Monday, October 4, 2010

A Plea to the Voices

After hearing this and that on various social outlets today I felt the need to toss this piece together. It went from an angry rant into somewhat of a heartfelt yet eager plea to many people out there that actually have an audible voice for Michael. I would give anything to be his voice. I can only hope that some who are his voice will, after reading this if they even find it, realize what really does lie within their power.

First, this is not an argument as to whether or not Michael Jackson was a prescription drug addict. You are free to believe what you want though as far as I am concerned his autopsy report and the prescriptions at his house seriously dispute such notions. But, when those who knew Michael call him an "addict" or even insinuate such (which is fairly easy to do) in interviews or what not--you are damning him, his legacy and any hope of justice in his death. When I hear or read such information I literally feel like I am being stabbed in the heart. You may think you are being honest and open but is it worth it? Look how many out there are NOT honest and merely using him and his name for personal gain. There are so many lies out there, defaming ones, so why even try to be honest about the very confusing and complex subject of drug abuse when the hint of such is being used by people (ex. the media) who do not care about him to further commit him into a hell he experienced while alive? Murray's defense, in whole if not part, is banking on Michael being deemed an "addict" even though a) propofol is not recognized by the DEA as an addictive drug/drug of abuse, b) it does not cause withdrawal and c) it does not create tolerance--key factors in a medications being addictive. Even though Murray reported no addiction issues to UCLA staff (as reported in the wrongful death suit), Murray later changed things around and claimed in the Las Vegas search warrant:

"Jackson remained awake and at approximately 1040 hours Murray finally administered 25 mg of propofol diluted with lidocaine, via IV drip to keep Jackson sedated, after repeated demands/requests from Jackson." (FYI, you do not dilute propofol with lidocaine.)

This statement is Murray's attempt at establishing Michael as a hardcore drug addict that manipulated and pressured him (yes, poor Murray) into feeding his addiction by using monetary persuasion. Wait, who is the victim here? I thought it was Michael Jackson, the one who was ripped from our lives too soon.

The statement in the search warrant is crucial. Notice the phrase "after repeated demands/requests". That is one of the major tell-tale signs of addiction. Murray knows this of course. However, when most people discuss Michael's previous abuse they cannot name the substance, cannot admit to seeing him take or administer anything and then insinuate his addiction must have been to prescription painkillers which is understandable given he suffered from real physical pain due to differing ailments that required him take pain medications from time to time. Also, it is natural to assume an addiction (or moreover abuse) may have developed from stress he faced in the later years of his life. What people fail to acknowledge in good faith is his legitimate complaint of pain that would have need to have been treated, and the possibility of dependence rather than addiction, being a scenario that may have played out over the years coupled with or without malpractice. There could be other factors, too, that are not even drug-related. Regardless of what may or may not have occurred, there is no reason to even discuss a problem with painkillers when they had absolutely no role in his death. Those medications are irrelevant. Those medications have been irrelevant since June 25th, 2009. What good does it to bring them up? What good does it do to discuss what he may or may not have taken or why? What does any of this have to do with promoting Michael's artist achievements, his humanitarian spirit, his caring soul or his playful personality? Answer--nothing. The general public knows more about the molestation allegations and now drug abuse and addiction claims than they do about his charity contributions of over $300 million dollars and his wickedly funny sense of humor. That is all they will ever know if something is not done and not done soon.

Referring back to the key statement from the search warrant above, Murray was, "keep(ing) Jackson sedated". Dr. Murray--was he awake or sedated? How did he remain awake (and demanding no less) if he was being kept sedated? Maybe I can answer my own questions.

Michael apparently was "under the influence" at times, according to some witnesses, during rehearsals. In Katherine Jackson's law suit against AEG, it is said AEG said Michael was "too sleepy". Well, the only medications that he had apparently been administered were a) benzodiazepines, b) propofol and c) the ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin capsules (aka ECA Stack capsules). Any and all other medications, taken or not, are irrelevant. Remember again there were no painkillers (opioids or opioid narcotics) in his house or in the released toxicology results. Such usage, whether abuse or not, is not relevant to his death which is an ongoing homicide investigation (at least, it should be) but if his purported abuse/addiction continues to be brought up it will be somehow used to justify Murray killing a man who was constantly persecuted and tortured in life for being a child-at-heart. Remember Murray being handcuffed last year? Oh yeah, he was not handcuffed. His bail was essentially nothing. He is enjoying frolics on the beach and pumping iron at the gym yet before Michael died he was supposedly broke. Does his life seem ruined? Michael lost his life due to this man's actions yet Murray is the one who is getting indirectly defended even by those who love Michael. Something has to be done if we ever want to see a shred of justice for Michael. Something has to be done if we want Michael to be remembered as something more than a drug addict, and I hate say it, but also a child molester when anyone who can read can read the information that proves he never, ever did anything like that to any child. He was not even capable of such acts! But, people who do not know him and who cannot see past the molestation and drug abuse claims (or do not want to see past them because those claims turn them away from the truth) will never understand him if all they ever hear about him are comments that assassinate his character and make him out to be something horrible.

Knowing Michael had no pain medications in his body when he died and none in his house (and it seems none written for home use in quite some time), this rules them out as being a source of him being "under the influence", at least, while at rehearsals, especially concerning the last week of his life. If he came out of Klein's office "under the influence" then so be it--he was no doubt having procedures done to his face as the photographs do not lie. Those procedures would have required some pre-medication to treat anxiety/pain. Regardless of what Klein did or did not use, anyone addicted to pain medications would almost certainly not only have a positive drug screen for opioids (Michael's urine and blood tests were negative) but also need to have the medications in the house to avoid withdrawals. Addiction is an ongoing process that requires constant use of the substance, especially concerning opioids, most of which have very short duration of action.

Propofol does not cause one to appear as if they are "under the influence". After awaking, the hangover effects last approximately 30 seconds then there is no signs of drug usage at all. ECA capsules do not make one high. They might leave you anxious, tense, stressed, suffering from INSOMNIA, if anything. That leaves only one class of drugs left to have been causing him problems--benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines work in the body in a similar fashion to that of alcohol. They do have the potential of addiction but addiction to these drugs is rare, as is abuse of these drugs, too. These medications, if taken (or in Michael's case are administered by another) in excess amounts they can cause a hangover effect. They can cause drowsiness, confusion and amnesia--some symptoms Michael reportedly suffered from at rehearsals. The effects of benzodiazepines can last hours, depending on the medication. Excess use (or administration) can lead to tolerance and dependence over time. However, given Michael seemed to be exhibiting signs of excess use from these medications that leads me to believe they were in fact sedating him the night he died, contrary to Murray's claim that he was up all night demanding propofol yet he was supposedly being kept sedated while demanding. After all, Murray admits Michael slept the entire 8 hours the night before just on lorazepam and midazolam. So, how did he suddenly fail to be sedated by those to medications plus diazepam? I am not buying it. The medications had an effect on Michael and it was obviously profound enough to be visible at rehearsals.

Let's break down Table 3A from the autopsy report concerning the benzodiazepines:

Michael had a prescription for clonazepam from Dr. Metzger in April. Metzger gave Michael a 30 day supply. Twenty-two tablets were apparently taken during a 68-day period based on the date on the bottle. That seems to be the only prescription for a benzodiazepine written for Michael by any other physician--besides Murray.

Murray wrote for three benzodiazepines prescriptions--not including the vials of IV benzodiazepines he purchased illegally (without the use of his medical or DEA license number) and administered to Michael. The first prescription was for temazepam, filled in December of 2008. Temazepam is a benzodiazepine commonly used for insomnia. It was written for 30 capsules--a month's supply. Michael still had three tablets left after six months. Then in April Murray apparently wrote a prescription for lorazepam. Again, a month's supply of this medication was written for Michael. Nine tablets of that month's supply remained after approximately sixty days had passed. Only days before Michael died Murray apparently wrote for a 15-day supply of diazepam. I can only assume this was the first time he had received a prescription for diazepam unless a previous bottle had been thrown away which seems unlikely. He wrote for him to take 1/2 or one tablet every six hours. Three tablets were missing over the course of four days--he could have officially taken up to four tablets in one day. This is extremely large dosing for a patient though who, in the past, was given benzodiazepines to take either at night or at night as needed only--indicating use for insomnia which in itself seems pretty amazing given Michael's life of recurrent stress. I cannot say with certainty what Michael's complete medication profile looks like. It would seem that what was found in the house was a pretty accurate description of his drug use given the dates on the bottles.

The biggest problem concerning benzodiazepines does not lie with Michael but with Murray. Murray's administration of IV benzodiazepines at night was not okay nor was it ever necessary given Michael could (when awake, at least) take tablets or capsules. Michael had no control over the situation once sedated by Murray by not one, not two, but three different benzodiazepines, two of which were given IV. Add propofol, no resuscitative equipment and a failure to call 911 and you have a dead patient who had no control over what happened to him. You have a case of homicide.

Remember, it was not "pills" that killed Michael. He did not even have one "pill" in his stomach. It was not addiction that killed Michael. It was another human being's actions that killed Michael. I do not think Michel even asked for those medications that night, personally. No healthy person should die under a doctor's direct care. No doctor would "care" for a patient like Murray "cared" for Michael. Not only did Murray provide the medications, he set up the means to give them and pushed them into his vein which put him there seeing everything that was happening to Michael. I mean, people kill others using their cars and what not, but Murray actually used his skills, mind, debit card, hands, equipment and substances to do what he did to Michael. How does that equate to manslaughter?

Many believe others have blood on their hands concerning Michael's death. If you believe that then realize if Murray is not put on trial or found blameless due to the pressures of a drug-addicted celebrity, then all other parties will walk away unscathed as the blame for Michael's death will always, according to the courts, be Michael's fault and Michael's fault only. Surely to God those who love this man do not want this to happen to him. It will either be a chain reaction of justice or injustice with the latter currently the most probable. If a loved-one was shot with a gun and killed by someone else, would it make sense to say, "well, (my loved one) did own firearms, though." No, of course not. A statement like that implies wrongdoing on the part the loved-one when they had nothing to do with their own death. The case with Michael really is no different. He is the victim, not Murray. Michael is dead, not Murray.

I have tried to break this down as much as possible for people to understand because it is literally eating at my core. I am begging people who have a voice for Michael to PLEASE think before you speak. I want people to speak out for him but I do not want the media getting what they want--a martyr who makes them money. Yes, he suffered, but so did the numerous children he tried to help across the world. What I am trying to say is do not feed into the ploy of Michael being another "doomed story", another celebrity that drugged themselves into oblivion from their fame and self-pity. Fame does not kill people. Michael fell victim to sociopathic liars who either lied and/or manipulated him. Do not let them now manipulate YOU into saying something that does not help this precious yet misunderstood man. Please, help him, help those of us who never knew him to know the real him. I am not asking to paint him into a perfect light but there is too much at stake to make statements that do not promote something better than what is being said out there about him now.

~Every person in the United States is innocent until proven guilty though I may seem to speak on the basis of guilt. Too bad the media forgot in innocence until proven otherwise when Michael was forced into a trial that should have never been that ultimately destroyed his career and his life.~


  1. People who have the ability to speak loudly for Michael need to force people like Oprah and others to speak about all the GOOD he did in life--that could easily take up a series worth of shows. If they do not comply then WALK OFF. It isn't worth the money or attention.

  2. Well said Nikki!! Bravo!!! Michael did a lot of GOOD in his life outside of the world of music. As we all know, this side of his life is all too often totally ignored.

    Concerning lidocaine and propofol Nikki said:
    "FYI, you do not dilute propofol with lidocaine."

    The concept of diluting the two is confusing however, my understanding is that lidocaine would be used to lessen the burning sensation caused by the propofol at the injection site.

    "Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery."


  3. Hi Sandy!

    Concerning the lidocaine/propofol debacle, I am actually being very picky on this and not elaborating, which I should. That's my fault. Yes, you can add lidocaine to propofol to lessen the burn but technically you do not "dilute" it in the sense that you mix more lidocaine than propofol or even half and half--one must be very careful and limit the amount of lidocaine because lidocaine itself is an antiarrythmic drug (disturbs the heart rhythm). To "dilute" implied weakening the strength of the propofol utilizing lidocaine to do so--that is not true. One would never, ever do this! I do not recall but there is limit to how much lidocaine can be added to propofol. I think the only substance in which propofol can be diluted is 5% dextrose.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for your blogs - they are always very informative although I must admit sometimes I get a bit cross eyed with the detailed medical info! But don't stop....

    Seeing you are a pharmacist, I would like your help in a story I am writing (MJ related of course!) Sorry for doing it here but I am fairly new to Blogger and am not sure if there is another way I could contact you.

    When you get the chance, could you please try to contact me? I am assuming you click on the photo near my name?

    Thanking you in advance.


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  6. Nikki, wow!
    Another powerful post, thank you so much.
    You are expressing my very sentiments.
    I, too, am eaten at the core by what is going on and I fear no one (no one who has a voice) will do anything to change this tide. I simply cannot tolerate the way Michael is being portrayed as the humptenth vicious star who practically killed himself and brought his misery onto himself. I cannot tolerate this, this is cruel, insane and FALSE.
    Thank you for speaking up, Bless you.

  7. Dear Nikki,

    I'm grateful to Seven for providing the link to your blog.

    Being a pharmacist puts you in a position of understanding the drug aspect that few of us fans have. Thank you for all your diligent, heartfelt efforts on Michael's behalf. I can feel your frustration and your heartache.

    I too am so weary of the way Michael Jackson continues to be reported on and portrayed even in mainstream media. It is literally stomach-turning.

    Thankfully there are thousands of dedicated fans who have risen to the challenge of addressing these false stories and untruths repeated again and again by journalists, news anchors, etc. It is very difficult. It requires us to navigate the "ugly" words (I won't repeat them--doing so continues to keep them alive!) and focus on goodness and truth.

    What one human being had to endure for more than two decades is shameful. Mainstream America hasn't yet grasped that reality. For many, whatever happens during his the upcoming trial will be of no consequence. Far too many people are afflicted with a heart-numbing indifference that can rarely be eliminated. It is, sadly, the result of a society whose moral fabric unraveled completely and on which our very foundation is now at risk of crumbling. All is not lost. It is not hopeless because there are many that do care and will watch what happens in this case with some interest. It is with this audience that we can have the most influence.

    Even if one is so misinformed to think Michael was a drug addict, it still does not justify Dr. Murray's negligence and outright violation of his hippocratic oath as a doctor. The events leading to the period prior to his death strongly indicate this man "killed" Michael. Based on the charges brought against him, malice wasn't involved but...that's the lynch pin. We don't know and sadly those responsible for gathering information and investigating didn't expand their suspicion beyond Dr. Murray. We all know it is far more complex than simply a "doctor-patient" situation.

    I wish I knew how to get the prosecutors to expand their investigation. Perhaps they are doing just that in light of what has been rumored and spoke openly about in the media about the various players (I won't mention names but we all know who we're talking about). I've read enough to have formed a very strong suspicion about famous big entities that surrounded (and in some instances "controlled") Michael's decisions and actions.

    I'm holding out hope that we may not be aware of what is happening just below the surface to flush out the truth. People who do private investigations and undercover work have be as clandestine as double agents at times in order to avoid undue scrutiny and suspicion. I think our role lies in refuting the same old regurgitated lies the media uses but doing so in a way that doesn't portray us as MJ Zealots (if you get my drift). Instead taking these pseudo-journalists to task for not accurately and truthfully reporting FACTS. Any journalist who's worth his weight in printer ink will eventually tire of getting e-mails and letters slamming him for "copy-cat" writing and maybe get off his lazy arse and do some diligent research.

    I wonder who the prosecuting attorneys are in this case, beyond the legal authorities? Are there any attorneys who are representing his estate that are part of the prosecution? Sometimes all I can do is shake my head and cry thinking about the hateful, false caricature the news media created of Michael and how miserably those who were in his circle, friends, co-workers, colleagues, fellow artists and musicians, failed to come together and speak truthfully and forcefully on his behalf. It is a failure of biblical proportions.

    Nikki, thanks for all you're doing. Don't give up. As long as we have a voice and can speak, there is hope. Michael knows we won't give up.

  8. Hi Nikki,

    I've sent you an email. If you click on the name next to the photo it is a link to the profile but it seems to end there?

    Anyway, thanks and I look forward to your reply to my email.

  9. Ha Ha! Figured it out. You need to click on my photo in your list of followers and you get to send me a message that way.

  10. I am trying girlfriend on many a blog board my finger is num some fans say his family is saying it so why should they believed other wise.
    I blame MJ family they never have his back and know there concearn is about money not fighting for MJ innocent, I was watch "they don't care about us" video today and it hit me like a ton of brick MJ use to create his own sound from nature, how many fans know that he did not reliy on every day music instrument to create. His sound?
    Because of all the lies his message was hid from most,
    I keep saying its we who are here need to make sure the garbage do not end up in the history books about Michael Jackson .
    But where do we start and how do we go about it,
    I am willing to help any which way there is a lot to make right.

  11. One more think people like Oprah are not going to set anything right about MJ. Because putting him down benefit them, we need to look at some like geraldo reverie over at fox he may be of more help.

  12. Hi Nikki and Simo,

    I agree with you Simo. I've come accross posts elsewhere on the net comparing Michael to Anna Nichol Smith and the like. Clearly there is no comparison. None what so ever!

    Nikki said:
    "Remember, it was not "pills" that killed Michael. He did not even have one "pill" in his stomach. It was not addiction that killed Michael. It was another human being's actions that killed Michael."

    I have to hold myself back regarding Murray because his willful incompetance defies comprehension. Some want to call him a "fall guy," perhaps, but no matter what, he is responsible for his actions and inactions on that fatefull day. If everything happened the way the affidavit states, the very idea that Murray would treat Michael with Propofol knowing that he didn't have appropriate back-up equipment and personnel that he has acknowledged that he needed and didn't receive is gross incompetence by itself. Isn't it?? I just don't see how his lawyers can possible defend him, even IF Michael had a drug addiction at the time of his death. In light of other alledged facts, I don't see how that even matters! (Note: According to the autopsy report, Michael didn't show signs of severe addiction and only had in his system what Murray and the paramedics gave him.)

    Thank you Nikki for your post.

  13. Nikki-I finally found you. You seem to be the go-to person for a medically related inquiry.

    What do you think of the involvement of Nurse Cherilyn Lee in all this? I've posted this elsewhere, some agree, some don't, but they don't have your medical background.

    What do you make of her going on National TV right after MJ died saying he had asked for propofol MONTHS BEFORE he died? If she were responding to Larry King's question about why she was making these appearances when she said she wanted to set the record straight that she had been treating him and he never did drugs, then I could stand looking at her face. But to then segue into Michael asked me and I even checked mPDR and told him it wasn't good stuff, sets him up as a drug seeker. So what did Nurse Lee accomplish? Saying he didn't use drugs but bye-the-bye he asked me for a "lethal" one.

    As to how she met Jackson, she says his kids had colds and she was referred by mutual friend; that's the same thing Murray said when asked how he met Jackson! Nurse Lee in CA and Murray in Vegas. How convenient.

    Nikki - is propofoll in the Physician's Desk Reference as Nurse Lee claims?

    Frankly, I don't think Michael knew at all WHAT drugs Murray was giving him. If benzos and versed kept him asleep several nights prior to his demise, a sleeping Michael would be a good target for a giant infusion of propofol to finish the job. I don't believe Michael had been giving him prop for six weeks prior to his death. What credible sources have said in the past that Michael used prop? He had an IV for hydration on the History Tour. There's a Doctor in Woodstock NY who accompanied Michael on the History tour. Hasn't said anything.

    Nikki - do you have any thoughts on these issues? Thank you.

  14. HI Nikki ~ apologies for the delay in posting my response to you excellent blog.
    You have said exactly everything I believe to be true..including the fact that we only have Murray's "word" that Michael asked/begged for anything!!! And as we know, Michael is not here to defend himself. It is my belief, although I have no proof, that Michael was sedated by the benzo's and had no idea what Murray was doing to him that night. All Michael ever wanted was a good night's that so much to ask for?
    Have you posted the link to your blog to Taj Jackson? I am sure he would take the time to read it and fully understand what you are saying. are doing an amazing job!!
    Love you more
    Junie XX

  15. What do .you think about Lisa say MJ was high as a kite?

  16. Hi June!

    I will post this in chunks since it will be long.

    Sorry for my delay. I am just now getting a "break" to go back and look at things.

    Here are some links to an interesting interview of Lee:

    Lee actually mentions something in I think part 2 above about the LAPD. The date listed on the interview is December 2009--if that date is when she gave the interview then it had been 6 months since he passed and they still had not spoken with her. She states, I think though it is hard to hear, that she was to speak with them that week. Why didn't police question her ASAP? Though I think she should have gone to police first, they obviously did not even really consider what she had to share which I find to be very critical for the prosecution. I sat there thinking she HAS To be a vital witness for the prosecution--I guess not! I guess they don't care, authorities that is, that is the only thing I can think of to be honest. I personally do not think she set him up to be a drug-seeker--she set him up to be someone who had tried all remedies for sleep she offered him and nothing worked--he was a tired man who was desperate to rest so he could complete the obligations set forth by AEG.

    In the videos above she mentioned all was well when she saw him in January and February. I do not think she saw him in March--he was in London at that time. April and May there was a change--this includes the 10-to-50 shows and rehearsals were in effect. All those things, plus probably more, indicated added stress which likely worsened his insomnia. Lee said when she first saw him, he causally mentioned insomnia--it was not anything severe. He was just lacking energy.

    I think for the most part Lee is trying to be honest. I think sometimes she doesn't express herself in the best words (I am guilty of this, too, when I speak out loud rather than in writing). Cont...

  17. As for him asking for propofol months before--it was in April. He never mentioned it to her before that. He mentioned it only after he had tried many of Lee's treatments for insomnia and failed. I mentioned above things had changed from when she saw him in February to April--I think it began to effect his sleep. She mentioned in the video he said something about a doctor gave it to him "in the past" (I will elaborate more on this in my next comment). Rumors are a doctor gave it to him while in Germany on the HIStory tour. I don't want to get into specifics but this seems highly doubtful though Michael may have thought that is what he was getting and perhaps he got it to initially "knock him out" but I am having a problem accepting that he was induced into a coma for 8 hours a day with propofol for "sleep"--and survived.

    That being said, he was not an addict seeking propofol. He was a man seeking sleep. I don't have a PDR on hand but I would say it is listed in the PDR.

    As for Lee treating the kids--this is okay, IMO. She does general practice though she admitted to Michael she was not a pediatrician. I know her treatments are usually holistic. Most nurse practitioners do see kids, too. They see most patients of any age for minor ailments. For Murray to have seen Michael or his children, in my opinion, is inappropriate even with his background in internal medicine.

  18. As for what was given to Michael the NIGHT he died, I do not think he had a clue. Before, I am not sure. Did he know he would die? No. Did he think he would die? No. I know people keep saying he was smart and enjoyed reading medical literature--I know he was smart--but that is no substitute for a medical degree. Why did Murray let Michael "beg" for propofol for 9 hours when he should have been awake for the day? Why did he give propofol at all when he does not induce sleep and only works about 5-10 minutes?
    Hair samples will tell us how long he actually gave it. Tohme said that Murray was only around 2 weeks before he died. It is hard to deny he did ask for it with Lee, Klein, Metzger, Adams, etc. saying he asked for it at some point in time. He is not the only lay person to ask for it, though. If a doctor gave it to him in Germany in some form, or Michael thought he got it--he assumed it was safe. That much I believe. That is what he kept telling Lee--"as long as I am monitored, I will be okay". When Murray got the propofol he "approved" the medication for use for insomnia for Michael. Ratner is the doctor from NY--he has been pushed for answers but will not say much on the subject. But, like I mentioned before, I do not think it was possible this was given to Michael for any length of time though Michael may have thought it was given. He wouldn't know, he was asleep! Sad to think this was all a misunderstanding in Michael's mind that Murray, who knew better, carried out in the most illogical of ways and failed him in every possible way, too.

  19. Hey Junie! Haven't sent it to Taj. I might! I dunno. :-S

    Bridgett, I will get to your question in one of my upcoming blogs.

  20. Simo, SandyK and ladypurr, thanks for writing. WOW! Ladypurr your comment is beautiful and so, so important.

    "Even if one is so misinformed to think Michael was a drug addict, it still does not justify Dr. Murray's negligence and outright violation of his hippocratic oath as a doctor. The events leading to the period prior to his death strongly indicate this man "killed" Michael. Based on the charges brought against him, malice wasn't involved but...that's the lynch pin. We don't know and sadly those responsible for gathering information and investigating didn't expand their suspicion beyond Dr. Murray. We all know it is far more complex than simply a "doctor-patient" situation."

    I could not say it better. I, too, wish we could push the prosecution to do more. I have been writing about why I think they are not doing much (based on addiction claims and the molestation allegations, at minimum), though in reality, we don't know. Some fear that if this is a conspiracy with more than Murray involved, then those who had a part have good relations with authorities. I have no proof of that, though, and do not want to directly accuse anyone of anything that I have no proof regarding--I am just stating what I have heard. I think the best thing to do is not take things at face value. There is much to the story we don't know, yet.

    Everyone who posted here is helping, always remember that. It is difficult sometimes because it seems at times those with the loudest voices are not doing this man justice, just as justice was not served when he was alive. I hope that together things will get better. I hope that the Uncovering of Michael's name at Gardner is a sign of things to come.