Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rx for Danger--and It's Called "Ignorance"

Though not worthy of re-publication, I have decided to discuss an article on my blog because it appears that since I will not give out all my real, private information I am not able to become a "verified" user thus I am unable to post my thoughts (aka corrections) to this piece of... So, fine, I will just post the response to my own blog because something like this should not be allowed to persist without some worthy two cents:

"Painkillers put doctors under scrutiny" published by

Is it really that difficult to write an article that is actually accurate?

First error--Michael Jackson did not die from "painkillers". There were no "painkillers" in his house, prescription or otherwise, or in his body at the time of death. His cause of death had nothing to do with current or previous use of "painkillers". To infer the use or abuse of "painkillers" in Jackson's death is a serious fallacy that discredits everything written in this article, correct or not.

Second error--Conrad Murray is not to be compared with doctors who have written prescriptions for their patients who then go pick them up at a pharmacy and subsequently overdosed by their own hand and doing, accidental or not. Murray was in the house with Michael when he died--how often do you hear of such? Never. Michael Jackson did not even die from an "overdose"--he died because of Conrad Murray and his failure to prepare for what was to inevitably to happen to Michael due to Murray's own actions and non-actions. Murray personally administered the medications to Michael, none of which should have been used by Murray for insomnia or otherwise and these were medications Murray ordered from a pharmacy himself with his own debit card. Murray claims Michael was asking for this or that that morning of 06/25/2009 but as more evidence comes out it appears Michael was not even awake to know what was happening to him during the duration of the night. Michael had no medications in his stomach, no medication in his blood other than those provided directly by Murray. Murray chose not to prepare for any sort of problems that could occur from the regimen he chose to give to Michael. He did not even choose to do appropriate CPR, opting for one-handed CPR on a bed while making phone calls to security rather than 911. How dare anyone attempt to say Murray should not be facing criminal charges. He is a menace to society and a disgrace to medical professionals everywhere. If he can practice medicine then we might as well allow death row inmates interested in medicine to practice medicine, too .

The ignorance surrounded Jackson's death, which is no less then murder, is appalling. It should not be that difficult to understand the gist of the autopsy report which holds the key to Jackson's death which is no less than murder.

When are journalists going to get it through their thick heads that Michael's death had NOTHING to do with "painkillers"?


  1. Never, because they are not journalist anymore they are shamealist,
    Gone are the days when one would research a story and editor fact check,
    That my lady is history,
    That is why it is going to be up to us to make sure Mj history is corrected and blog like your and justice, VD Michael , mj-777, reflection of the dance, are important , they need to be unbiased and free of hate, and tell the truth all of you guys work are important to the Mjjcomunitty to achieve the truth, and find the historian to make sure they get it right.

  2. Key word here is 'Journalists' .. alas, none of the people writing these articles have an iota of integrity or interest in putting the facts in the public's view. In fact, it is glaringly apparent that they are purposefully concocting and printing the most incredibly baseless assertions. He fought that negative energy from the media his whole life and now from the grave, as he lays in stately repose he can no longer push back. It is WE who must defend him. We appreciate the careful attention to detail that you take and everything you do to bring the truth forward.

  3. It's so frustrating to have to put up with the kind of misinformation so-called journalists sprout. Thanks for doing your best to get the truth about Murray out there.


  4. I agree with your statements. It's very frustrating to see this type of reporting happening over and over. We are now Michael's voice and I for one am NEVER giving up on fighting for his legacy. I'm sure without a doubt that I am not alone in this. God Bless all who are working very hard in the effort to carry forth and fight to keep Michael's legacy in tact. There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one and we must Keep the Faith. Michael was right. We need to stay strong and resolved and do so with integrity, respect, compassion and love. Thank you. Kim (windy09)

  5. Yes, I also agree. And of course Propofol is NOT a perscription drug! I have yet to see a CVS or Walgreen's stock such a drug for public consumption. It is so immensly discouraging to see so called "journalists" not do what they were trained to do and that is research BEFORE they write. The autopsy report is out there and can be obtained by any journalist. So why don't they? Laziness, apathy, and what ever all else is no excuse. There are still so many that want to compare Michael's situation to Heath Ledger or Anna Nicole Smith when there is NO comparison what so ever. As Kimberly said, Michael was right. We need to raise our voices as one, stay strong and resolved and do so with integrity, respect, compassion and love. Well said, Kimberly and thank you Nikki for doing just that.

  6. Hi Nikki,

    This isn't related to your post above but I did want to share this with you to see what you thought. The author of the blog describes herself as a lisenced U.S. paramedic. She put this blog post up last June to describe what is being seen in the now famous/infamous ambulance photo. Many have claimed the image is fake and she gives detailed reasons as to why she thinks it's real. Her analysis is very interesting and I thought you'd find it interesting too. BTW, please accept my apologies for referencing this disturbing image...:-(


  7. THANKYOU! Finally, someone who doesn't just spout utter nonsense and lies about Michael.

  8. Thanks JDawg! Sorry about the delay in posting your comment--life beckons!