Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Halima Rashid is Not Related to Tohme Tohme

Hey everyone--it has been a while since I posted but hopefully I will get in the swing of things again soon.

I am doing this blog at the spur-of-the-moment to clarify a rumor that has been floating around for over a year on various fan forums, Facebook and Twitter. The rumor was that the shady Tohme Ramez Tohme, Michael's self-proclaimed manager (in life and death) and one-time president of MJJ Productions, and Jermaine Jackson's wife Halima Rashid, are cousins. This rumor is NOT true as it was clarified on Twitter today (May 10th, 2011). My thanks go to Halima and Jermaine for clarifying this rumor.

This rumor was started by Joe Jackson's attorney Brian Oxman during a UStream event held on March 23rd, 2010. (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5672410)

The following tweets dispel the rumor (some tweets may be out of order):

I hope Halima takes care of Oxman personally as he has said many false things regarding Michael's death, too. Someone needs to put him in his place about spewing false information. When I and many others tried to correct him on certain matters (ex. Michael did not have bacterial pneumonia or brain swelling prior to death) we were ignored or even blocked.

It is my serious hope that Jermaine will speak about Tohme in the near future as many feel he may be a pivotal player in Michael's death as he had involvement in just about every facet of Michael's life (the saving of Neverland with Colony Capital, the concert deal with AEG and the ill-fated Julien's auction that Michael had to stop via lawsuit (http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/31109/michael-jackson-auction-canceled/ and http://www.showbiz411.com/2009/04/23/20090423jackos-michael-jackson-manager-tohme-tohme and http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/jackson-memorabilia-items-held-back-by-tohme_1114799). Tohme was fired sometime in May but remained in the "loop" anyway. Michael stated he was afraid of the man (http://youtu.be/KMmPeb_jWaI), he claimed to be helping Michael without charge yet was being paid $100K/month by AEG per the contract, he had $5.5 million dollars in his possession that belonged to Michael (http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/Jackson-advisor-says-he-turned-over--5-5-million-1518727.story) and gave it to the Estate a month after Michael's death. Tohme apparently bought a new house in July 2009, too. Let's also not forget that though supposedly fired, Tohme and AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips arrived at UCLA together the day Michael died (I will try to attach this footage in a comment below once I find it again).

Supposedly Randy Phillips has a sister named Janet who was married to Tohme in the 1970s, thus they are ex in-laws. I am not sure if this is true or not but would like to investigate it further at some point. It seems Randy Phillips (it was either him or someone with the same name) had worked with Michael before via the LA Gear deal that did not pan out so well. John Branca offered some brief words on Phillips which were captured in this book (http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books-jetzi-02/ihow/ihow0a.html) by Catherine Dineen.

So many questions still remained unanswered, so many answers remain untold and so many false statements continue to persist and complicate the entire situation. Hopefully time will tell the truth someday. At least there is one more false rumor put to rest today.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to a close Nikki. Yet another falsehood about a member of the Jackson family dispelled.

    Your last paragraph echoes a quote from Michael I saw again yesterday:

    "Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons." — Michael Jackson

    All I can say is great minds think alike!

    Love ya!

  2. Oxman is a complete waste of space. I emailed him several times to gain clarification on issues which he'd brought up which didn't fit into what was already known, and he couldn't even be bothered to reply with a few words. Then, I emailed as a journalist from another account, looking for him to speak to the media about such issues, and I got an email back from that SAME personal account, from his 'secretary', who said that he would be glad to speak...for a minimum of $600 for half an hour. This man doesn't crave for justice; he just craves fame. Dee

  3. I Nikki, great work last night; so glad that Halima replied with that information. Jermaine later said he would address Tohme not on twitter; in his book. Oxman needs to recant his statements and the Jackson family should stop referring to Michael and addictions in the same breath; they are aiding the defense for God's sake. Sometimes it boggles the mind how little they know. I had thought that Tohme was intro'd to Michael through CC, to keep an eye on their investment. Remember the money per the contract that was to be wired to TT International in Lebanon? That's Tohme's company. What follows is from memory, as I read these things late 09 ........... Yes, RP was married in Sacramento CA in early 70's to Janet Phillips, and yes, the 1993 LAGear deal with Michael included Phillips. I will try to find the links but for now must go to work. You are an endless crusader for the truth and I really admire your efforts.

  4. The reason why there are so many rumours is because Jermaine chooses not to answer any questions. Didn't Jermaine introduce Tohme to MJ? The following article states that Tohme was contacted by Jermaine to assist with Neverland, and Jermaine drove Tohme to Las Vegas to see MJ -

    (from article)
    Tohme, a financier with a murky past, had been contacted by Jackson’s brother, Jermaine, who asked if Tohme could help to save Jackson’s beloved Neverland ranch from foreclosure. Tohme said he traveled with Jermaine to Las Vegas, where Jackson was living after years of wandering the world following his acquittal on child molestation charges.

    They bonded instantly. “For the last year and a half I was the closest person to Michael Jackson,” Tohme said. He contacted Tom Barrack, the chairman of Colony Capital and a close personal friend. “He was hesitant to get involved, but I said, ‘Let’s go see Michael,’” Tohme recalled.

    In this video from TMZ, you can see that Jermaine is pretty confident that Neverland is going to be saved. You can tell from his language that he is personally involved in this.

    http://www.tmz.com/2008/03/18/jackson-dead-serious-about-neverland/ (unfortunately there are aspects of the vid that are offensive)

    As for the AEG contract, Jermaine has never criticized the contract or the number of shows that MJ was required to do. He stated the following:

    "I mean he could have done 200 shows there. I felt that he could do it because of the way the shows were spaced out and it wasn't like every day. You see when we first started we doing 1 nighters where every day you're in a different place, you're riding a bus and sleeping on top of each other - that's tough, but this wasn't, and you didn't have to take the stage down, you were in 1 location."
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLkfyQTaVmw (6.15)

    Jermaine states that MJ was killed because he was actually getting back on top. He was going to pull off the concerts:

    Interviewer: Jermaine is convinced his brothers death is not simply a tragic accident

    Jermaine: I do know that there were evils, conspirators and people who just didn't want to see him get bigger and so we're busy trying to bring all of this together. They know who they are, we know who they are as well.

    Interviewer: Who do you think they are?

    Jermaine: There are just people in the industry. When you become so big, you have enemies. This was done to him purposely.

    Interviewer: You think someone killed him purposely?

    Jermaine: Oh yeah, yeah, and it will come out.

    Interviewer: So you think there was some sort of conspiracy to kill your brother?

    Jermaine: Absolutely
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XuUHATRVjw&feature=related (8.30)

    Jermaine can't say all that and expect people not to ask questions. He has been less than forthcoming about his own involvement in all this.

  5. The article i referred to previously is this http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/31740617

    The video of RP arriving with TT can be found here http://x17video.com/celebrity_video/michael_jackson/michael_jacksons_family_member.php

  6. Thanks Diana! Here is this video (it my be the same):


    You can see them briefly at 2:00.

    I will make more comments later this afternoon.

  7. To follow up on my earlier post re Tohme and Janet Phillips' marriage, it appears from California Department of Health records, that one Tohme R. Tohme was married to one Janet C. Phillips on January 29, 1972 in Sacramento, CA when Tohme was 24 and Janet 18; divorced four years later. The marriage is recorded as state file 7307, register 289, and the divorce is recorded as state file 664652, dissolution case no. 716055. Is THIS Janet C. Phillips Randy Phillips' sister, and, if so, is it significant of anything?

  8. Hey guys--one thing is for sure--Oxman needs to be removed from anything pertaining to Michael. Hopefully this incident may finally be the last punch. I mean, what can he really do while his license is suspended?

  9. Hey Diana,
    I agree--Jermaine (as well as the other Jackson siblings) really need to do more, IMO. Time is running out. I addressed Jermaine about the fact that though LaToya may be saying Michael was murdered the public is not going to take her seriously while Janet and Rebbie make him out to be some washed-up junkie. A drug-addict murdered with drugs? Yeah right. That makes people who think he was murdered look like fools living detached from reality (which angers people like me who are working hard to prove the public otherwise with medical-based evidence). Jermaine has never really done as his sisters have. I wonder if his "200 shows" reference was an exaggeration in his attempt to say his brother was actually healthy. Only Jermaine knows what he really meant by that comment, though, so I don't want to put words into his mouth.

    I want names from the Jackson Family--Rowe was not afraid to talk about certain people. I want evidence from the Jackson Family, not "we know" or "it will come out". It is about to be two years and thus far the only promising information has come out of court documents, not from the family. I do understand that they may be afraid, either from threats or maybe of jeopardizing the investigation but in all honestly the investigation is over--Murray is the only one being charged and being charged with one count of accidental death. They really have nothing to lose anymore. Once Murray is tried and convicted there is basically no chance that anyone else will ever face any criminal charges in Michael's death.

    This source here: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/michael-jackson-double-crossed/story-e6frg12c-1225759349424 says that it was Janet and Jermaine who introduced Tohme to Michael. Janet and Tohme had been neighbors. So perhaps Janet and Jermaine both need to make some clarifications. I'd never heard Janet and Tohme discussed in the same reference. Either way, I do not think we can hold Janet or Jermaine accountable for Tohme's actions. Tohme is obviously a dominating and domineering personality that seizes control of any opportunity he comes across. Did they know that when they introduced their brother to him? Now, my questions are how well did Jermaine/Janet know Tohme and what do they think of him now?

    Hopefully in time they will give us some answers. It would surely help us, but moreover, help Michael.

  10. Yes i agree, and the overriding point is that they have nothing to lose anymore as you pointed out. Yet the common excuse is 'there's a trial going on'. Yawn. Do they not realise they are losing their credibility here? Let's face it, if they are sitting on information then they should be giving that to LAPD. I know, LAPD - another problem. But it should all be out in the open. People have nothing to fear when the truth is hidden. The most remarkable thing is that the Jackson family, particularly Jermaine, have stated in public that they know what has really gone on yet they won't say what! I have trouble finding an excuse that prevents them from speaking on the matter. Now we are supposed to buy Jermaine's book? How low is this going? It's just a disgrace. I just don't think the family realise that there are bright minded people listening to this, who are just not that easily fooled.

  11. Please consider that the siblings all seem to be rebuilding their careers, very fortuitously for them, after years of never being heard from. It sickens me that Janet and Rebbie refer to drug addiction when referencing their deceased brother. IMO they are all afraid of being blackballed or worse by the "industry". Jermaine actually said "people in the industry" when asked who he believed as responsible for Michael's death. If he knows he should speak up and not simply refer fans to his book. Nothing is just going to "come out". Then there's Joe Jackson at the Cannes Film Festival plugging some documentary he's involved in and selling perfume and wine using Michael's likeness, and previously in VietNam breaking ground for "Happyland". Do they care?

  12. Here are some interesting links I have found regarding Tohme:


    http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-96626.html (Please pay close attention to Unamo's comments, who are they and can they be trusted? "He then re-connected to Jermaine and they both gave me a call to assure me Tohme will be back soon and he talked bad things about the person Michael picked as his new manager ( not DiLeo )" Was it Rowe, then? Jermaine really needs to address this person's comments about Tohme being fired then brought back in by Jermaine--was Tohme in fact rehired? WHY?

    http://imgur.com/D4eQG.jpg--the actual document that supposedly terminated Tohme, why is there no letterhead or attorneys' names?


    Tohme and/or his colleagues are said to have threatened both Julien's Auction House and Patrick Allocco? Coincidence?


  13. I do not think a book should be used to discuss Tohme or really any matter right now--it needs to be done in person, in the flesh, ESPECIALLY when you start analyzing Tohme in-depth. Questions need to be allowed and then answered--a book only gives people want YOU want them to know and nothing more. A book is a closed-ended method for the dispensing of information and Michael's death does not need to be a closed-ended topic especially not by his own family. I mean, there is enough on the internet to lead to Tohme at minimum being sued civilly! Then again, it is not Michael who will be getting back what he deserves since he's dead.

    Tohme first said he was not in this for money, he did not make money off Michael yet whoops, then he says they were going to not make millions but BILLIONS! Hmmm. An entertainer who had his career assassinated by liars who claimed he was a pedophile? Sure. I do not think you go in wanting to make billions if you are not in it for the money, right?

    I agree June. Did you hear Joe is promoting an ice cream? I thought it was a joke or misunderstanding. I nearly cried. Michael's image is seriously being used to promote an ice cream? Wine is in horrible taste, too, especially given the commotion wine caused in the trial in 2005. I do not understand this at all and I am not trying to judge here but when Michael died I decided to dedicate a good amount of my life to trying to help him receive the justice he deserves out of pure love for someone I never even laid my eyes upon. I want to think his family is doing the same and it is just not visible to us but it seems they have moved on from his death and are not turning back. I mean, I know someone cannot dwell on someone's death forever but when someone is killed and it is under criminal circumstances then I think that warrants a relentless pursuit of searching for answers. I think of people like Mohamed Al-Fayed who has never backed down in stating his son was murdered. I think of people like John Walsh and Mark Klaas who have worked so hard not only for justice for their children but for others as well. I think of Beth Holloway who has never given up hope of finding answers to her daughter's disappearance and likely murder. I just wish we saw more action like this from the Jacksons. They say he was murdered. At first I was not sure but now I agree 100%, sadly no thanks to them.

  14. @ Nikki

    This is my first time commenting here so please forgive my ignorance but could I ask you something unrelated to this post.

    People talk about MJ not knowing he was given propofol. Now the theory sounds solid to me but there is 1 thing nagging at me.
    If Michael saw the oxygen tanks wouldn't he be suspious or am I missing something with my non medical logic. The IV drip was there for dehydration. OK thats fair because MJ was sent to hospital in 1999 for dehydration (the same hospital he had his AEG physical interesting side note: Or the doctor works their anyway) but why would the oxygen be there if not used for propofol? Do you need oxygen for benz... lol you know what I talkng about. I not followe the medical side because most goes over my head.
    I'm notsaying this to question you it is just something that bothers me. Thank you.


  15. Hey Chris!

    Well, thing is, we don't know if the oxygen tanks were brought in while Michael was asleep/sedated or awake. Remember, he wasn't even in his typical bedroom; it was down the hall. I know some people (the chefs) in the house would see Murray toting the oxygen tanks around--not sure if this was when Michael was awake or not, though. I wish I knew if it was true that Klein said Michael sometimes slept with oxygen on. I don't know why he would, he did have some lung issues but not sure if that would require oxygen, though. Thing is, that oxygen was pretty much useless for propofol since the problem is you stop breathing, not that you do not get in as much oxygen as you breathe. Oxygen can be used in that manner for benzo administration, I am pretty sure--the dosing for benzos has a much bigger window than propofol. For example, someone who takes a benzo orally likely does not need any additional oxygen at all to where a larger IV dose may require someone be intubated.

    It actually bothers me thinking that Michael supposedly said that as long as he was monitored while being given propofol he would be okay. He had had the stuff before for legit procedures--I would think he would realize there was a LOT of stuff missing. Thing is, Dr. Treacy said Michael did not even want him giving him midazolam (a benzo) without an anesthesiologist. That is HUGE! So, what changed for Murray to be allowed to do this? Did anything change or did Murray take matters into his own hands?

    You mentioned dehydration but it appears Murray ordered hardly any saline bags--he ordered 9 on April 6th and I think 12 on June 15th. What was he doing in the meantime?! He didn't even order IV lidocaine ("anti-burn") until June 10th--two weeks before Michael died. Hmm, and he was supposedly giving it for 6 weeks?

    There is so much lying and confusion here even the most advanced medical personnel cannot piece this all together alone. That is because Murray is lying x100. Why all the lying if this was just an accident? If it was an accident why is Murray not admitting to it?

    Your questions are very valid, thanks for asking! Let me know if you have any questions.

  16. Nikki, your current blog topics are so important and relevant and I know you are working hard on them; please no need to comment on what I'm writing here; I'm just venting and will understand if you do not post this comment at all. In THIS blog on Halima, you have commented on nearly ALL the Jacksons' apparent malaise in getting to the bottom of what happened to their son/brother, with which I have agreed for so very long. I'm tired of seeing their twitters talking about their wonderful lives and how happy they all are; their resurgent careers now that they no longer have a source of income (MJ), their endless supply of books "in defense of" Michael. In defense of Michael? For what? How 'bout backing up all your tv interviews saying you know who killed him? Afraid of losing your newly rejuvenated celebrity status in Hollywood? Where are the backbones in this family? And Joe J off in Cannes hawking Michael products under some subterfuge with UD Group (affiliated with Weisner)really goes beyond the pale. Joe and Katherine are angry with the estate executors and do not give a crap about Michael's legacy. Sorry to pile on; seems the fans and supporters are the real advocates for Michael; no wonder he had nothing to do with his family in his later years. Let's hope his children can rise above and appreciate the true genius and philanthropist that was their loving father.

  17. Hi June--this is sooooo late but I was not notified about comments or something! So here I go. I understand your frustration. I believe in free speech so as long as it is not something like spam I post all comments. I do wish that someone from Michael's family would finally give us something to grasp onto and be fearless and more than anything NOT HOLD BACK. I don't want a book--I want answers, detailed answers, live answers and I want them to have some UNDERSTANDING. The reason it takes me so long to blog is because I am so detailed-oriented and try to provide my readers with everything so there are no gaps to fill, no guessing. I am not afraid to sit here and say I firmly believe Michael was murdered, I believe Murray carried it out and I think the two people who are most likely behind it were Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme based on evidence that we have access to such as that pathetic excuse of a CONtract and Tohme selling Michael's life, whoops I mean belongings. Ah, recall them walking side-by-side to UCLA. Yet er, Tohme was fired, was he not? Hmmm. I have never been able to verify if Tohme and Phillips are ex-brother-in-laws but they not need be, IMO.

    Michael himself was fearless. Imagine, he had to face these devils head-on, he had to face liars like the Chandlers in court while he was humiliated in public for 6 months (more if you count all the tabloids hating on him since 17), he had to face nearly losing everything he'd ever worked for his entire life, everything he earned in sacrificing that childhood he wished he had had. He had to face Murray alone--now, maybe Murray never physically threatened him but who knows--he was alone with people like him, like Tohme who threatened him, too. Imagine Michael in that "Riot Act" meeting. Now, I want Michael's family to imagine him being faced with these type of decisions and threats day in and day out--that should make them want to speak out and be fearless just like him, for him. They know something is not right with his death. They know he should not be dead or they wouldn't have carried out a second autopsy. They need to speak out--they can speak out with lawyers or a publicist if they fear messing up their words--I can understand that, but hell, most of them already say he was murdered--so please, back it up, make it believable to the public, give them some evidence. That's what I try to do and I am no one! Do more than call Michael a drug addict--by God he didn't die from his own demise and I am not saying that because I love him--I say it because it is true. He wanted to live, he wanted to do so much more with his life. Now his life is over. His children's lives are so different. His life, his mission was cut short. A part of the world will forever mourn him for a soul like his only comes around once in a green moon (I don't mean blue moon, either).