Friday, June 25, 2010

Propofol Death Cases--Quick Historical Overview

When one looks at previous cases where propofol ultimately caused the death of someone in a residence, though they are few and far between, all were either ruled accidental, suicide or murder. It was already ruled that Michael did not inject himself--that drops the chance of this being accidental or suicide and leaves murder as the only other option.

Case #1: 26 year-old male, registered nurse
Death: accidental death from rapid self-administration of a normal dose of propofol, had abused for years, including hours before his death

Case #2: 38 year-old female, anesthesiologist
Death: speculation that a third-party could have administered it, however given she was locked into the room with the key inside, accidental death from self-administration was favored as cause

Case #3: 24 year-old female, profession unknown
Death: ruled homicide, male registered nurse was charged and found guilty of first-degree murder, sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole

Case #4: 29 year-old female, radiologist
Death: suicide

Case #5: 37 year-old male, profession unknown
Death: self-administered fatality (accidental or suicide not given)

Case #6: 27 year-old male, nurse anesthetist
Death: assume self-administration as had abused previously, found acute pulmonary edema and hemorrhagic pancreatitis

Case #7: 21 year-old male, layman
Death: assumed accidental death, had inserted permanent IV catheters, purchased propofol on eBay

Case #8: 44 year-old female, nurse anesthetist
Death: accidental death from self-administration assumed

Case #9: 26 year-old female, profession unknown
Death: homicide, male nurse was charged with second-degree murder but found guilty of manslaughter

Case #10: 65 year-old male, profession unknown
Death: homicide, female nurse (step-daughter) implicated, was charged with capital murder charges as of May 2010


Case #3:

Case #9: , ,

Case #10: ,

Out of 10 cases found: 7 were accidental/suicide, 3 ruled homicide (one guilty of first-degree murder, one charged with second-degree but found guilty of manslaughter, one charged with capital murder, trial pending)

"At least 38 human cases of abuse/dependency have been published in peer-reviewed literature for the 15-yr period from 1992 to 2007. However, many more cases are probable, because only the most serious appear to have been described. Of the 38 cases, 14 (37%) were fatal. Twelve of these deaths occurred in medical professionals, nine of whom were anesthesia providers. Most of those deaths now are thought to have occurred because of the rapidity of propofol injection which led to apnea and death."

An article by Kranioti says, "Propofol lacks affinity to opiates, benzodiazepines or NDMA receptors and hence does not a have the potential for abuse or addiction than is always associated with the risk of overdose, as in the case of fentanyl or ketamine. Most abusers do not develop a true dependency to propofol since there is no evidence of tolerance, which refers to the need to increase the amount of drug to maintain a given response."

Please keep in mind how many are found to abuse other drugs, including alcohol. I have even heard of a case where a young man found pleasure shooting mayonnaise intravenously (yes, the food) because he "enjoyed the feeling of it in his veins". He later died from this abuse. That does not mean we should place restrictions on mayonnaise. Some people can find a way to abuse anything--that does not mean the substance itself is addictive. Murray claiming Michael was addicted to propofol is bogus. Murray stating that he was trying to "wean him off" is phony. No doctor wishing to treat a patient with insomnia would willingly give them propofol for insomnia in their house with other sedatives and no ventilator, nonetheless. Please keep in mind that Michael was not self-administering this drug, either, as is clearly stated in the autopsy report. Murray admits to giving propofol, too. Thus the question is, why is Murray facing involuntary manslaughter charges when all three homicide cases mentioned had the administrator of the medication charged with murder? One case was finalized with first-degree murder, one with manslaughter (unknown if it was voluntary or involuntary) and one is pending, with capital murder as the charge. Injustice for Michael Jackson is clearly visible with this information.


  1. This was done very fast so I am sure there is much more information that can be added. But, it is a start.

  2. Hi Nikki!
    I feel that all this addiction story is a cover-up for Murray and it started in 2007, I guess...

    «Stories Disseminated In the Media Regarding Michael Jackson Not True

    June 27, 2007

    Washington, D.C.

    There have been several news reports regarding Mr. Michael Jackson that are untrue, defamatory and malicious in nature.

    Mr. Jackson is not bedridden nor on any type of medication - including painkillers. In fact, Mr. Jackson is doing very well, and conducted a meeting with his advisors yesterday, which included Former Attorney General Benjamin R. Civiletti, and Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., among others.

    There was no press release issued from Mr. Jackson's organization regarding any European tour plans. Despite reports to the contrary, Mr. Jackson is currently in the studio putting finishing touches on his music.

    Mr. Jackson has not "left" Las Vegas nor is he being "evicted" from his residence in Las Vegas. He decided not to exercise the option to purchase the house. Period.

    Mr. Jackson does not believe that his brother, Randy Jackson, has stolen monies from him, nor does he believe that Randy, or any of his family members, would ever steal from him. Reports regarding the same were untrue and malicious.

    Contrary to published reports, Mr. Jackson is neither losing, nor is he selling his share of the ATV/Sony partnership. Reports regarding the same are ludicrous, without merit, and are being written without sufficient personal financial information to make such an unwarranted pronouncement.

    Mr. Jackson is concerned that his assistant, Grace Rwaramba, is constantly being attacked by Fox News' Roger Friedman. There have been vicious and untrue reports concerning Ms. Rwaramba, who lives a very private life and has done nothing wrong, but is being attacked for her professional relationship and proximity to Mr. Jackson.

    While in his entire career, Mr. Jackson has never uttered a disparaging word to any reporter, nor has he ever used or instructed his security to use any force toward any reporter, there are those whose vehement hatred for Mr. Jackson has reached a level where all journalistic integrity has been lost, in order to write reports for which there is no substantiation, are untrue, written to create a frenzy, or used to try and destroy Mr. Jackson's image. They know who they are; and, this is a sad commentary - a commentary which Mr. Jackson's attorneys will address.

    Raymone Bain»


  4. I can't get that link to work. Is there a new one? I would like a hard copy of the letter if possible. :-)

    I think it is a cover-up, too. Big time. But, this is probably one of the most difficult battles to fight, and it all falls back onto the lies that Jackson was an addict--and it hugely benefits Murray. I don't know how to interpret Rebbie and Janet saying he was an addict. They were not even around him much it seems so how would they know the depth of his problem? Yet people like Cherilyn Lee, Arnold Klein (I know, he is shady though), Michael's bodyguards, Lou Ferrigno, and others have said that he had no problems. He died healthy--no organ damage. Those who say he did abuse say they never saw him actually use anything. Most of his medications at the house were for insomnia. No pain narcs in his house or in his body. Also those who say he had problems in the past came forward with his death--not before. What about the "spider bite" that Marc Schaffel claims was from heroin (in the shin???) Where is the truth? Michael had many tablets left over, not using them in apparent excess, and then had ECA being given to him that just so happened to look just like a multivitamin with iron? Of course the ECA would make his insomnia that much worse. Is this not so confusing?

    Bless poor Michael. I firmly believe he just wanted to sleep and he wanted to try to get through the tour that he could not back out of in any way. It was either die or die trying. He died trying his damnedest.

    I have wrote extensively (and I do mean extensively, though not public...yet) on Michael and his drug use and am continuing to do so even tonight as I have found more information. I still sit here believing him to have been very misled and not an "addict". I am not saying this to be protect him but I just don't see the evidence, especially considering no one ever really saw him take anything. I would assume behavior such as this if he were an addict:

    This was not Michael. This was one of his many quacks, however, in fact the one I believe that began this Diprivan-for-sleep treatment.

    I want to write about this image tonight.

  5. Go onto Ebay and easily purchase Propofol. That should not ever happen.

  6. Donna-

    Yes, it is frightening. I wonder who should pick up on that--the FDA? DEA? It is just shocking and hard to fathom.