Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ronni Chasen--Another Flagrant Case of Injustice in Hollywood

I am taking a very quick break from the main purpose of this blog to discuss another case of horrid injustice that deserves attention--that being the brutal murder of Ronni Chasen. By all accounts, Chasen seems to have been a good person who was incredibly hard-working and completely undeserving of what happened to her.

I had thought about writing a blog about her death at some point but after positing the following comment on a social outlet yesterday I actually had a couple requests to do one now:

"Way to go "po-leese"! First you say Harold Smith has no ties, now his gun matches and he acted alone--case solved! Yeah right! He must have been really lucky not missing his target while chasing her on his bicycle!"

I was being sarcastic but low and behold the Beverly Hills Police Department has actually marked my words!

I have been keeping up with Chasen's death since it occurred on November 16th as it stuck a cord with me because of the brutality and tragedy of her death. Her photos reveal a beautiful woman who appeared to be full of life--why did this happen?

When I first heard about her death I immediately thought "hired hit" due to the nature of the crime. She was gunned down in a camera-lacking intersection by five on-target hollowed-point bullets which are more lethal than a typical bullet due to their ability to "spread" in the body.

Things we know (or thought we knew) from previous articles:

--She was likely shot from a high-profile vehicle due to the angle of the shots

--She may have been in motion (driving) when it happen considering she later crashed at enough speed her air bags deployed (how tragic to be shot then have an air bag hit you your wounds)

--The gun seemed to be at least a semi-automatic weapon

--It was not a car jacking (if you want the car--you make the person get out, not kill them, leaving them and the car)

--It was not a robbery (apparently her purse, jewelry, cell phone, etc. were not taken)

--She apparently tried to revise her will two months ago (her will leaves most of her 6 million dollar fortune to charities and one of two nieces)

--She feared someone was following her since March 2010

--There were no casings found at the scene

--The shooter appears to be an expert marksman hitting the torso of the body with all 5 shots

Then we hear, some days later, that the Beverly Hills Police Department has a "person of interest" from tips called in during an airing of "America's Most Wanted". These tipsters living in the same apartment claim Harold Smith said he was due to be paid $10,000 for a "hit" or lawsuit. They also claim Smith said he would never go back to prison yet apparently had no problem "bragging" about killing a publicist everyone had seen on TV. We have also heard from reports in the news he had been in prison before but not for murder. Others living at the apartment said he rode a bike for his method of transportation and always wore gloves which would have made it difficult for him to pull a gun trigger. He was not known to be a professional hit man and apparently had no expert firearms/marksman training. Reports also initially said that ballistics from the gun he used to kill himself did NOT match.

Come yesterday we sudden hear, oh yes, ballistics DO match. We also now hear he shot her while riding his BIKE (did he stand up on it to have the appropriate trajectory!?)--I am not talking about a motorcycle but a BIKE as in a person-powered bicycle with pedals! Now suddenly Smith worked alone--and it was a failed robbery attempt and by no means a hired hit--keeping in mind he was supposedly able to "rob" the scene of casings in the dark without being seen but failed to grab any belongings. Would it really take 5 bullets, hollow ones nonetheless, to rob someone? No. Why would someone hell-bent on never going back to prison do something so stupid, and then supposedly BRAG about it? Moreover, why do the police think the public are actually stupid enough to buy this bullshit? I certainly am not! My big question is WHO is the police either afraid of or covering?!

I would say with Chasen, hopefully her family and friends, some of which are high-profile individuals themselves with clout, will hire a private investigator to look into her murder and not accept this CRAP of a scenario given to them. But then, I read that her own brother was quoted at saying, "I'm sure it was road rage. I'm sure it was some kind of random thing." WHAT?! I would never try to implicate someone's own family in a murder, and am not doing that now, but seriously, how could he even think or say such given the evidence we know is factual? Contrary to reports by even some that knew her there are not that many nuts running around randomly killing people, especially not in the manner in which she was killed! I do not know if police are telling her family and friends that but it is not true. Most people who are murdered know or know of the assailant--there is usually some form of a connection, as with most crimes including rape and kidnapping. I do not think this case is any different.

I hope there will someday be justice in Chasen's death but things are looking dim, just as they are for Michael Jackson. At least people are not blaming her for her own death. I actually told some of my friends I feared this is how her death investigation would play out, either they would never find any suspects (or claim any) or pen it on someone else because whoever did this has power and probably a lot of money behind them, too. I think this is the same route that Jackson's death has taken--money and power are more important than justice for the victim. When you look at these two individuals (and even to some degree at Smith who very well may be a victim here, too, being accused of something he did not do which ultimately led to his suicide)--they are the weaker of the two forces compared to those who wanted them dead. That being said, and considering the politics in Los Angeles and in Hollywood (the entertainment industry) in particular, do you think the police or prosecuting forces want to defend and fight for these two individuals who mean nothing to them and risk losing their jobs and/or possibly their lives? I cannot say this about Chasen but with Jackson there are clear ties, monetary ties, tying those assumed involved in his murder in some way with the authorities that are suppose to be on HIS side or moreover on the side of JUSTICE, integrity and TRUTH, not corruption and the "good ol' boy" system.



  1. From Joy:

    Interesting points made. Can I just add something with regards to the air bag going off? For an air bag to set itself off, the car has to be going at a minimum of 30mph - any less than that and it will not activate.
    So, Harold Smith must have been a very, very fit guy to have ridden his bike at that speed to keep up with her car......

    Cheers Nikki - this is a FRUSTRATING nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A superpeddler?! I mean, how do you aim and fire on a BIKE?! Steer with one hand and fire with the other or balancing? Please. Just more fuel to the flame of stinky shit...

    The only explanation I can come up with for her possibly being stopped and then accelerating is if after being shot she either tried to drive to get help (she was alive when witnesses tried to render aid) OR she inadvertently pushed on the accelerator after the horror of being shot. Thing is, people seem to have heard shots from one area of Sunset Blvd. and then to another section (from Benedict Canyon over to Whittier)--so it seems she was in motion but to think the assassination was done by someone like Smith on a BIKE does not look possible--it seems like it was rapid fire while in motion from an expert marksman, IMO, using some type of semi-automatic, rapid-fire gun. I cannot help but wonder if a night scope was used to see the target, too, since it is not that easy to see in a car at night whether someone's glass is tinted or not good enough to hit the target with all 5 shots. I wonder if there are any tire marks that show her suddenly taking off to try and flee? Or the killers trying to speed off (assuming it was not Smith)?

  3. Can we find Will/Estate "coincidences" between R.C. and M.J.? I believe we can.

    (...) «Bardach said that Chasen's brother believes she drafted another will in 2006, but it has yet to surface.»

    and this:

    "We're working off of a 1994 will and in the 1994 will, one niece more or less inherits everything and the other niece nothing, ten dollars."
    Read more:

    Ronnie's will reads also that millions will go to MAKE-A-WISH Charity.
    Isn't it a great "coincidence" - MJ and uncle Al's "Make a Wish Foundation"?

    (...) «We refinanced his debt with Sony and Bank of America,” said Malnik. “We even squeezed another $5 million cash for him.”»

    Wall Street Gets Its Groove Back

    Oh! Guess who is one of Ronnie Chasen most recent clients? Janet Jackson is!

    Just put 2 & 2 together!

  4. Nikki, I was wondering if you could encourage your readers to sign a petition and participate in a letter writing campaign concerning the revolting program that is to air on Discovery U.K., January 13, 2011. You may already be aware the program is going to show a re-enactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy using the autopsy report that had been released to the public. They will have physicians interpreting this information by using an "anatomically correct simulated cadaver." Needless to say this is an outrage!

    I would like to include a link to MJJ-777 webpage that gives more info on how to get involved with the protest. As it stands now, the Estate has no legal standing in the U.K. to have the show canceled. They say they will monitor the situation for any potential violations. It's seems like they should be able to do more but since I'm not a lawyer I can't understand why they can't get more involved. In the meantime, the only thing that can be done is to protest this outrage with a letter writing and petition signing campaign.

    Thank you!!!!!


  5. Happy New Year Nikki!!! Looking forward to your posts in the new year!!!...:-)

  6. Since my comment from December 25, we all know by now that the horrific Discovery U.K. program was thankfully postponed. This was wonderful news but we have to stay vigilant as the program could air in the future at some time. Please keep signing the petition!

    Thank you and God bless all!!

    Source for petition:

  7. Wow Skeptikos, that is a good thing to start on! Sorry to you and Sandy, I have been MIA (obviously) with my private life beating on life's door! I hope to have more time to get back to "work" soon!

    I have tried googling RC's name and it appears case is closed--what a joke! I saw that supposedly the type of gun used at the crime was one that would not produce shells--okay, perhaps, but still, things do not add up at all in this case. She had also reportedly been wanting to change her will within the last few months, felt like she had been stalked since March, etc. These things should not be dismissed as just...nothing. Until I have a lot more evidence to prove me wrong, I still believe RC was killed intentionally and this was not some random robbery, minus the actual act of robbing, gone wrong by a non-professional, biking-riding hoodlum who just so happen to have great aim at night.

  8. yes it is sad what happened to her and the fact that she was working with Janet Jackson that's an eerie coincidence isn't is?

  9. Hey anon,
    Yes, it is very sad. I will never forget her name nor will I ever think she was just some random robbery gone bad victim. There is a lot of corruption in this world, what can I say? I have to admit, so far, I do think it is a bit of an eerie coincidence though concerning JJ though "Skeptikos" did post some fascinating information up above. To me, Hollywood is such a small, tight-knit community that if you look, probably just about anyone has ties to everyone--kind of like that "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game? I honestly think, as it stands now, that Ms. Chasen may not have been killed due to anything work-related. Either it was over her Estate or it was something horrible somehow she got roped into (ex. some thought maybe it involved art). That is just my opinion, I have no evidence to go by on that, though.