.

As for Michael's surgeries and skin lightening, yes, it happened. Vitiligo is a very damaging disease. You care to take a stab at all those who suffer from vitiligo as well? Michael wasn't pleased with his looks--he should have been, he was a handsome man who fell for the multitude of insults thrown at him since he was a child. I must say, just from the looks of that little-bitty picture next to your name on this article (and thank God it is small) I think maybe you should consider some surgical altering to your face. Do us all a favor or at least take that photo down and spare our eyes from damage if you can't afford to fix that sour-puss visage of yours.

As for Michael's children, I bet, no wait, I know they have more poise, professionalism and intellect than you. That is saying a lot considering they are 13, 12 and merely 8 years old. You can't go much lower than dragging someone's children in the mud. I suppose you deserve a pat on the back for that one.

It is so believable that you can sit there and call a man a sexual predator when you couldn't lay down one fact proving it. Rather, you presented nothing but libelous remarks about him to try and make a moot point that is still circulating years later for the sake of making the media money. You can't at least pull up one fact that he did it? How about looking at the FBI files? No, wait, no evidence. What about the 1993 allegations? No, wait, not enough evidence to even go through with a trial. The 2005 trial? Like I have told others--go read Aphrodite Jones' book "Conspiracy" to know what really happened to Michael Jackson and why he was accused of such--he was an easy target to make money off of because he was a gentle, misunderstood soul. I debate on whether you even possess a soul or not.

He wasn't the freak, people like you are the freaks because you can't get enough out of damaging a man's reputation, including a dead man's reputation. It shows your desperate attempt at maintaining your pathetic little career you have going with one of the most fabulous papers in the world--the New York Post! Woohoo! Keep at it, Andrea. Maybe someday you will work your way over to the Globe or Sun. Good luck and best wishes.

I have no desire to contact Andrea but others may at: or 212/930/8730
I think I have said everything I would want to say to her directly above.


  1. Thank you for a great piece Nikki! I think the people at Oxford University would be very stunned at how bamboozled they were by Michael Jackson's intelligence. Maybe his award winning smile caught them off guard and they got confused. Or what about all the educational institutions around the world that have written amazing pieces about how they Michael Jackson inspired children to get better grades around the world.

    And didn't the FBI follow Michael around the world without his knowledge for 17 years and found not one child that Michael had done anything inappropriate with? I could suggest "Redemption" by Geraldine Hughes, but it might be over intelligence level.

    Didn't Michael do an ENTIRE tour for charity? Didn't he take out the best seats and have children from children's hospitals brought in in their hospital beds and wheelchairs. Didn't he donate ALL proceeds to every city he did the concert in for their orphans and sick children. Didn't Michael take the ENTIRE $1.5 million that he was awarded by Pepsi after he was burned and build a children's burn unit? Now since Andrea is so up on the tabloid bs she should have known that one.

    But to me the lowest blow was to an innocent child who was in mourning for her father and so bravely spoke to millions of people around the world for her first time and you would attack her for it. I don't know what evil will come on you, but God gave Martin Bashir brain cancer. I hope God does you worse for attacking a little child. You aren't worthy of the paycheck you bring home.

  2. Great comment Kim!

    I think they would be stunned, too. He did speak at Oxford though--a wonderful 30+ plus speech I recommend all take a listen to sometime.

    He did do an entire tour for charity--he donated all proceeds. I know this is not the best source but this is from Wikipedia:

    "Following a controversy with the way tickets were purchased, lead-singer Michael Jackson donated his proceeds (approx. $5 million) from the tour to three charities, including the T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia and Cancer Research, The United Negro College Fund, and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times."

    That is just one example--you named many great ones and there is even MORE we could name. He donated to at least 39 charities during his lifetime but that doesn't include the thousands he helped here or there without thinking of the need to be recognized for such. There is no way to really measure how many people he helped around the world.

    Anyone who attacks a child is heartless. I cannot imagine what Michael's children will have to go through someday when they see their father attacked. The three people that knew him best were his children. I hope that by the time they are confronted with how badly their father was treated during his life that many of the lies and defamation will be quieted in some form. All those who believe in Michael's innocence need to do our part to stand up for him, if for nothing else, for his children because they now must face the world without him and it truly is a mad world.

  3. Michael was also a great judge of character and one of the reasons Peyser never sat down and talked to Michael could be because he would never let her in the door. He'd take one look at those reptilian eyes of hers and send her packing . . . "Here, before you go. No autograph but I'll give you the name of my doctor. Maybe he can give you a better profile because that nose of yours arrives long before you do . . . no please . . . think nothing of it . . . I'll even call ahead. I'll ask them to use Propofol . . . especially for you!"

  4. Well, you girls read my mind, so I'll just illustrate nikki's post and all the comments with this image (stolen from a wall somewhere):

  5. Just a tiny comment that I would like to share: Michael had a HUGE HEART that some of us broke into small pieces because would never understand that HIS goal was the things he could do with Money & Power - making others happier, especially children, who weren't for one reason or another - I believe his love for 6 billion others, simplicity and credulity (child-like) made him dream he could change the world… by changing hearts. If he was not a great thinker, or a great humanitarian and a leader - yeah, I believe he was ready to be a great leader too if he had the chance to perform live again (another good reason to be murdered) - I really don't know who is... in Mrs Andrea Peyser head!

  6. Hi Nikki! Just wanted to point out that the information gathered here makes sense:

  7. thanks skeptikos! WOW...reading now...very interesting...:-)

  8. that picture says it ALL skeptikos...

    michael did really have a huge heart...even as a little boy when he took his mom's jewelry and gave it to his teachers! he lived for others...especially is evident in the earliest of photos...never did he seem so comfortable with adults...but children...he they adored him...who could not adore such a loving man? he really did have a pure heart...i think in today's society it would be much more acceptable that a woman be like that, not a man...and that is a shame...michael was different...special...and i dont mean in a godly way...he had his faults and he was human...but there are not many with a heart like this...especially not entertainers...his heart is very much so missed...especially today :-(

    i still sit here fuming at andrea's comments...some have accused her of being racist...i could believe that...i know many felt that michael's vitiligo was made up--but in death, it was proven he did in fact suffer from it...people should be explaining to their children what this disease is and how people must deal with it, treat it, etc....its heartbreaking for all who suffer from it...then to see michael with his fragile self-esteem to have to face it, among discoid lupus and acne, being photographed all the breaks my heart...