Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Tales of Senseless Death but Justice Only for One

Laura Hope Smith, a beautiful 22 year-old woman, fell victim to a negligent abortionist named Rapin Osathanondh. She passed away senselessly under his "care" in 2007 when Osathanondh administered propofol to her and subsequently left the room, leaving her to die alone. Sound sort of familiar? It should.

Instead of music or dance being synonymous with Michael Jackson in the media, they prefer to equate him with propofol now, a drug administered to him by Conrad Murray.

There are some key differences that I want to point out between Osathanondh and Murray concerning their courses of "treatment", or rather actions. Propofol may link these tragedies--but that is where the similarities stop.

First, Smith's procedure was done in a clinical setting where propofol may be used. Jackson was given propofol in a bedroom. Osathanondh used propofol for short-term sedation intended for a procedure which is appropriate. Murray claims to have used propofol to treat insomnia which is not an acceptable use of this drug, never has been, never will be due to inherent risks with the drug. Osathanondh was inappropriate in his lack of monitoring Smith, via in the flesh and with needed equipment such as a blood pressure cuff and/or pulse oximeter. Osathanondh did not have such devices in his office and left the room to perform procedures on other patients. Murray had such devices in his possession but they were found in a closet in another bedroom--nowhere near Jackson. Murray claims he used the pulse oximeter in the search warrant. There is no excuse for the pulse oximeter being found in another room and this likely means it was not used which defies logic in this type of situation, especially one that would have resulted in a $150,000 per month salary. Murray claims he was monitoring Jackson in person, only leaving the room less than two minutes. This is an insufficient time for death to take place from what should have been a revivable scenario.

Second, this was likely the first time Osathanondh had ever come in contact with Smith, not weeks before, watching her deteriorate before his eyes. He likely did not retrieve his medications underhandedly from a pharmacy out-of-state, failing to use his medical/DEA license to purchase such drugs. Murray had no business ever being allowed to purchase propofol. Osathanondh also likely did not give Smith any other medications which ccould cause respiratory depression. Murray gave four different respiratory depressants in unknown doses over hours to Jackson, this again, being acts that defy logic or even commonsense. Osathanondh also was not forced to care for Smith as has been implied by Katherine Jackson's lawsuit which states AEG forced Jackson to be treated by Murray.

Third, Osathanondh admits his guilt.

Smith's father said of this:
"We do have some satisfaction that this man was held accountable," he said. "He acknowledged his guilt in every way. We appreciate that."

Fourth, in 2008, a year after Smith's death, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine revoked Osathanondh's license. He then gave up his medical license permanently following the decision and his clinics were closed. Murray is still practicing medicine. His Texas license was renewed this past August, 14 months after Jacksons' death. His license was not suspended due to the state's desire to save "money and resources". This appalling statement can be found in the .pdf document under Murray's license information on the Texas Medical Board's web site.

Fifth, though a delay in calling 911 has been mentioned in Smith's case, the delay was likely not 90 minutes as was the case with Jackson after supposedly being found alive with a pulse (which could be true for all we know, further implicating Murray). Smith was apparently found deceased, a cover-up took place, then 911 was called.

Smith's mother said of the relation in these two cases:
"Laura died for the same reason [as Jackson]: carelessness, criminal negligence and recklessness,” said Laura’s mother, Eileen Smith." I agree to a point with Smith. Both of these cases are senseless deaths, both are victims, both lost their lives before their time. Her daughter did die from all of the above. However, Jackson's case is different. There is a difference between negligence and malice. I believe Smith's case was a case of negligence while Jackson's death is a solid case involving malice and likely conspiracy just based on the information I have briefly discussed here.

That being said, why is it Osathanondh faced a maximum of 20 years for Smith's death while Murray is currently facing 2-4 years for Jackson's death, that is, if he even goes to trial? Why is Murray facing involuntary manslaughter charges only? Why is it manslaughter and not murder? Why is Murray basically being handed a "Get Out of Jail Free" card by the legal systems? Why is it that Michael Jackson's lie and now death is filled with such gross courses of injustice? It is because of this I will continue to fight for him.

My condolences to the Smith Family.


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