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Seacoast Medical Orders by Conrad Murray

This will be another blog in progress, which means it will be updated over time as more information become available as we only have bits and pieces as it stands right now.

I thought it would be a good idea to post up photos of some of the items we know Murray ordered (or attempted to order as some items were on back-order and cancelled) and how they may or may not have pertained to Michael's death--or to just give everyone a general idea of what they may be in this case. This information here will play a part in my next blog where I will be discussing the IV found in the bedroom.

For this blog, I will be covering the items Murray ordered from Seacoast Medical.

Below are copies of *some* of the orders from Seacoast from the trial. Some may be duplicated and some may be missing as well; information regarding dates that is currently known or thought to be known will be provided at the end of this blog:

For some of the items that are not easily understood, I will briefly explain what they are and provide a photo if available. I was able to trace back to the manufacturer what was exactly what through Seacoast's online product inventory--if you have any questions of how I was able to do this for verification purposes as I do not mind my work being checked, please ask:

#101143 Sodium Chloride Bacteriostatic 0.9%, 30 mL, 25 vials
--this is normal saline (0.9% NaCL or salt), "bacteriostatic" means it contains preservatives and can be used multiple times vs. using a vial only once, this could be used to dilute medications, like IV lorazepam

#002366 Welch Allyn Cuff, etc. and #002672 Aneroid Access
--these are both components to a basic blood pressure cuff, with accessories

#105777 Medex Injection Adapater, etc.
--photo provided below; this adapter is an IV tubing extension--it would connect via Luer Lock and provide for administration via a syringe and needle into IV tubing

#106091 Medex T Connector, etc.
--photos provided below; this is an IV extension kit that has a syringe w/ needle valve (the top port) and a Luer Lock connection as well (bottom port, this would connect to an IV catheter, for example); Murray had one of these, unused, in one of the bags he placed in the closet

#309578 BD 20 G X 1" 3CC Syringe/Needle
--these are 3 mL syringes that come with a 1 inch, 20 gauge needle

#011281 Medex Jelco IV Catheters Radiopaque 24G X 3/4"
--these are IV catheters that are inserted into a vein to administers medications and IV fluids; the larger the gauge of a needle, the smaller the needle actually is (inversely related)

#???483 Syringe 10CC Luer Lock Needle 22G X 1"
--these are 10 mL syringes, with Luer Lock (twist on rather than push or snap on) needles attached, 22 gauge, 1 inch long

#???068 3G Latex Free Glove, Large

#007774 Exel IV Administration Sets, 15 drops/mL, 50 per case
--this is the IV tubing featured below and what was found in the bedroom

#013452 QMS Exam Table Paper
--this sounds like office supplies to me--odd to be ordering it when a doctor is rarely present and his office is ran by non-medical staff

#106176 Avalon Exam Cape Disposable
--appears to be more office supplies

#105884 QMS Exam Gloves Vinyl, Medium

#105883 QMS Exam Gloves Vinyl, Small

#105841 Dukal Alcohol Prep Pads
--these are like the alcohol pads used before you insert a needle into the body

#009737 Starline Gauze Sponge 4" X 4"

#011611 2-Ply Fanfold Drape Sheet
--again, appears to be more office supplies

#798302 Sodium Chloride (IV) 0.9%, 250 mL bag, 48 bags ordered
--these are 250 mL normal saline bags

#798309 Sodium Chloride (IV) 0.9% 1000 mL bag, 24 bags ordered
--these are 1 liter saline bags; apparently Murray ordered some bags from Seacoast and some from Applied Pharmacy Services as well

#007827 Exel Luer Lock Syringes, 10 CC, 100 per box
--these are 10 mL syringes, using Luer Lock, but did not come with accompanying needles

#103483 Syringe 10 CC Luer Lock Needle, 22G X 1", 100 per box
--these apparently go to the syringes mentioned directly above, 22 gauge, 1 inch long

#007853 Exel Hypodermic Needles, 18G X 1 1/2", 100 per box
--these are additional needles, not sure if they are Luer Lock or not, 18 gauge, 1 1/2 inches long

#????85 QMS Exam Gloves Vinyl, Large

#102902 Blood Pressure Device, Child
--this is a child's blood pressure cuff; adult cuffs were ordered as well

#103293 3M Transpore, 12 per box, 1" X 10 yards
--this is basic medical tape

#103653 Tourniquets, Latex Free, 10 per bag

#011287 Medex Jelco IV Catheters, Radiopaque 22G X 1", 50 per box
--these are IV catheters that are inserted into a vein to administers medications and IV fluids, these are slightly larger than the 24 G (22 G are blue, 24 G are yellow)

#103747 Starline Prem. Blood Pressure Unit, Black, Latex-Free Adult
--this may be the one that was located in the bedroom, apparently unopened and unused

#??5914 Kendall Tendersorb Underpads
--these are the "chux" pads or padding that was on the bed, for incontinence

#??6613 External Catheter--Medium (Condom Catheter) and #004241 Tegaderm Transparent Dressing, 2 3/8 inch X 2 3/4 inch
--photo provided below (these would not be used together, to save time I included them together in the photo; the Tegaderm dressing could be used to help keep IV catheters in place

#??6653 External Catheter, Small, 30 per box

#??4839 Leg Bags for Catheters, Medium, 12" extension tubing, 17 oz.

#???466 Ambu-Bag w/ Adult Mask, 1 ordered
--photo provided below; apparently Murray had this very important piece of equipment but did not care to use it as he used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation instead--an ambu-bag, oxygen or not, is a better method

#????66 Berman Airway 6, Single-Use Kit
--photo provided below; these are disposable airway kits, only 2 were ordered and apparently no such set was at the house on June 25th; commonsense should tell anyone that if you are thinking you need something like this for a regimen for sleep, then something is wrong

#309650 BD Syringes, 30CC, 40 syringes
--these are 30 mL syringes, no needles provided

#005667 Chester Ultrasound Gel, 5 Liters w/ 8 ounce bottle
--given Murray is a cardiologist, this gel would be used to do echocardiograms in the office; an echo tech may do the echo (this requires training) but a doctor needs to review the echo to determine if there is a problem or not

#103568 Cardiosens Electrodes Disposable Ultra II Tabs, 500 per box
--photo provided below; these are the pads that connect to wiring which connects to an EKG machine--something Murray obviously had at his disposal but failed to use to keep Michael alive (though again, if you are needing something like this to treat insomnia, something is wrong)

#009729 Starline Brand Gauze, 2" X 2"

Oddly enough, Murray claims in the LAPD interview that he kept those 3 bags found by Fleak regularly at the house, and in the closet per Michael's request. Though he had plenty of medications, used and unused--he apparently did not have spare condom catheters, spare IV tubing, more normal saline bags for rehydration, etc. I also wonder--where was some of the trash? Where are the syringes that were used to administer midazolam and lorazepam? Where is the old IV tubing, where are the old IV catheters, where were used needles? Why were only vials of medications kept by Murray? Did the LAPD examine any trash in the home, did Murray or others take any items as they left the house? What about the fireplace in the master bedroom--did Murray have access to this room and is there any evidence anything was burned in the fireplace?

Now, I missed this critical testimony myself but thanks to my "research family" I was able to get some information about these orders though it needs to be thoroughly reviewed when transcripts are made available to the public. Most videos on YouTube have cut a majority of critical testimony that was shown on TV. If you can add any information to the information below, please do.

Murray had apparently opened an account with Seacoast in 2006. He ordered some lidocaine through the company and he had possibly ordered pumps AND/OR IV pump tubing usually used with pumps in July 2007, October 5th 2007, June 24th 2008 and then attempted to request Safsite IV tubing March 25th but it was not in stock. He attempted to order it via the manufacturer but his credit card was denied.

This is the image of what I believe he attempted to order on March 25th (#105778 SAFESITE HORIZON PUMP IV SET 24/CASE, Manufacturer #SS3140 via B Braun Medical) , though there is a mismatching of the names of this product--I matched the manufacturer numbers to come up with this:

Possible Order Dates:
April 14th (3 pages)
May 12th--Exel IV sets purchased (notice this is after the May 10th recording though who knows what Murray really had collected overtime)
May 19th
June 1st (this order included the ambu-bag and 2 airway kits)
June 15th--talks with Connie Ng about urine catheter supplies, she attempted to order but not available (Connie Ng inquired with Seacoast for all purchases)
June 17th--follow-up conversation, but out of stock
June 22nd--invoice for catheters, small, shipped that day, leg bags not shipped (however a wrapper with medium sized catheters was found at the house and apparently some bag was used)
June 26th--at 9:26 a.m. PST Connie Ng cancelled back orders and asked for a refund

Seacoast would not allow items to be shipped to a house in California--items had to be shipped to the office in Las Vegas (this was attempted on April 13th only)

I realize there is some confusion regarding the condom catheters so if someone can add more information, please do.


Had Murray ever actually ordered an IV pump or was it just IV tubing typically used in a pump? WHY? To the best of my knowledge a cardiologist does not need tubing or especially an IV pump in their office. Did he order any lidocaine while treating Michael? I never saw any on the invoices. He did order some medium-sized condom caths--when? I saw the order for small condom caths and medium bags as well--so out of this, what all did Murray get and not get and when?

Again, this blog will morph over time and/or be added to as time progresses as more information is obtained or understood so stay tuned.


  1. Just so you know, you can watch each day of testimony, completely uncut, here:

    It's all taken from the live feed -- not HLN, which interrupts with commercials, etc. And the user uploads new footage very, very quickly. ;)

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