Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conrad Murray's Medical Records for Michael Jackson

Xanax 0.5 mg--Take one tablet by mouth every 6 hours (cut off)
Restoril 30 mg--Take one tablet at bedtime as needed

Restoril 30 mg (cut off)--no refills

Cough, nasal congestion, (cut off, but possibly says "chills")
generalize(d) fatigue, all (cut off)
Assessment/Plan: upper respiratory infection/(cut off, possibly "viral")
increase fluids (drink more fluids)

Onychomycosis (spelling) -- Lami (cut off, but states Lamisil)
for 3 months, check liver function tests after 1st (month)
may take 6 months - 12 months
(Liver function tests are done when taking Lamisil because it has caused fatal
cases of liver failure.)

3/07 (not day given):
"M" -- cough, chills, (cut off)
with intermittent specs of blood (cut off)
Phlegm greenish brown
Pleuritic chest pain with cough (cut off)
lower rib cage
chest x-ray positive for right lower lobe pneumonia

"Omar Arnold", 49 years old
(Notice a date is present on one document and not any of the others though these appear to be the same document, appears to the one date is 1/24/06 but is likely 1/24/08, as he was 49 years old then, however it looks more like a "9" rather than "8" for the year)
Complain of weakness, body aches, persistent cough
with mild yellowish phlegm, ??? fever chills ???
have been fever, ???
children have same symptoms, ???
well. All ???
consuming liquids. No ??? loss of appetite
negative for chest pains

(The middle and lower portion of this document is sadly too blurry for me to make out at this time.)

Dehydration from decreased fluid intake
??? vitiligo (spelling?)
Fluid hydration (cut off)
Benoquin 20% cream (cut off)
apply twice to ???
Youth Essense
Allergies -

Arnold, Omar (MJJ)
cough, chills, productive cough with intermittent
specs of blood with deep coughing ???
???, general weakness, pleurtic chest ...
cough worst on right lower rib cage
chest x-ray--positive for right lower lobe pneumonia/???
small ??? of pleural fluid with ???
1. Omnicef 600 mg one a day
2. Z-pack
3. Lortab (for pleural pain and cough)

Omar Arnold
1/11/06 (date appears to be incorrect)
Cough, chills, fatigue, (cut off)
??? otherwise (cut off)

(This sheet also states Michael was negative for orthopnea and edema--possible signs of heart failure. This sheet appears to be one that Murray used for his cardiac patients.)

1. Robitussin AC--1 to 2 teaspoons every 4-6 hours as needed for cough
2. Omnicef 300 mg--Take one by mouth twice a day for 7 days
3. Nasonex--one puff (in each nostril) daily for 5 days, then as needed if sneezing and congested.

Prescription written on 2/10/07:
Youth Essence Moisturizing Cream--SPF 30


Page 1:
...tion of the posterior horn of the medial men...
subluxation of patella, with knee in neutral...
effusion, small Baker cyst with slight leakage...

Page 2:
Fluid without focal erosions or degenerative
...angular fibrocartilage tear or per
...fluid, ??? greater

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