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In Case of Axident...

“Buprenex does the same as Demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex. Buprenex Synthetic Demerol. 2 viles (vials) I would feel safe. Have it in case of axident (accident).” (I love Michael's little misspellings here and there!)

This was supposedly picked up as evidence in the November 2003 raid that was spurned by the molestation charges that Jackson was later completely acquitted of (for more details on his acquittal please read Aphrodite Jones' book "Conspiracy" which contains actual material from court documents rather than from tabloid fodder). I am also currently seeking information regarding the "massive drug raid" that supposedly took place during this time, just FYI. I will mention that finding "IV bags containing a white, milky substance", as I have seen on some of these tabloid sites referring back to 2003 should in no way have been propofol as it comes only in glass bottles and should remain in those bottles only as it can become easily contaminated from being transferred. The only "white, milky substance" I have seen in a bag is pure lipids (fats). I am assuming that over time some originally clear substances could become white and somewhat milky, though propofol is indeed bright white. I will continue to get to the bottom of this at another time.

But, back to the note many say this note shows that Jackson was not actually a drug-seeking addict but rather someone apparently trying to look out for his health and avoid dependence on any medications, including pain medications like Demerol. I agree. A good friend of mine wrote a blog in detail about this view which can be found here:

I agree with her view. This note, in my opinion, shows he valued his health and was attempting to look out for himself and he was trusting doctors. I want to now highlight on this actual medication Buprenex. I would think the doctor that gave him this information came from this link some time ago:

What irks me is this is one of the most unprofessional letters I have ever seen. This supposed doctor could not even spell Buprenex correctly, and the letter is riddled with other mistakes as well. Whomever told Michael that Buprenex was not addictive (and I assume a doctor or at least a doctor verified this to him or he would not have written it down)--was flat-out LYING to him and apparently poor Michael believed him as any normal lay person would.

A doctor telling him that it would not cause addiction (dependence/tolerance), which is evident or Michael would not have wrote it in his letter I am sure, is malpractice. Below I will quote some of what I wrote to Seven in the above mentioned blog so you can see how doctors were manipulating this man for some time and why it is evident to understand how he could thus accept that propofol was safe for treating insomnia as I firmly believe he believe he fell for this lie, too:

“I looked up Buprenex, generic name buprenorphine, because I was unfamiliar with it. I really wish I knew which doctor told him about this medicine because I personally would call him a quack for telling Michael that he would 'not become addicted'. It is a Schedule III, meaning it has some potential for addiction/dependence though not as bad as a Schedule II which is what Demerol and morphine are (Schedule IIs are the things you keep locked up in a pharmacy). So, yes, it is better than Demerol but not 'safe' or moreover not addictive. Michael was so misled. Michael wanted the IV/IM form which is indeed used for moderate-to-severe pain, and he did indeed only want 2 vials–-obviously in case he had some accident, not for chronic use/abuse. However, the tablet formation of this medicine is for opiate withdrawal, a yucky connotation. Granted, Michael didn’t ask for that one–-again not an addict needing more or seeking a fix. Sad thing is, Suboxone, which is a combo product of buprenophine and naloxone (the opioid reversal agent) is not a 'good' thing to me, either. It is only for opioid withdrawal. A lot of people think the naloxone is in there to keep you from becoming addicted. It isn’t. It is in there to keep people from getting high off the buprenophine if they decide to crush the tablets and shoot them IV. That makes me question this drug’s ability to cause dependence then, too. It is an opioid, too. Lexi-Comp also says that it is for short-term use as it has a 'ceiling effect', which then means of course if you use it for a while eventually the patient will plateau on pain relief and find themselves using more of it more often to try and get that relief again--legitimate pain relief, that is.

I know Michael’s intentions were good, and he so didn’t want to become 'dependent' but I see this as a doctor bullshitting him. I also see it as Michael not wanting to have had issues with Demerol, either. Poor Michael, he knew no better. He just wanted to live.”

Doctors (and pharmacists) are responsible for telling you the truth about medications, especially if one is concerned about addiction. Granted, I have been told that some things a patient is better off not being told, which I really cannot say I agree with that at all. My grandmother and her sister both died from taking medications that led to them developing a rare lung disease. If someone had warned them about this rare event--they could still be alive today or at least not died so young. Michael was obviously trying to help himself stay dependent-free-–but was being duped by doctors--not just left in the dark but lied to. Michael was simply a lay person and most lay people trust doctors. How many others did this to him? How many others lied to him?"

Now onto this:

Karen Faye, a beloved friend of Michael's said in a recent 20/20 special:

"Just before we went on tour for "Dangerous," he had an operation, in order to help the scarring. But he didn't have enough time to heal," said Faye. "So in order to keep going, he started using painkillers, because it is very painful when nerve endings are severed."

"Faye said painkillers "gave [Jackson] the ability to get through" the combination of the emotional pain brought about by the allegations and his already existing physical pain."

If he had to go on tour before healing and was using pain medications due to pain from a lack of healing, that to me doesn't justify him being an addict. It makes me feel he was a victim of the pharmacology of pain narcotics, as pain narcotics are addictive (I prefer to say they cause dependence and tolerance) in everyone. Thus, that does not mean someone suffers from the disease of addiction itself if they become "addicted" (dependent/tolerant) to opioid analgesics/pain narcotics while treating pain, especially if they are having to use them for any length of time. I want to again blame doctors in many situations as they need to be helping prevent this kind of dependence in patients and not looking to just stuff their wallets. Addiction is usually a disease, a genetic-based disease. No one in Michael's family apparently suffers from it and they were all in show business at one time or another--usually another reason (maybe not legit, though) to be an addict. He began using the pain medications for a legitimate reason if it was from pain to his scalp--and he was in fact wearing a lot of hats out in public during that time which to me would seem to maybe indicate he was having issues with the surgery and/or his scalp. So, it seems that a tolerance/dependence to pain medications was from real pain--not for his need to get high, escape, etc. though I am sure the stress of the allegations did not help as they likely made him depressed and depression can indeed cause physical pain as well.

Basically, if not all opioids/pain narcotics have a ceiling effect. This effect likely happened to Michael, while hopping from place to place on tour, and it is now coming back to haunt him with his death as he is now being deemed a drug addict who was responsible for his own demise. Never, ever will I believe he caused his own death. I will fight anyone who claims that, too. There is much more under the surface as to what really happened to Michael, concerning the allegations, the drug use, the law suits, the debt, the lies, and ultimately his unnecessary death of not only his body but of his soul while living, too.

Though off topic, I will firmly say that Michael never asked to be accused of child molestation. He never asked to be labeled as "Wacko Jacko". He never asked to be taken advantage of by so many slime-bags that saw him as an easy way to make money off the fact that he was naive, and once the allegations befell him, he was an easy target much like a wounded animal is to hungry predators. Once the problems began, more of them piled onto others, so many Michael was likely not even aware of many of the problems that surrounded him. There was no way to get out of it. He committed to "This Is It", a tour when he spoke of how tours nearly killed him, and that was the final straw--there was no way he could get out of this dilemma. He either had to die or die trying--he died (though I say was murdered) trying. He never gave up. I mean, look at this crap! He had so many law suits going against him, even one from a lady that claimed he messed with her food:

This is what Michael had to face everyday. He couldn't escape it though he tried his best to live it as best he knew how. I think he tried to escape his life by being surrounded by children--innocence. He lived for his fans and for his children. I will stop now, though. This will lead into more blogs I hope to finish sometime soon...

I know some things in this post are kind of redundant, as I just noticed it while proofreading, but I hope that will only hit some of the major points home.



    Same doctor who apparently made this claim:

    This has to be one of the most hideous things I have come across thus far. I wouldn't believe it if someone bet my life on it. Are these the kinds of doctors that treated Michael over the years? Narcissistic quacks? Lying to him? Him believing these kinds of people? What a shame, a sick sad shame.

  2. Anyone have any information about the 5-7 day treatment program? Supposedly there is a photo that shows what it was/is.

  3. Nikki, I was doing some digging... and I found out something rather interesting on comments here:
    Take a look there.
    Btw, is down for several days but I have all pages downloaded as pdf files. If you want them, just say it...

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  5. Yeah, I'll send you those pages, because it seems that disappeared. Curiously. much more info comes and goes these days so, I now use mozila pug-in web2pdf in order to keep info in my HD.
    MJ had plans of his own and the "bad-guys" knew them and killed him for all the stuff he dreamed. Neverland would be a kind of Huge Disneyland, with lots of fun. So, GLOBAL GREED Corporations will soon recreate MJ's dream but with Casinos and VIP Hotels/Real Estates... not the same he wanted but will generate millions anyway... makes sense to me because C.C. is merging (DUBAI) and swallowing every corp/bank that are interested in, either in Europe or in the US. They have their greedy motives, resources, lawyers and politicians bought and sold to do whatever they want and I bet AEG will be the next one to be devoured. Next thing we'll hear/read about are charity foundations and more millions, free of taxes, to feed these old fat cats! We little people will be paying all the taxes and fees... whatever they want us to pay.
    In time all MJ's Legacy will be in those greedy and filthy hands. Just hope MJ3 will be somehow protected, but I doubt that also, unfortunately. With or without Freemasons a NWO, another DARK AGE is out-there evolving.

  6. (This comment was posted before, but I am re-posting without my email address). ;-)

    Thank you so much skeptikos! Yes, I would like them in .pdf. Email them to:

    I have actually found out a LOT more information on this topic, with photos, etc. I just have not had time to add them, yet. May add them as comments but will likely create a new blog. I am working on two new blogs, though, now. I am kind of backed up. :-P And scatterbrained, but will get all done eventually.

    WOW! Just read the info you provided me, then got some important links from it. It actually makes logical sense to me though I will not say I take it as fact, just yet. But, I always wondered why Michael held on to NL if he had no plans to ever return there. Hmmm...

    Thank you! <3

  7. This makes for v interesting reading. Skeptikos, can you say who you mean by C.C (Dubai)? Thanks for a great blog.

  8. I tried leaving you a comment on that other blog and I do not know if you have seen it . I left a copy of all of my comments to her in a note to you . Nothing that I wrote was mean or negative , nor should you have been accused of being me .

  9. Hi Teddy,
    I wanted to reply to you there but after being defamed (and extorted for egotist profit) and at minimum lied about, I decided to no longer even view Bonnie's blog from this point on and have attempted to move past the insanity and sociopathy. When someone goes as low as to post private discussions publicly at an attempt to use it against someone when in reality it hurts others, it shows their desperation, lack of compassion and proves them out to be a hypocrite especially if they claim to be an advocate for anything positive, especially if it pertains to Michael Jackson. I by no means meant to be negative to you, I did not even see what you wrote so how could I be? Though it sounds like we may have differing views on agendas, which who doesn't, we were both attacked by one person who went on a rampage yesterday against people and as far as I am concerned could have had charges filed against her due to some of her remarks. She makes Mel Gibson look like a saint. She has already verbally attacked me on other social outlets so what is the use? I am sure it will continue. At least this is MY blog and I must approve all comments before being posted. Thanks for trying to clear things up Teddy.