Thursday, September 16, 2010

Katherine Sues AEG over Michael's Death

The court document can be found here:

For the most part I am not going to explain this contract as it is pretty much self-explanatory but I want to highlight some points that should be made.

Page 2:
"But AEG, despite its knowledge of Michael Jackson's physical condition, breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of Michael Jackson."

It is important to note that though Michael died rather healthy besides suffering from a chronic yet mild lung disease, his physical ailments were considered "acute" meaning they were brought on suddenly by Murray's medical "treatment".

"...his (Murray's) sole and exclusive job being to make sure Michael Jackson got to rehearsals and shows."

You do not pay a cardiologist $150,000 a month to make sure someone gets to rehearsals and shows. You pay an assistant some value much less $150,000 a month to make sure someone gets to rehearsals and shows. I understand the point being made is greater than how I am interpreting it but if Michael was in not able to make it to rehearsals then the root of that problem should have been addressed and treated appropriately yet his problems including malpractice and stress/threats which caused him to miss rehearsals were overlooked while he continued to be pushed beyond reasonable limits which further escalated the problems.

Page 4:
See my blog on the AEG CONtract:

Page 5:
Please remember that the AEG CONtract specified that Michael first and foremost was to repay an advancements to AEG--his income was to come second which may hold truth to the claim Michael feared he would come back to London with no money. Furthermore, knowing that the Sony/ATV catalog was up for collateral shows that AEG had a grip on the main source of Michael's income and means of supporting his family, including his children. Collateral is not typically needed for a touring artist according to an anonymous poster on my blog regarding AEG's CONtract.

"In early May 2009, AEG complained to Michael Jackson that he was missing rehearsals and states it was because of a negative health condition related to prescription medications. AEG instructed Michael Jackson to stop seeing and taking medications from his current doctor and to instead start seeing a doctor that AEG would provide."

Who was Michael's current doctor? Prescriptions found at the home include: Zanaflex and prednisone from Dr. Klein, clonazepam from Dr. Metzger and Zithromax and amoxicillin from nurse Cherilyn Lee. None of these prescriptions would alert a pharmacist, nurse or doctor of a serious issue. In turn, the numerous medications provided by Murray, most of which were obtained without a prescription or medical/DEA license number, would be alarming to anyone including authorities.

Page 6:
"The written confirmation stated AEG would provide Murray with Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation equipment and a nurse during his services."

According to ABC news the CPR machines were to be provided in London, not Los Angeles. What was the plan in the meantime, then? Regardless of this request Murray could have had a nurse, AED, CPR machine and anesthesiologist on board but it would not have made a difference as a) you never give propofol in a house and b) you do not give it for insomnia. A CPR machine or AED would be only useful if someone is suffering from a fatal heart arrhythmia (heart beat) such as ventricular tachycardia. Propofol does not cause fatal arrhythmias--it causes people to stop breathing and their blood pressure to drop, usually temporarily. If Murray felt the need to give propofol and multiple benzodiazepines to Michael regardless of common medical sense telling you not to do such then he needed to be able to intubate Michael and have a ventilator or bag-valve mask with oxygen on hand to treat apnea (lack of breathing) and perhaps a medication to combat the hypotension--not a CPR machine.

From the ABC article:
"The medical supplies in question were requested by Dr. Murray for use specifically in London in the event an unexpected need arose. When asked why these supplies were needed, Dr. Murray said that Michael Jackson was in excellent health but an artist of his stature should have this equipment on-hand when engaging in this type of performance. Dr. Murray did not ask for these items for use in Los Angeles."

A doctor, regardless of specialty, would know better than to give three benzodiazepines and propofol, all respiratory depressants, to a patient especially for insomnia. I am not even sure this combination would be used in surgery. I am not even sure if Michael would know what on earth he was receiving at night. Furthermore, how did Murray intend to supply Michael with treatment in the UK since he apparently holds no license in the country? He would then be paid $150,000 a month to do what exactly given his care would be restricted if not completely barred?

"At the June 8, 2009, meeting AEG demanded Michael Jackson stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him. AEG said Klein's drugs made him sleepy and prevented him from rehearsing. AEG demanded Michael Jackson take only the medications given to him by Murray."

I do not know what drugs Klein was giving to Michael while in the office. Klein has admitted to giving bolus doses of Demerol or Percocet tablets to Michael while performing various facial procedures including botox injections and dermal filling procedures to his face and scalp. This at face-value would be considered appropriate use of these medications. Demerol and Percocet both can cause sedation/drowsiness. However, considering home use, nothing Klein prescribed to Michael would cause alarm or concern. Rumors of Demerol and opioid abuse have swirled since Michael died. There were no opioid (painkillers) found in the house nor were they found in the toxicology screening. This is not consistent with an addiction or abuse of these medications. Concerning Demerol, based on the half-life of the parent drug and its metabolites, it had been at least a week since Michael had had any Demerol if not longer which is not consistent with addiction or abuse, either. AEG demanding Michael take medications given to him by Murray was demanding Michael to allow Murray to kill him.

Page 7:
"On June 18, 2009...Murray had been rendering his services to AEG under the May 8, 2009 oral Agreement."

What kind of company bases services on an ORAL agreement especially when $150,000 a month is at stake? What all was contained in that ORAL agreement? Problem with an oral agreement is there is no establishment of proof.

Again a nurse and CPR machine would not deem Murray's "care" appropriate at any time, even if performed in a hospital. The CPR machines were apparently requested for London not Los Angeles.

Page 8:
"Michael had no right to terminate the Agreement (between AEG and Murray)."

Michael was not given the right to direct who provided him with his own medical care when he was an adult of sound mind regardless of apparent times of issues? What does this say to the public, then? What right does AEG have to direct medical care when to the best of my knowledge none of them are physicians?

"Late on the evening of June 18, 2009, Murray attended to Jackson and gave him a cocktail of Valium, Ativan, Versed and Propofol in order to get him to sleep."

Do we have proof of this? What had he given "similar" before? Did Michael even know how his insomnia was being treated given he was being given IV meds possibly against his own will or knowledge? Something does not make sense with this as one needs to know how the propofol was being given. If being given by bolus dosing then propofol was not keeping him sedated/asleep--rendering it basically useless. Also, the prescription for Valium was not even written until June 21, 2009. It may have been picked up that day or at a later date. There is no record of the purchase of Valium before June 21, 2009 according to the autopsy report.

Just based on all the information contained in this document it is an understatement to say Michael was under enormous stress which could have been attributing to his physical issues coupled along with the serious over-medication done physically to Michael by Murray.

Page 9:
The description of Michael days before he died is distressing to say the least. How could a man in such a condition be forced to continue to perform and rehearse? Why did no one take him to the hospital given he was also being controlled and could have apparently been forced to go? In Joe Jackson/Brian Oxman's claim it is stated that Michael began having issues such as confusion, etc. in May and June--specifically correlating with Murray's arrival and "treatment". If AEG was directing medical care through Murray it was their responsibility to get him to a hospital to be evaluated but instead they kept going, kept filming, kept pushing Michael. If they anticipated on him performing in London would you not do anything possible to ensure that your performer was okay (and remained alive) when obviously there were problems? Michael was not only abused but neglected and then killed.

Page 11:
"AEG's control of Jackson's person was further extended by the drugs being administered by Murray, which weakened Jackson's physical and mental health, rendering him vulnerable, confused, and subject to direction. AEG knew or should have known that Jackson's physical health was deteriorating."

AEG should have also known that Michael's mental health had never recovered from 2005 and they were placing unrealistic demands on a 50 year-old man. I cannot believe AEG would have assumed Michael could have performed any shows as he had stated repeatedly he hated to tour, had no plans to tour again and had not toured again since 1997 nor performed in years, either.

" AEG had a special relationship with Michael Jackson in that they were working closely together to put on a complex and lengthy worldwide concert series."

If so, then why was only the London O2 arena named as venue for a lengthy contract? Someone correct me if I am wrong.

"So that it could reap its staggering profits from the Tour, AEG instructed Michael Jackson that he was to no longer listen to his treating physical and to immediately (and without medical consultation) stop taking medication prescribed by that physician."

What medications and what physician? Michael's medications from his home, some of which were leftover bottles from the previous year, were of no concern or alarm! A company has NO right to tell a patient to stop taking medications. Everything Murray did was the problem--he was the root of the problem and AEG HAD to have known that.

Page 12:
"AEG required that Michael Jackson be "treated" only by their employee physician, Murray, who they had agreed to pay $150,000 a month with other benefits with other benefits with his sole duty being to do whatever it took to get Michael Jackson to rehearsals and shows, as well as physically accompany him to those rehearsals and shows. By requiring Jackson to be treated by a specific doctor -- a doctor that AEG was instruction to simply make sure Jackson gets to rehearsals and shows -- under threats to Jackson that it would essentially ruin his career, AEG committed independent negligence against Jackson."

Is this what was supposedly under the oral agreement? This makes no sense asking this of a physician nor does it make sense to expect someone to make it to rehearsals and shows while being over-medicated at night by depressant drugs. If Michael's chief complaint was his inability to sleep then why was a sleep disorder specialist not called in for a consultation? That is what one would do if they cared or wanted their performer to see the light of day.

"The AEG defendants and DOES 1-75 were involved in a civil conspiracy to commit these wrongs against Michael Jackson."

Does this not also appear to be a criminal conspiracy as well?

Page 13:
"During the course of Murray's treatment, it became clear to AEG that Jackson was not doing well at all. AEG did nothing to terminate Murray and instead negligently retained him as an employee, and in so doing violated its duty of care. AEG insisted that Jackson continue treatment with Murray and receive no treatment from other physicians, a further breach of its duty of supervision."

If he was "not doing well at all" then why did AEG not seek treatment by someone else? Murray is a cardiologist and at no time was Michael suffering from heart disease--Murray's sole scope of practice. It makes no sense to have hired him in the first place. Though some reports state Michael wanted a doctor to provide him with propofol this seems to be somewhat questionable, too. Joe Jackson/Oxman's claim state that Murray solicited his services. Klein has stated that Michael called his office still seeking a doctor/anesthesiologist just before he died. Michael had nurse Cherilyn Lee called, not Murray, on Father's Day when he was concerned about his health though Murray was suppose to be his primary (and sole) physician. Murray also did not seem to be clear on whether or not he would be leaving with Michael to London according to him through one of his own infamous phone calls.

"Indeed, AEG instructed its employee Murray to do whatever it took to make sure Jackson attended rehearsals and shows; in other words Murray was instructed not to look out for Jackson's best interests, but rather to do whatever medical procedures were calculated to get Jackson to perform."

Even if Murray was ordered to do whatever to get Michael to rehearsals it does not explain his choice of treatment for Michael's insomnia which any physician would know would eventually kill someone. It also does not explain his apparently abandonment of his patient even if for 2 minutes, his failure to have something as simple as a bag-valve mask available which he should not have had to relied on AEG for, his apparent failure to utilize a pulse-oximeter, his failure to call 911 in a decent amount of time (90 minutes is not decent to say the least), his failure to call 911 first, etc. What right did AEG have in telling Murray how to practice medicine? Would AEG even understand how Murray was "treating" Michael? Regardless, AEG should have known something was WRONG given how Michael appeared at times. It would seem also that if AEG wanted Michael alive and to show up for rehearsals they would have consulted other physicians to tend to Michael as his needs were regarding insomnia and likely depression/stress--two things neither Murray nor AEG were qualified to treat but could have had treated by a qualified professional in less than 24 hours.

Furthermore, AEG should not have been demanding things from Michael and had him in a position where he if he did not do as they said he would lose not only his career but his life.

Page 15:
"AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

Some equipment could have been provided by Murray himself. A CPR machine would only have been able to have been utilized in a worse-case scenario when such a scenario should have never been allowed to have happened. A CPR machine would only have given whomever a false sense of security.

Page 17:
"For example, Murray used propofol as an agent to treat Jackson's insomnia on an outpatient basis without proper resuscitation equipment or personnel, did not properly administer the drug propofol (as well as numerous other drugs) to Jackson, did not properly supervise Jackson, and did not properly act upon discovering Jackson had stopped breathing on June 25, 2009. Indeed, by some accounts, Murray waited over an hour and a half to call 911 after discovering Jackson had stopped breathing. Additionally, upon arriving at UCLA emergency room, Murray did not give the attending physician an appropriate history."

Regardless of where--propofol is never, ever used to treat insomnia. Just reading the statements above, does all of those events alone sound accidental?


  1. As a Doctor, he should have been keeping notes on treatments, any adverse reactions, code numbers from bottles, what day/time used etc. Apparently, there were no records from any of his treatments, correct me if I'm wrong. As yet, I have not found/seen anything with regards to this.

    AEG knew of Michaels worries - in doing a concert. They KNEW he'd stated years before, how he hated doing them as it meant he was away from home for so long, and, what it physically/mentally took from him.

    For many, many months now, I have believed all of this was just one big sham. There were never going to BE any concerts. This was all set up as one worldwide final nail in the coffin humiliation, of Michael.

    Everyone knew his feelings on touring. Everyone knew he hadn't toured in years. Everyone knew how 2005 had taken the wind from his sails. Everyone knew Michael wanted to be more of a family man. Everyone knew that Michael wasn't fit enough - I don't go along with the 'but he was 50' line one bit. 50 isn't old and up until recently, I could give any youngster a run for their money - and win.

    He was set up. This was originally meant to look like it was Michael throwing a tantrum, not going to rehearsals, finally pulling out of the concerts days before they were to begin. Look at the money AEG (and others involved....) stood to gain from him pulling out. Look at how they could then 'show' to the world how Michael was now unreliable - how THEY had kept a roof over his head, how THEY had put money his way before he'd even done anything....Wouldn't that have been more media crap churned out from hearing that?

    If those concerts were really, REALLY meant to have happened, then WHY were they still up in arms about costumes? Why hadn't there been ONE single dress rehearsal? Why was equipment/stage pieces, still not finished? Why weren't they already over in UK, rehearsing there by then? Why wasn't Michael already settling both himself and his children, into their temporary home in London?

    Murray took things one step further for AEG by being utterly reckless. Reckless in the way he was treating Michael with all those benzo's etc., then having the cheek to say it was Kleins drugs causing the drowsiness. And reckless in performing treatments without the correct equipment (the main one being a theatre with the necessary machines there...). To blame AEG for not providing him with what he SAYS he requested (and this WAS just for London) is ludicrous. That would be like a Vet operating on your pet on your dining table - just use a knife and fork cos you've no surgical instruments, oh, and we'll need your sewing box for a needle and a thread afterwards........

    Michael was hounded like a fox. For years, that fox lived wild and happy. Over the years, the bloodhounds kept coming out looking for him, running him until he grew weaker and weaker. Trying to entice him with tidbits luring him into a false sense of security. Then one day, he was too tired, too battered, too weak - and he was finished off by the bloodhounds...........

    I hope to god, that he cannot feel any of the turmoil and pain he had when he walked this earth, tho with heavy heart I fear he still does.

    I'm sorry Michael - that you suffered so much for your children, your family, your fans - and, for yourself. I won't stop until those bloodhounds are rounded up and publically shown to be the greedy murderers that they are.


  2. Great points Joy. <3 Your post moved me almost to tears.

    Yes, by law Murray should have been keeping records. Of course, what doctor would be documenting what amounted to the slow and likely conscious death of his patient? A lack of such records in some way indicates a knowledge of what was occurring was wrong--dead wrong.

    "This was all set up as one worldwide final nail in the coffin humiliation, of Michael."

    Perfect way of summing it up. The public at whole is putting more blame on Michael than Murray or anyone associated with AEG. Only Michael's fans or avid supporters are working hard against this not only because we mourn but because the truth should be heard. There is a lot of evidence out there that points to this ill-fated tour to have never been meant to hit a stage but rather only a movie theater. I just don't know if the evidence is strong enough for conspiracy or accomplice to murder charges--yet.

    When I said Michael was 50 he could definitely tour at 50, just as Madonna and Prince do but to expect him to perform as he did at 25 is not okay. I don't doubt his body hurt or that his snaps and pops were not as swift as they once were but that does not mean he could not have put on one hell of a show. But, regardless, he was DONE touring. He didn't want to do it anymore and more than anything emotionally he was not equip to ever handle a tour again. I wish Michael had been allowed to have retreated away from the spotlight, been a father first (which he was anyway) and worked on projects where they didn't take out so much of him physically. Instead of people making this happen for him he was constantly being used to help promote someone else's dreams instead of his own.

    All along it was made to look like AEG was supporting Michael when in reality he was supporting himself. He was to pay back everything and if not then he would lose everything he had left in his ownership which would have left him and those in his family basically penniless. How could this happen to a man who gave so much of himself to everyone without ever wanting anything in return?

    Neither one of us will ever stop. Your analogy of the veterinarian is so real. I have often said Michael would have had better care at a veterinarian clinic than in his own house by Murray. He was euthanized, not out of misery or pain (though he had his unfair share of both items) but for personal gain.

    For AEG and Murray to shift blame on Klein is utterly disgusting. I may not be Klein's biggest fan or a fan at all but in the end he was not the one standing over Michael while he lay dead in a bed. I wish this point of Murray asking for medical equipment would stop being used as a way of saying there was negligence. That equipment and personnel would have made no different at all nor would it ever make anything that happened in some way acceptable. It is merely being used as some form of an excuse, as a way to say this was accidental when facts, not opinion, says that this really is not an accident but intentional.

  3. I am in tears after reading the first Michael was hounded like a fox. How true. How sad and yet so true.

    It's been bugging me for a long time that everyone is so sure that Michael was an addict but I do not believe this. Where is the proof? And all the people who say Michael asked for this, he begged for that, how do we know this? Did Michael really ask for anything..other than a good night's sleep?

    What if the Benzo's did make Michael sleepy and drowsy..would he have even been aware of being given Propofol?

    And how EXACTLY was Murray going to get his hands on these drugs when he was in London where he is not allowed to practice?

    I have so many questions!! But is this normal to file a CIVIL Lawsuit when there is a CRIMINAL proceeding pending? Can someone help please?

    As always, thank you for your excellent blog Nikki. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
    Junie XX

  4. I do not believe, based on Michael's rather clean bill of health and the medications at his disposal at which he died he was an "addict" by any means at any time. That does not mean he did not perhaps suffer from dependencies from time to time, as we all could, but that is not the same thing as addiction or being afflicted with the disease of addiction.

    But, regardless of all I said above, whether Michael was or was not an addict, what happened to him on June 25th was not his fault and had nothing to do with him or his decisions. He was not the one who is responsible for his own death. It has nothing to do with an addiction and everything to do with other people's decisions regarding him.

    How sad to see Michael being blamed for something that he likely had no idea of what was going on. How many people know what is happening to them during surgery? Hopefully none (though people do remain awake for brain surgery)! Michael may have asked for this or that, there is no harm in that, it was Murray who bought the propofol, had it shipped to himself, placed the IV catheter in Michael's leg and indeed delivered all the medications including the last fatal dose to him. Michael wanted to sleep so he could attempt to keep his catalog--that being his main source of income that should have had him and his family and generations of family to come set for life. How sad.

    If the benzos were sedating him he likely did not know what was happening. Versed is notorious for causing something called "retrograde amnesia" which causes you to forget anything after the drug is given until it wears off. All benzos can do this, though. Thing is, it seems that if Michael was indeed under the influence of anything it was benzodiazepines (though stress also likely was a factor) and if they were making him groggy during the day and if they did in fact sedate him the night before then there is no reason they did not sedate him the following night. I believe that Michael was in fact sedated that night and this is reflected in statements made in the search warrants by Murray as well.

    I am not a law expert but I do know the burden of proof is much lower in a civil suit than a criminal suit. One may be able to win a civil suit based on evidence when it would be impossible to win in a criminal suit. I do not know if this has something to do with it or not. I would like to see a criminal trial someday, too.

  5. Thanks for your reply Nikki. I very much appreciate it.
    Love you more XX

  6. All I can say sorry Koby I can't watch any more lakers game knowing AEG is benefiting,
    You are so right they hound him for a long time offering deal after deal he refuse on till they finality broke him down and some how get him to sign his own bondage to enslave him, and then drug him to keep him in line.
    The bottom line is AEG entrap MJ to take over his part of Sony ATV publishing, can that contract be legal ? Nothing in that contract benefited Michael Jackson. So why would MJ knowingly sign himself into slavery?

  7. Junie <3

    Bridgett AEG is all over the place I do not think they can be completely avoided. :-S

    Yeah, didn't they try for two or so years to get him to agree to this? I don't get WHY. I love Michael but from a business perspective I would not expect him to do a concert for me, especially not 50 nor would I want him to do 50 or even one. If I was a businesswoman and wanted to help MJ get back on track I would let him do whatever it was he wanted to do--which I suspect would have been something related to movies. He could have done a great soundtrack to a new movie, written a screenplay, maybe directed and released an album if he wanted to do so--whatever as his talent and creativity was limitless. I would have never asked or pushed him to do a concert tour series merely starting with 50 shows in one place that was to then continue for 3 years. Isn't that obviously too much to ask for or expect?

    Why Michael signed the CONtract I do not know. I don't know if parts of the contract were twisted to him, if his signature was forged or what. I can see how this contract could be interpreted in multiple ways, just like you see no mention of 50 shows and 31 shows were pre-approved but not required (he could do more or less) plus you see that AEG had an ORAL contract with Murray and mentioned that things were discussed orally with Michael in the CONtract itself--there lies a lot of lies I am sure. It gave AEG all the control but maybe Michael trusted them or trusted his advisors (Tohme) were doing the right thing for him. I don't know. I wish I knew. I also wish I knew what attorney if any went over this contract with him as this contract (which looks more like a letter) is to Tohme--not a lawyer or music businessman. Also, this above contradicts a lot of what DiLeo has said, too. DiLeo claims lawyerS read the contract to him yet I think he has failed to mention those lawyers by name and um, he was not there being this was signed in January. As far as I can tell there are no lawyers listed on there unless they work for AEG. There is one name on there I am not sure who they are so I will check that out real fast, too.

  8. So Dennis Hawk is an attorney and I guess the one who should have read over this contract. Anyone know anything about him? His firm does not have a web address.

  9. This is the only Dennnis Hawk I've managed to come up with so far - and this says little about him.


  10. Why would frank say that knowing MJ will for control I can not see him signing that thing, he his a creative person who need control to do what he dose.
    From what I see MJ did not need AEG he could have gone and get a loan,
    MJ was paying for EVERY THING, it's entrapment to get his Sony publishing shears. Why would MJ sign that and is't a lean on most of MJ asset?
    I can not see Sony going along with this, MJ has a agreement to sell them fist. Sony do not want ATV on the chopping block so how was this to work?
    Do you think AEG was plaining a takeover?

  11. Yeah, I have not heard of Dennis before but he is apparently an attorney. I just don't know how long he had worked for Michael (or was it Tohme), if he reviewed the contract, etc.

    Only Frank could answer those questions, TBH.

    I don't know if Michael could have gotten another loan. If his debts were $500 million I do not think he would have gotten any loan and seeing he had not paid his previous loans off and did not have any grand income coming in (grand in comparison to his debt), I don't know what company would be willing to loan him anything. But, do you see the irony of all this? When Michael bought the ATV catalog it should have set him and generations to come for life. It should not have become a burden, but it did.

    I would like to know how AEG would have dibs (if that is even true) on his part of the catalog when he had taken out loans against his share and Sony was entitled to half of his share (I think that was still current) and Sony should have had some say as they are a 50% owner in this. I do not know the banking or loan business so I am just trying to piece this together. I don't know how you re-collateralize something already collateralized or liened against. I do not know if AEG would be entitled to such but being a business they should know whether or not they could gain control in some form and I would assume they could have given they specifically named it in the contract. That being collateralized would that mean the debt would transfer over to AEG or no, it would keep attached to Michael while AEG took ownership and profit from the shares, perhaps? I mean, I guess it would be like repo-ing a house but not exactly because Michael did own his portion though liened. How is it that AEG has not gotten the catalog, then? Will they try to later? How much did they profit off of insurance policieS?

  12. Nikki Dennis Hawk is a lawyer that Tohme said was a friend of his. Shortly after MJ's passing Tohme gave an interview and it was in Dennis Hawk's office. Its on the internet I can't locate it at the moment. Suspicious!!!!!!

  13. Thanks MissShae! Interesting! I was wondering if there was a tie b/w Tohme and Hawk. That isn't good IMO--there needed to be an unbiased attorney looking at this.

    From your lead I found:

    Indeed, Hawk's office was used for the interview if you read the caption for the photo of Tohme.

    Furthermore, this says that Hawk was Tohme's attorney:

    So, who was MICHAEL'S attorney when this contract was signed?

    Then there is this:

    This seems to be BS, though, except for the tie of Hawk and Tohme.

  14. One more think it was resently pointed out to me that MJ loaned was not 500 million but 360 million and they were maintain fro his profit he made from his half of ATV,
    He was not in any danger of loosing it, it was his every day life that he needed money for, and what people keep for getting is that if MJ own half of Sony publishing the he his going to need money to up keep his half hance the borrowing,
    No one bother to highlite that, they keep saying he is living lavish and spending out of control, when in fact he have two huge business to take care of, his mjj catalog and Sony ATV.
    Gose to show that most who are talking do not have any idea what they are talking about or they are just bias agains MJ and want to put him down.
    The figure come from one of his pass manger it's on YouTube I will find it and post it so you can hear for yourself .
    It distress me a lot to see the injustice that was done to him,
    AEG need to answer for what they did they were not trying to help him, why did they not leave him alone, why did't AEG get a sponsor for the show?
    If they were looking out for him,
    Did they get MJ physiological evaluate before they sign him?
    looking back he never wanted to do it but someone talk him into it,
    I remember reading moonwalk and MJ say when Pepsi ask him to do the promotion he did want to do it but his family member talk him in to doing it the out come he got burned.
    Now he is dead.

  15. This is all so depressing to read.
    You hate to think conspiracy because of the connotation the word has. It is such an overused word in our society, IMO.
    But after reading all this, you could almost say Michael was no better than an indentured servant. And reading your analysis of it, the first word that comes to my mind is, in fact, conspiracy.
    People have argued that AEG would want to take care of Michael, that they are in the business to make money, that it is reasonable to expect him to attend rehearsals. Well, yes to all that.
    But play What If: what if AEG began to see that Michael would be unable to do the shows. What if they began to think of how to get out of this contract. If they cancelled, they would be the bad guys forever. Big PR fail. What If it could be set up that Michael would have to renege, then they are home free. They get his share of the ATV and who knows what else. This is a lot of money.
    Michael ruined but they don't care, they want to make money. I'm not saying Murray deliberately set out on 25 June to end Michael's life. But I'm beginning to wonder if Michael wasn't being driven to a point where he would have to quit.

  16. @Anonymous, (September 18, 2010 7:13 AM )

    "indentured servant" is exactly the term that I would use! AEG's business practice as written out in that contract was oppressive, unethical and meant to benefit AEG at all cost.

    I'm not a lawer, but if I were, I wouldn't let my client sign such a contract!!

    Who the heck was looking out for Michael's best interests anyway? Tohme?? I won't even go there!!

  17. One must remember that Michael was being further indebted by interest on his loans, that coupled with constant lawsuits, albeit frivolous ones. That is why he had no money. Asset rich, cash poor. Do not forget people ripped him off on a regular basis--all because of his name. The rent on the house on Carolwood is a good example of that...

    Bridgett, can you post the video?

    I do not think he had a psychological/emotional evaluation.

    He made it clear he did not want to ever tour again. I believe him.

    Profits from the ATV catalog were approximately 10-40 million a year. It does not seem Michael "owned" MiJac--he did get nice royalties from it, though (compared to other artists). I am still trying to piece that part, out.

    Seems that MiJac is tied up in a hedge fund facing some serious investigations. I need to read up on hedge funds. This is tentative, tough, still need to research it.

    Indentured servant is right--essentially a slave. Prince used to write this upon his face but in reality Michael did become such. Remember, Michael did not even legally have to be paid for his concerts, according to the CONtract.

    If Michael canceled what would have happened? It would have been yet another lawsuit. Michael really had not much more to give. He may have lost the catalog before AEG got to wrangle him for it. How do you give up something that has liens all over it? Would AEG sue for future losses or just the the advancement? Would they be entitled to future earnings lost? Have they asked for profits from the Estate?

    Michael to me was not the kind to quit. Thing is, again, how or why did AEG think he would ever be up for one concert let alone 50? I do not believe his heart was ever into this--hence his odd attitude during the press conference (and yes, that was him, please disregard the stories of that not being him).

    Not only was a lot of money at stake now but imagine the earning power of the ATV. I am still new on all this but it seems as time progresses making money off "new" songs will be a short-lived process as over time they will be returned to the original songwriter. The money to be earned will be from old songs where the writers are not able to gain their copyrights. That makes the ATV catalog even that much more priceless, in essence, because of its content.

    Sandy, I don't think anyone was looking out for Michael's best interests. No attorney for Michael was listed on that contract. Tohme's attorney is the only attorney listed that is non-AEG. DiLeo claims lawyerS read it to Michael--then by God, tell us WHO, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. I do not believe any one did or they would be listed on that contract. Why is he lying?! Why is he covering up soemeone's ass? Michael was conned.

  18. Thank you for your responce, Nikki.

    It almost sounds like Martin Bashir all over again, but this time with deadly consequences. The contract that Bashir got Michael to sign was a shame and of course Bashir was shown to be a fraud in open court.

    Dear God, why was this allowed to happen!?!

    Why was someone of Michael's stature so frequently mis-represented?? Even though I know the answer is greed, I still find myself asking the same question. Forgive me for making this observation, but have people like Oprah Winfrey or Paul McCartney ever have this kind of problem?? These are also people with influence and great wealth but you never here of them having the same kind of legal issues??? I don't get it? Forgive the question. I mean no disrespect to Michael. It still bewilders me why he was a target for betrayal so often.

  19. Nikki I think MJ still own Mjj that his the catalog with all the rights to his music
    The estate just got a lower interest rate like 4% I think for the loan on it.

    I am trying to post the video but can't

  20. Let me know if you find the link. Trying to find out who actually owns MiJac is not easy. It is one thing to own the catalog and another to receive profits off it. I read that he was suppose to get back his masters once his contract ended with Sony but not sure if that fell through. With all the loans on it though I am sure if he did own it it became a problem, too. What I do not understand is why would a company knowingly loan out that much money to someone? I guess maybe they thought they would "get the goods"...

    You know Sandy, you bring up a good point. Why did this happen to Michael? He was smart and knew the music business world well. I think people are out to screw people over often (I know, a pessimist) but with Michael it was so bad. Everything seemed to happen starting in 1993. He was gravely wounded then and like a hurt animal he became prey--like when animals go after the sick one or the runt. It was like he became vulnerable from it and others knew that and so they sought him out to see what else they could get out of him. Oprah has had some controversy, remember her having to film in Amarillo, TX because some ranchers sued her over remarks about hamburgers? Then there was the issue with her schools in Africa but it was not enough to destroy her. Paul did have that problem with his ex-wife, too. Everything for Michael though was tied up in the catalogs--it was not diversified, at least, not that we can tell. Michael was too kind though and I think people knew that, too, and that had some to do with it. To me he was easy to be taken advantage of if you befriended him, "related" to him. This is just the feeling I get--I don't know if it is true or not. I think above all though it was snakes saw the damage and went to loot him--just tossing salt on the wound.

  21. I read it some where that Sony own 50 and he own 50 of his MJj he had never lose control of it granted he borrowed agains it Mjj was making enough money to pay for it self, in 2015 he will get total contron from Sony, his Mjj is administrate by another publishing co. If you look on this it it you will see who the publisher is.

  22. Thank you for your responce once again, Nikki.

    Yes, I'm familiar with Oprah and Paul's issues that you mentioned, but it was still nothing like what Michael endured since '93. I'm sure you would agree. They weren't constantly being attacked and hounded year in and year out in the same way. That said, Michael certainly did his best to tough it out and hold his head high. He deserved to. I agree with your analogy about Michael becoming "prey," in a matter of speaking. It's like the nature movies I saw as a kid, and still watch. The ones where they show the gazelle being stalked by hyenas until it's too weak to go on and then, well, you know what happens next. Michael was that gazelle. He was percieved as "injured" or "damaged" as a result of others lies and the hyenas went after him after essentially stalking and circling him for 16 years. It makes me very sick, as I'm sure it does everyone here.

    Michael should never been compelled to do this kind of tour, he didn't want to do one initially but somehow got talked into it. I wish I could look at Phillips, Ortega and company straight in the eyes and ask them how they could be so blind?!? Was the money that important?!? Are they able to sleep at night or did making that movie somehow make everything alright. Or worse, do they simply blame the victim. Abusers often do that.

    AEG pursued him to do this tour, not the other way around. That puts a greater moral responcibility on AEG's shoulders in my opinion. As is becoming more evident, AEG locked Michael into an oppressive contract and pushed him in a way he wasn't accustomed to being pushed, or at least not since he was a kid. Their B.S. about "tough love" was craziness and had nothing to do with love! Michael must have felt like he was 10 years old all over again! He'd paid his dues and deserved better.

    Like you said, the "snakes saw the damage and went to loot him." Disgraceful!

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Hugs and prayers to Katherine, MJ3 and family!

  23. To prevent confusion in my above comment. I DON'T think Phillips, Ortega and company killed Michael, or intended to hurt him. I do believe they showed a great deal of arrogance in their heavy handed treatment of him and the oppressive contract they committed him to. That was beyond disgraceful.

    Hopefully the truth will be revealed in context of the Justice system.

  24. Hi Nikki,
    About MiJac, accurate info. is really hard to find, so here is some:

  25. Thanks skeptikos! I will peek these. I just recently heard about the blog you posted above.

    Not sure what to think about this:

    I'd like more info on the issue.

  26. SandyK,

    "AEG pursued him to do this tour, not the other way around. That puts a greater moral responcibility on AEG's shoulders in my opinion. As is becoming more evident, AEG locked Michael into an oppressive contract and pushed him in a way he wasn't accustomed to being pushed, or at least not since he was a kid."

    Right on! You know, this is how I am thinking things played out. Michael had no interest to tour again. He was in a financial bind because of 2005 so he finally consented after years of harassment. When he first decided to embark on the tour, I think there was some excitement. His kids would get to see him, he felt the love of his fans again, he loved the stage--it was turning out better than he thought. Also, it was a good way for him to address the issues in the world that were causing him pain, the suffering of children, the destroying of our environment. Then, something happened, maybe in March. Ten shows went to 50, there was the constant changing of managers, Michael was being advanced money so why was it he was not able to pay Cherilyn Lee? He brings in people (or someone did) from his past back into his life--things were in chaos for him. We have claims that Murray was being forced upon Michael. People may fight on his condition in May and June but I believe everyone says he was fine before March. Lee states this in her video interview (I just posted links on one of my other blogs), Klein said there was a change in the last 3 weeks, others have commented on this as well. Something happened to cause Michael serious worry between February and April. What was it? I think we have a hint, we should look at it more in-depth. It wasn't addiction either. It was stress, worry, and fear.

  27. "A Plea to the Voices" is the blog were Lee's interview videos are located!