Saturday, February 26, 2011

YouTube Clean Up For Michael Jackson

If you have ever tried to go onto YouTube and find a video about Michael Jackson you probably have come across some hideous ones in the process that leave you stunned, even if you do not actually watch the video. You cannot avoid them--you see the image of some fake autopsy photo or read the title of the video suggesting Michael was a pedophile when he was not. I have seen videos claiming the FBI files "prove" Michael was a pedophile when they actually prove there was no evidence of such. It is horrible to see all the lies harbored on a site that reaches millions across the globe.

Sometime last year I wrote on this very same blog about one disgusting YouTube user whose account was filled with such vile and viscous bullshit, to put it lightly, and she did it all in precious Paris Jackson's name. How much lower can one go? I was appalled and wanted to start a boycott of YouTube but knew that was likely impossible. YouTube can also be used to promote positive messages, too, but to me it is canceled out when you see videos that have no business being aired through any medium. YouTube is very lazy when it comes to monitoring what is placed online--they do not take action until after it is already viewable to the public. That kind of laziness could cost them big someday whether it involves a video of Michael or not--I am shocked we have not heard of child porn or someone's suicide being put online to view through YouTube.

There is some good news out of all the bad news I had to mention above--friends of mine are leading the way in eradicating not only vile and filthy videos but also YouTube accounts that promote such hate towards Michael. Please help take part, even if you only report one video or one abusive account, you can make a difference.

The following tweet is from a dear friend, Deborah Ffrench:

The most recent tweet is actually linked below, with some important updates:

Please click on the link above to read all of the videos and accounts that need to be reported and how to go about reporting them. Sadly, the list is very, very long and I do not want to copy it here on a blog trying to help Michael and his legacy. I do not think you need a Twitter account to see the tweet, but, if you do, let me know via my comments section and I will copy and post the tweet.

March 5th and 6th is another one of the scheduled times to report the videos and accounts (there have been previous sessions that were very successful)--but you can report anytime. However, when we have people reporting together the results are achieved much faster.

Please, take some time this weekend, even if only 30 minutes, to report some of these videos or accounts. Every little bit helps!

You do not need to be a fan of Michael's to do this, try to include your friends and family, if they love you, they will help (hehe)--everyone should do this when they can out of respect for a fellow human being, especially one who gave so much of himself to others, and for his family especially his children. No child deserves to go onto the internet and see all the vicious lies and cruel remarks and images of their own father who is now gone. The pain of his death is bad enough and his children do not deserve to be hurt anymore than they already have been by his death. And yes, Michael's children do go online and it is a matter of time before they see these putrid videos (if they have not already, but let's pray they have not). Put yourself in Michael's shoes or in one of his children's shoes--the need to do something is needed now. Be a part of it!


  1. Thank you for this post...:-) I have made my voice heard on You Tube concerning abusive videos and feel good that my one voice, added to many, helped to shut down at least some of the offensive videos. This will need to be an on going effort since many of the offenders will create new accounts under new names and repost their abusive filth.

    Praise to all those that have participated and to those that will be participating in the future!

  2. Just distractions to keep people attentions off of what is really important.
    Btw, plenty of inconsistences in the Autopsy Report described here: + other 18 videos

  3. Oh man, even more? I will get these added to the list!

  4. This video is also under attack (TII concert announcement)
    See all the comments here:

    You can numerous comments by a particular hater (that you may know from their trolling of other MJ videos) & a few puppets or friends from last week have already been flagged but they have fresh ones from this week.
    One comment from 4 months ago:"YouTube removed my channel. I don't know why. Maybe it's because too many loudmouthed MJ fans have tried to mob up against me they're trying to protect me." LOL

  5. Wow--what I don't get is why do these people keep ON? Do they not have lives? When people defend Michael they either defend him out of love and/or the truth--they also fight for respect for someone who was a respectful human being. So, what I don't get is, why would anyone want to spend time hating on an individual they never even interacted with in their entire life and did NOTHING to them?! I would think there would be MUCH more productive things to do with their time! They should take up discussing politics or religion and leave Michael alone.