Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing is Ever Right Concerning Michael Jackson

My reponse to this litte snippet listed here:


I think that translates into "Michael Jackson: Death of an Icon". This is from the "Celebrity Addiction" part.

I try not to watch any of these shows because they make me so angry I want to scream from the blatant errors they contain. I was asked to watch this by a friend and could not remain silent seeing all the flagrant errors. What makes me sad is thousand if not millions watched this. Not even 1% of them will read my corrections to this sham of a documentary. I could not bare to watch any other parts of it. This is from Ian Halperin's crapumentary, right? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am hearing a lot of errors, my God. This is why I cannot watch things like this. Dr. Klein did not prescribe any drugs besides prednisone and a muscle relaxant (tizanidine) for insomnia. Tizanidine is NOT a narcotic, NOT a benzo, NOT a painkiller. NO painkillers were in Michael's body OR HOUSE--that is false, FALSE! It should NOT be that hard to understand this concept! ONE antidepressant was found in the house--trazadone, written by Metzger, it can be an antidepressant or sleep aid, but it was prescribed for insomnia, to take as needed, thus NOT for depression. He had a month's supply of trazadone, had it for 68 days and took ONLY 11 nights worth in that two-month period. SOUND LIKE ABUSE? NO!

Chopra needs to know that propofol does NOT give a "huge euphoria"--some euphoria has been reported as being experienced by some but this is usually in sub-therapeutic levels and is NOT experienced in all cases or even in the MAJORITY of cases. When looking on LexiComp it does not even state "euphoria" as being an adverse reaction for propofol but DOES list it for prednisone. Michael did NOT ask to get high--he did NOT ask to "feel good"--he asked for 8 hours of SLEEP. STOP shoving words into his mouth Chopra and go do some research. And, your tidbit about Michael wanting Oxycontin that you waved around shortly after his death, if he really did ask for it, that does NOT mean he was an addict. You cannot PROVE addiction through a patient's request. Instead of directly calling him an addict you should have first delved further and sought what was BEHIND the request--legitimate pain, doctors committing malpractice, a misunderstanding on Michael's part that Oxycontin when there are alternatives for pain relief or whatever ailment he had, etc.? Did you bother to sit down with your friend or did you jump to a conclusion like 99% of others out there? Michael may or may not have had his problems with drug use but like most out there--SOMETHING lies behind it. You call Michael an addict then accuse doctors of enabling him and shift blame onto them--you do understand that doctors have a responsibility to not mislead or harm their patients, right, as you are a doctor yourself? Did you report those doctors to the medical board and/or DEA? It is illegal to prescribe pain medications if not for pain even though Michael WAS in pain. I see how this blame game works now. People are blaming Michael because he is now dead and not "here" to hurt anymore when what lies behind the blame is GUILT. I would NEVER want to hurt someone by saying they should have any guilt in someone's death but I am SICK of seeing a man slandered who lies in a premature grave and has three children who if they heard this would be shattered. Behind EVERY action is a REASON. We hear of the actions, now it is time to figure out the reasons behind everything that happened, why certain choices were made, and discover what led to the death of a icon who deserved a much better in life than to be abused, humiliated and ridiculed every day of his life adult life and continues such in death. Who wouldn't at some point in time seek some sort of refuge out of the shitty life they were trapped in day and night? Michael's refuge was child wonderment, play and reaching out to children until that was ripped from him--he was left empty because of it. His life was ripped away from him years before 2009. How he survived as long as he did is a miracle itself though it took Murray, not Michael's, action to finally kill him.

The discussion on the propofol/lidocaine in Michael's stomach, OMG, insinuating Michael DRANK it? It is useless oral and Michael knew this or why would he have bothered having a doctor there to GIVE IT IV AND TO WATCH HIM? Why bother to mix it with lidocaine if you drink it? Dr. Calmes stated "(t)he levels of propofol found on the toxicology exam are similar to those found during general anesthesia for major surgery (intra-abdominal) with propofol infusions, after a bolus induction." Hence, the drug apparently goes through (intra) the abdominal (stomach) wall. That, or due to the bleeding from CPR--could be either one or both, I would imagine. Had Murray tried to shove it down Michael's throat he would have likely aspirated it into his lungs--no propofol was found in his lungs.

Doctors besides anesthesiologists prescribe/use Valium, Versed and Ativan. I know cardiologists use Versed on a regular basis, NOT for insomnia but for conscious sedation for cardiac catherizations. Cardiologists and others could use Ativan or even Valium, too. To insinuate a cardiologist does not know about these drugs is, to put it bluntly, retarded. Cardiologists may even use propofol for electric cardioversions though that is not common. Even if you "don't know the dosing" you can LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET. Murray KNEW the dosing. He KNEW they cause respiratory depression, all FOUR drugs he gave Michael that night. He is NOT a fool. He LIED and said he gave drip? Where were the drips Murray? No Ativan or Versed in the tubing, buddy. Why did you use IV drugs on Michael when if he was reeeeeeaaaally awake he could swallow the Valium and Ativan you wrote for him a few more times! No, you chose to STAB him intramuscularly to give it and I am sticking to that until I am proven otherwise.

People, do NOT be fooled into thinking Michael died another addict. Propofol is NOT established to be an addictive drug. It does NOT exhibit tolerance. It is NOT abused to "get high". It is used and even abused to be KNOCKED OUT. If you can't sleep and you are about to have to go on a rigorous tour that you CANNOT back out of, wouldn't you try anything to sleep? Sure, Michael's apparent theory of using propofol was wrong, but actually not far-fetched for a lay person to assume (especially one who had been given it before), but only a doctor could make it a reality for him. No doctor in their right mind would EVER do this to someone, ever give FOUR drugs that cause respiratory depression (without any means to give them oxygen, no less) to someone unless they WANT THEM DEAD. Media and others can harp all they want about Michael being an addict but the fact of the matter is Conrad Murray was in COMPLETE CONTROL during the hours of June 25th, 2010 and in the court of law THIS is the ONLY DAY, and all immediate events that leading to it, that matter. Use of painkillers is IRRELEVANT. Any previous addictions or dependences is IRRELEVANT. It will be difficult if not impossible to establish a dependence on benzodiazepines because according to the table of medications found in the residence there was no dependence or certainly no overuse of the medications provided--they were actually underutilized (he had Restoril capsules left over from 6 months before--what does that tell you?). The essential myth of Michael's addiction to propofol is not credible or factual, either. Murray made REPEATED bad choice after bad choice after FATAL choice. We are NOT talking about a lay man but a seasoned DOCTOR who did all of this. Of course the media will paint Michael to be that poor addict FOR RATINGS, and most others simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS GOING ON and DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE COMPLEX NATURE OF MEDICINE. There is a reason people go to medical school, pharmacy school, nursing school, radiology school--because the field of medicine is intricate and complex. Do NOT be fooled by people who have NO idea what they are talking about which sadly is probably 95% of what you see on TV or read online. Most medical professional don't want to take the time to learn the intricate details of this case so they only follow up on what is fed to them--through the media. A vicious circle.

The media successfully painted Michael to be a pedophile though facts to the contrary exist. A majority of people still believe it. They will paint him to be responsible for his own death, too. Just look at the media still branding Michael with "painkillers" when they had absolutely nothing to do with his death. Don't fall prey to the ignorance. The truth will eventually come out.


  1. Thank you Nikki. It suits some, for whatever reason, to perpetuate the myth that Michael was a drug addict when he died and others are either ignorant or haven't bothered to look further than headlines. There is no evidence to support that claim. Yes, the propofol was there though addiction was not the reason for its use but rather blessed relief for a tired body and a brain that wouldn't stop. Dangerous to be sure and regrettably a learned solution from another versed in its use, but addiction, no.

  2. Lovely comment Bunnie. I agree 100%.

  3. No correction needed, Nikki! Some really nice writing going on here. Appreciating your positive contributions. It just occurred to me that someone (a Michael sibling would be nice) should be collecting all the amazing positive writing going on right now about Michael for his children. I fear it may take a long time to change the negative national narrative we had heaped on us forever.

    So, I actually hadn't heard or read any commentary after the broadcast of this Halperin thing, but I had read too much commentary from people who were looking forward to viewing it with excitement. From what you say it sounds as disgusting as expected. Ick, I hate the thought of so many people feeling the love for Michael, but swallowing this crap and then regurgitating it--not knowing any better. So, the insidious maligners win on that on :-( .. FOR NOW. Still fighting!

  4. Nikki - I'm new to your blog and have seen your name on others. I think you are saying something which I have felt from the beginning; Murray injected Michael with benzo's, versed, ativan, four different things,then while Michael slept, dealt the final propofol blow. It's still hard to say it; I've stated this opinion in a few other blogs with not much reception. Then the question becomes why would Murray deliberately kill Michael Jackson? Must be a big payoff to him from some corporate giant. How can any of this be proven? Would be nice if Michael's family would take the lead and defend their brother publicly. Several family members have said they tried to intervenue and he was in denial. Buys right into Murray's defense? I don't understand why the family doesn't see the harm it is doing to this case. Thank you for your educated enlightening view of Dr. Murray's involvement.

  5. Nikki
    The way I read the statement re Michael's stomach is not that Propofol was found in his stomach but that the amt. in his body was equal to the amt that would be used if he were going to have intra-abdominal surgery. That would be a pretty heavy dose due to abdominal surgery being an esp painful surgery and you would want the pt well anesthized. Sound logical? SB

  6. Hi Nessie, June and SBurns--Sorry so late to reply!

    Nessie: Yes, to me it is heartbreaking that people want to learn about Michael only to see slanderous programs filled with lies. I first thought Halperin was on MJ's side given he says MJ was innocent of the molestation charges but it did not take long to see he only uses that to entice people who think outside the box to read and view his garbage. I have not watched the rest of his documentary, thank God. I really cannot recommend anyone watch anything other than anything related to Aphrodite Jones or Larry Nimmer. The best way to learn about Michael is to listen to him via the numerous videos of him out there on YouTube.

    June: Welcome! Yes, I firmly believe Michael was sedated when given propofol. Though I cannot prove this, it is only logical. Why give a sedated man propofol? Why give a man propofol at nearly 11:00 a.m.? Why ever give a man propofol in a house without the ability to render sufficient aid? I won't even jump to say why Murray did it because the possibilities are endless. There are many theories as to why but that is just it--they are theories because there is not enough evidence of motive yet for anyone. Money seems to be a factor for certain. I wish the Jackson Family was more receptive to what people are saying, especially people like me who actually have medical training and are trying to help them without wanting anything in return other than seeing their relative's name exonerated and seen the way it should be seen. Regarding their interventions, I wish we knew what they were attempting to intervene about--I know people who have intervened because their relatives were "addicts" (even one case of a person on aspirin, mind you). I have been working on a blog about how family members many times do not understand addiction and because of this their relatives get inadequate treatment and in some cases have died. Michael did not die from inadequate treatment like stated above but my point is that I fear his family may be misunderstanding things they were observing or hearing about and then they are stating their misunderstandings publicly with the media using the statements to hurt Michael and in turn help Murray. It makes me so sad...

  7. Sburns: I think you are right. It is just odd to me, I would think just saying major surgery levels would be good as you can have major surgery in places other than your abdomen. However, I have read some articles and the level of propofol is not always a good indicator of how much they received. His levels do point to him being sedated when he passed and may even point to him having passed away shortly after administration.