Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photos from Alberto Alvarez's Testimony

Above is a drawing of the bag Alberto Alvarez saw--this drawing was requested by Prosecutor David Walgren.

Above is a photo of the actual IV bag and vial of propofol re-created as Alvarez saw it, at eye-level, over two years ago. He states it was diagonally in the bag, not vertical. So far there is no clear indication about tubing.

Above is a photo of the actual IV bag that contained the propofol vial within the IV saline bag. Note the trace of what appears to be propofol in the far corners of the bag toward the end of the bag.

Above is a photo indicated the "nub" and what appears to be the slit in the bag. The slit was confirmed to be vertical rather than horizontal.

Above is a photo that Alberto Alvarez stated he did NOT recall drawing.

Above is a depiction, drawn by Alvarez, of the pulse-ox machine. He notes it did not have needles attached to it, but did have wires.

Above is a photo of the same normal saline bag (0.9% NaCl) as the one Murray cut.

For this tubing, 15 drops would equal one milliliter. This is important because propofol is typically given via a manual pump that gives less than a milliliter a minute. If Murray was trying to run the propofol at a rate of 50 mcg/kg/min, which is the maximum rate one would run propofol in the ICU with a patient on a ventilator machine and in fact conscious, and assuming Michael weighed 60 kg, then Murray would need to give 0.3 mL a minute or roughly 7 drops a minute which I would think would be very difficult to achieve using gravity rather than a pump. This tubing came with the option to vent (use with a bottle or not) and does not use a Luer Lock to connect. (Number 20981).

Above is the actual saline bag and propofol vial found by Elisa Fleak, coroner investigator. She did remove the bottle from the saline bag for photographic purposes. This was in the Costco bag. This photo was taken a few days after Michael was killed.

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