Monday, October 3, 2011

Michael Jackson Drank Propofol? Not So Fast...

This will probably be my shortest blog ever. The reason I have decided to blog this information is because it is critically important in dismissing the fact, once and for all, that Michael drank propofol. I have been calling this bullocks since day one. I thought it was a joke when I heard the defense had come up with this notion.

There are not many studies out there about "drinking propofol" but certainly, I can tell you based on just basic medical knowledge that propofol being drank could not be lethal or likely even cause an effect (the only hypothesis I can fathom in which there could be sedation to some degree may be if there is some type of ulceration in the stomach which would allow propofol to go directly into the blood from the stomach). Propofol would be "chomped" up by the liver and likely no active drug would ever make it to the brain. All metabolites (propofol broken down by enzymes in the body) are inactive, as in, they cause no effect. Again, the principle of what I am saying is--PROPOFOL DRANK CANNOT KILL.

But, above all this as explained above, and to save people's time rather than bore them to death with medical journal articles, I give you this information:

I learned, first hand, today that 1 MILLIliter of propofol weighs approximately 1.1 GRAMs. The amount of propofol in Michael's stomach was recorded as 0.13 MILLIgrams (NOT in a drug concentration of 0.13 mg/mL). One GRAM equals 1000 MILLIgrams. Using ratios and proportions (math) this would conclude that 0.13 MILLIgrams would be approximately:

(Drum roll please...)

0.00012 MILLIliters (mLs)

That is not an amount likely visible by the naked eye and is hardly an amount that could be orally ingested. I think most people know how much a milliliter is, but for comparison, there are 5 millliters in one TEAspoon. This amount in Michael's stomach is not a tenth, not a hundreth, not a thousandth but a TEN-THOUSANDTH of a MILLIliter.

Let the defense try to worm their way though that one. I dare them...

Oh, and while I am at it, do not forget I already debunked their claim that he self-injected, it, too:

I have since added more information annihilating the "self-injection" fantasy, rather than theory, throughout my blog in various posts, such as this one.


  1. Wow Nikki, this a short but a very illuminating blog!! I didn´t know that...OMG...Great!!!God job mi chica!!

  2. Big news today--the defense has FINALLY decided to abandon this defense lie, oops I mean tactic. I guess they finally at least semi-acknowledge it is not true. I guess it will take more time for them to acknowledge all their other tactics are false, too. That is what happens when you have a sociopath for a client.