Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I will continue posting blogs here shortly. I have been having to take care of some things that required enormous amounts of my personal time but most of those things should be out of the way now. Also, I do moderate all comments--if you post something I almost always will post it, (for the record I have never rejected a comment unless it was spam)--even if it totally goes against my views. I believe in freedom of speech completely. I try to approve comments only when I have the time to read them and respond which sometimes is a long time (like now). I just approved a batch of comments (this is 02/13/2011) but do not have time yet to respond but hopefully will within the next few hours or days. There is never enough time in the day! Thanks for understanding.


  1. Well come back GG I was wondering. Where you at,
    But you still did not post my comment,
    I hope you do post them, because we can feel differently about some thing,
    I just feel at the time stirring the Sony pot would sever MJ prehuman album no good propose,
    And I was right the album Michael is struggleing for a place.
    It pain me to see MJ fans so divided and labor his music fake and don't buy it.
    Anyway glad you are back.

  2. Thanks Bridgett! Do you see your comment now? I have accepted all comments--and I just went and saw one of your comments was tossed into spam. I am so sorry! I had no idea! I hope it is now up, if not then I never got it because there is one real spam comment in spam and all other comments are approved, none deleted.

    I have not been following the sales of "Michael" but occasionally see it in the stores. It makes me sad, feeling torn between Michael and Sony, torn between what is his work and what is not, torn between wanting him to be successful even though he is gone but not by not promoting his values in work. I want anything of his to be successful--but when I feel like his fans are being taken advantage of, and success comes with lying to them, I don't like that because I feel Michael would always put his fans, and their hearts, before his own success or records.

    I am back and hope not to disappear anytime soon! ;-) I still need more time in the day, though.

  3. I know the feeling we are between a rock and a hard place MJ and Sony it's a useless fight because we can't hit Sony and MJ don't get hit in the cross fire, just like a war I would go to prison than fight a war the innocent get killed.
    If MJ had leave his business in good shape and there was not a 400 million debt to be paid, then I would have look at this in a different light,
    The debt has to be paid and yes some are going to benefitted From it we can't stop it know but one day soon we will throw our spear , but on till then.
    Hope to get some good blog soon, I read our part over at VM keep it coming.

  4. Bridgett we are definitely between a rock and hard place, that is the perfect way of putting this situation. It isn't that I want to fight Sony--I just want people to know the truth about them, and I want them to know how they treated one of their most talented and profitable artists, moreover, how they used him. I just want people to know that Sony has some culpability for Michael's financial decline, a big part of it. I would not say they are 100% responsible, there are many parties with responsibility, like the false accusers and their families, different parties that ripped him off over business situations, insane individuals who sued him for things that one would never imagine (paternity, poisoning food, oh, there was another one, I forgot though, I will find it). These people are responsible, too. Again, I am not saying Sony murdered Michael or do I want people boycotting new albums, I just don't want people making Sony out to be some wonderful company, putting Tommy Mottola on a pedestal or something, as I saw happening before. That I cannot allow to slide.

    Oh, here it is:

    A man tried to sue Michael for stealing his cure for herpes. That is just, unreal! It makes you wonder how insane the general public really is?!? Even though we know a case like this is false--they must be dealt with and it costs money. Sad to know Michael was being sued by people like this on such a regular basis and it was costing him money.