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Response to "The Sudden Death Of Michael Jackson: The Medical Facts About The Causes Of Death "

The Sudden Death Of Michael Jackson: The Medical Facts About The Causes Of Death by Andrew Dolan (I am assuming who is not an M.D., Pharm.D., R.N, etc...)

Review found here:

My rebuttal:

FACT: Jackson had NO alcohol (ethanol) present in his body when he died and many who knew him never witnessed him to drink alcohol. No alcoholic beverages have been noted to have been found in the residence, either. Very few cases of alcohol withdrawal progress onto delirium tremens which is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal. When treating withdrawal, especially something as serious as delirium tremens, the person would NOT be showing up for dance rehearsals only to go home be treated at bedtime. FACT: Jackson was not only healthy but possessed a HEALTHY LIVER per the autopsy report--something NOT seen in alcoholics who battle their addiction, especially for YEARS--they develop cirrhosis among MANY other health complications, including heart disease (Jackson had NONE), pancreatitis (none) and thiamine deficiency, which is treated during withdrawal, too. FACT: Propofol is typically NOT (if ever) used to treat alcohol withdrawal as one would have to be intubated for this to occur and if possible this should be avoided. Typically high-doses of benzodiazepines, up to 2,000 mg of diazepam a DAY may be required, a far cry from Jackson's 10 mg tablet. FACT: Benzodiazpines CAN be used to treat alcohol withdrawal but also serve many useful purposes, including treatment for anxiety and INSOMNIA, which can be idiopathic or caused from prednisone, too. FACT: Flumazenil is NOT used to treat alcoholism it is used to reverse sedation or treat benzodiazepine overdose ONLY. FACT: Someone can suffer from insomnia (there have been no reports that Jackson was being treated for anxiety as of current) and use benzodiazepines to treat the insomnia. All benzodiazepines prescriptions, except one, were labeled for INSOMNIA. The one exception to this was diazepam written only DAYS before his death by Conrad Murray, a cardiologist who is charged with Jackson's death. FACT: Prednisone can be used for many ailments and was NOT being used to treat liver disease in Jackson (if it is even used to treat actual liver disease at all). He had NO liver disease and the prednisone was written by Dr. Klein--A DERMATOLOGIST, licensed to treat discoid lupus. Dermatologists do NOT treat liver disease. Furthermore, extreme caution must be used in patients with liver disease who must take prednisone as the effects of the drug may be enhanced. FACT: There is NOT enough evidence to conclude that propofol is addictive, especially not physically addictive or when used in therapeutic doses, as Jackson supposedly requested for sleep. It forms NO tolerance and has little to NO withdrawals, especially in adult patients. If it were so addictive it would be a SCHEDULED DRUG--WHICH IT IS NOT. The only fact I see in this rubbish is propofol has been used as a murder weapon at least five times (4 cases in America, 1 in Indonesia), including with JACKSON. FACT: Less than 1% of patients experience green urine from propofol (and you failed to mention it can turn the nails, green, too). FACT: This author has no ties to Jackson and does not know ANYTHING about his possible past drug use. This extra-large tabloid may have 100 medical journal references but obviously the author does not know how to READ and UTILIZE them. FACT: This book is complete GARBAGE with the sole intent of promoting monetary gain for the author. DO NOT BUY IT.


  1. Furthermore, here is another pathetic excuse for a book:

    I just wrote my review but do not see it. GRRRR. It needs to be posted. I failed to copy it, too. (Aha, says it will take 48 hours, once posted I will add it here).

  2. Propofol is SUPER-addictive, even for anesthesiologists:
    Michael Jackson's Alcohol Abuse:
    Patent for Flumazenil Treatment for Alcoholism:“Flumazenil For The Treatment Of Alcohol Dependency” Patent Number 7,348,321. Patented March 25, 2008.
    Karl J. Buck, Heather Helm and R. Adron Harris
    “Reversal Of Alcohol Dependence And Tolerance By A Single Administration Of Flumazenil” The Journal Of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics 1991,Volume 257, Number 3, pages 984-989.

  3. SUPER-addictive?? Bullshit. Explain why it is not scheduled, then, as drugs are scheduled according to their abuse and addictive potential, except for anabolic steriods. Explain articles like:

    "Death After Excessive Propofol Abuse" by S. Iwersen-Bergmann, et. al. where it states:

    "Lethal self-administration of propofol (Diprivan), A Case resport and review of the literature" by. E. Kranioti, et. al.

    "Propofol lacks affinity to opiates, benzodiazepines or NDMA receptors and hence does not a have the potential for abuse or addiction than is always associated with the risk of overdose, as in the case of fentanyl or ketamine. Patients who use propofol for such reasons (euphoria, migraine relief, etc.--not sleep) may develop some psychological dependence because of their addiction to the euphoric feelings induced. (Jackson was not seeking euphoria or migraine relief--he was seeking approximately 8 hours of sleep a night.) This however would seem rather to refer to an underlying psychological instability or disturbance with or without dependence to other drugs because most abusers do not develop true dependency to propofol since there is no evidence of tolerance, which refers to the need to increase the amount of drug to maintain a given response."

    "There are only two (as of 1999) publications describing propofol abuse, and in both cases propofol was abused for its sedative and relaxing properties."

  4. NUMEROUS others articles FAIL to clearly establish physical addiction, tolerance or withdrawal--indications that a drug IS addictive. Can you explain why we do not have a propofol epidemic as many critically-ill patients are placed on propofol drips, sometimes for weeks? They do not have withdrawals, tolerance or ADDICTION, that is why.

    There has been some hint that it may be psychologically addictive at SUB-therapeutic levels. Jackson was not asking for SUB-therapeutic injections but to SLEEP. Again, there is NO STRONG evidence of tolerance, withdrawals, or physical addiction. The article you supplemented first, saying people get "high" when using is a glorification--they are rendered unconscious first and foremost--how can you be high if you are not even awake?! They may, and I emphasize may, feel something shortly after awaking, hence why they may use it many times a day. Jackson wanted it used to SLEEP, he did not ask to be sedated then awaken multiple times a day. Many who abuse propofol have said they simply chose to use it as they pleased, not because they were compelled to do so--another sign of addiction is craving of the drug. Wait, does that mean people who crave chocolate are addicts? Hmmm. Do we need to make chocolate a drug and schedule it? People, like you, can take and twist just about anything out of anything and make it the way YOU want it. People can also abuse anything--white out, aerosol cans, radiator fluid, IV injections of mayonnaise--that does NOT mean something is "super-addictive" but rather the use of the drug or substance themselves in such a manner may indicate an underlying psychological issue. ANYTHING can be abused or be deemed "addictive", just like the misinterpretation of information and the fact that doctors allowed Jackson to think propofol was a remedy for insomnia--a massive case of abuse against Jackson via false information and the destruction of knowledge!

    If you think a story from "Good Morning America" proves Michael was an alcoholic you can think again. Do I really have to remind you that Michael was found not guilty of giving alcohol to a minor (as well as all the other counts against him)--which also, again, does not support someone being an alcoholic? Drinking alcohol from a cola can while on flight does NOT prove alcoholism. The bodyguards who made the statements were proven to be disgruntled former workers of Jackson's, one of which is now a FELON (Chris Carter). Let's not forget the numerous witnesses who saw the Arvizo children drinking wine when Jackson was NOT EVEN PRESENT AT NEVERLAND. This article is old rumors from 2004 that were shown to be baseless and thus FALSE in the 2005 trial. Aphrodite Jones' book "Conspiriacy" covers it well, for starters...

  5. Regarding flumazenil as a treatment for alcoholic withdrawal, let me know when you find it approved for use on Lexi-Comp or Micromedex in HUMANS. Your reference above was a STUDY in MICE. Micromedex states that when using it in alcoholic-dependent patients, one must be must use caustion. It also states that it is not FDA approved, that its efficacy in use for alcoholic withdrawal is INCONCLUSIVE, and states "ONE study found that symptoms of tremors, sweating, nausea, depression, anxiety, and restlessness were significantly less in patients receiving intravenous flumazenil of 0.5 milligram every 6 hours for 48 hours compared to placebo. The mechanism of this effect was thought to be modification of non-gamma amino butyric acid (GABA)-mediated pathways such as dopaminergic or other neuroendocrine pathways (Gerra et al, 1991)." ONE study does not indicate something can or should be used as a treatment. ONE study used several doses, your study in MICE used ONE dose BEFORE withdrawals. These are hypothesizes and NOTHING more. It is NOT an established treatment for alcohol withdrawal and considering your article that tested mice and the article referenced in Micromedex are both from 1991 there is little to no support to even remotely attempt to establish its use in alcoholic patients for the treatment of withdrawals, especially now in 2010. I am sure we could also find articles that support the use of pot for alcoholics, maybe some Splenda,too, PLEASE. They are STUDIES and not to be touted as TREATMENT GUIDELINES as you are touting.

    Let me guess, are the you author of the book I just slammed? Please, stop twisting information to suit your fancy and stop making a profit by defaming Michael Jackson's name!

  6. Plus, why are you mentioning an addiction to propofol when you apparently (if you are the author like I suspect) were pushing it to be a "treatment" for alcohol withdrawal, right? You just can't win, huh? Defamation is your only way to gain fame.

  7. To conclude everything I said above, as it is rather winded, just because a substance is abused does not mean it is addictive. Certain criteria must be met for a substance to be deemed addictive and just because a substance may be addictive to one it may not be addictive to another. There is no clearly established evidence that substantiate propofol as "super-addictive." That is an opinion and a false one at that. If it were indeed super-addictive, it would be a scheduled drug and likely illegal, as heroin is an example of a "super-addictive" drug and is illegal in the US.

    In reference to Jackson's supposed alcoholism, let's not forget he died a healthy man with not even a hint of cirrhosis, per the autopsy report. Most allegations of alcohol use (not abuse) have been rebuked.

    Lastly, it is poor form to claim flumazenil is a treatment for alcoholism when evidence for its use is based on decades-old studies, including a study in mice. It would also be incredibly ignorant to assume a cardiologist would be aware of these two studies from 1991 and would be using flumazenil for alcohol withdrawal in a house no les, in a patient with no ethanol in his system, when the patient had been given benzodiazpeines to induce sleep at night after completing a rehearsal. To insinuate this drug is regularly or even rarely used for alcohol withdrawal is preposterous. It has been studied--it should not be dubbed as a treatment regimen.

    What I am witnessing here is a grasping of straws and an abuse of medical knowledge and literature, as well as use of media reports which cannot be verified for accuracy, for the sake of defaming a deceased man's reputation for attention and/or monetary gain (at least by the author of the book). It really should stop--all of it.

  8. The author of this piece of hogwash,would really do well to find himself another profession.He clearly hasn't done any proper research or he would know better than to put this out.No doubt all for $$$$$,what a poor excuse of a writer.


  9. Nikki wrote:

    "What I am witnessing here is a grasping of straws and an abuse of medical knowledge and literature, as well as use of media reports which cannot be verified for accuracy, for the sake of defaming a deceased man's reputation for attention and/or monetary gain (at least by the author of the book). It really should stop--all of it."

    I agree with Nikki here. Anything for MONEY, eh Mr. Dolan/Mr. Anonymous? Yet another vulture pecking away at Michael's innocent bones for money by selling slanderous lies and poorly researched bunk about him. Do you work for the media? Perhaps you should. They're all about that business.

    Alternatively, I'm sure "Doctor" Murray could use your services selling lies and bunk about Michael. After all he needs it all for his defense. This is one inconceivable and impossible lie he hasn't yet come up with himself. Pfft.

    Get a clue:

    Maybe the info in the above links won't sell your tabloid trashy book, but the information in them is certainly more accurate.



    The autopsy reveals the truth. People need to stop believing the crap that is circulating and some need to stop thinking of Michael as a meal ticket on the gravy (money) train. Stick to subjects you know about. Accusing a man of being an alcoholic falsely, especially after his death when he isn't here to defend himself and when the autopsy shows the facts (and, may I add, the complete opposite of what this book is stating).

    No alcohol whatsoever was found in Michael's system (surely it would be if he were an alcoholic. There was also no liver or other organ damage commonly seen in alcoholics).

    The only things found in Michael's system were propofol (non-addictive by nature, anesthetic used improperly to get Michael to sleep, and, found in extremely high quantities (the amounts of which would be seen in intra-abdominal surgery requiring intubation), the benzodiazapenes given by Murray (known to affect breathing and heart rhythm, especially when combined with propofol...Murray, as a cardiologist, should have KNOWN this) and the resuscitative drugs. That's it. That's all that was found!

    Please, get your facts straight before printing complete garbage and putting it out like deceptive caviar for a ravenous, gullible public. You may just find that a lot of the people out here are a heck of a lot smarter and more educated and informed, than you bargained for.

  11. Hello,

    Flumazenil is the anitdote for benzodiazepines.

    It will not work for any other type of medication and/or alcohol.